This page focuses on finding why does computer freeze as soon as playing games and how to solve COMPUTER freezes while playing games in Windows 11/10/8/7.

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If your computer system randomly freezes as soon as playing games in Windows 11/10/8/7, do not issue. Follow this web page, you"ll discover trusted remedies to improve computer performance and also have an enjoyable gaming time:

PAGE CONTENT:Why Does PC Keep Freezing When Playing GamesRapid Tips to Fix "Computer Freezes When Playing Games" in Windows 11/10/8/7Part 1. Upday Computer Hardware to Get Rid Of "PC Freezes While Gaming" ErrorPart 2. Improve Software Condition to Address "Computer Freezes When Playing Games in Windows 10"

Computer Randomly Freezes When Playing Games on Windows 10 

"I have newly upgraded Windows 10 from 32 bit to 64 little and also now my games are randomly locking up on me. The game freezes, with the sound looped (exceptionally short sample, so it simply sounds prefer buzzing), and sometimes resumes after a 2nd or two, various other times continues to be locked up.

The exact same happens via numerous various games, and also not in particularly performance-hefty spots. Why execute my games save freezing and also exactly how do I resolve it? Can anyone assist me? Thank you extremely much!!"

According to many type of game players, it"s despairing as soon as their computer systems or Computers freeze once playing games at house. So just how to resolve this problem and make your computer system running fast and also smooth once playing games?

Let"s discover out what is making your computer system stuck and also how to remove this concern currently.

Why Does COMPUTER Keep Freezing When Playing Games

As a issue of truth, tright here are a lot of factors that might reason your computer slow-moving or even stuck. Here is a list of primary reasons that might reason your games freezing in Windows 11/10/8/7:

Graphics card low performanceLow Net speed, unstable network connectionComputer difficult drive sluggish or fullLow memory storageIncompatible Graphics card driver or outdated Graphics card driverInenough disk spaceComputer or system compatible issueWindows 10 automatic update stuck games...

As the components that reason your games freezing on the computer system are assorted, the fixes may likewise various. It does not matter if you are not quite certain which variable is freezing your computer system.

Just follow the tips listed below one by one, you"ll make your computer system running rapid again while playing games.

Rapid Tips to Fix "Computer Freezes When Playing Games" in Windows 11/10/8/7

In this component, we"ll list some quick tips to help you protect against and also solve computer freeze worry while playing games in Windows 11/10/8/7.

#1. Use Gaming Computer/Notebooks

Don"t usage a normal computer system or a company notebook to play games, especially huge digital games.

ImportantYou should recognize that if you play games on a normal notebook rather than a skilled gaming notebook, you will certainly definitely obtain stuck while playing games.Professional gaming notepublications acquire greater equipped in CPU, Graphics card, tough disk, etc., devices, with better compatibility for installing and running games.

#2. Cshed Programs that Are Taking High CPU, RAM, Memory Usage 

It"s an effective means to end the job of running programs that are taking high CPU, RAM memory intake when your computer gets stuck.

This strategy also works when your COMPUTER freezing when playing games. Here are the steps: 

Step 1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del tricks to carry up Task Manager.

Tip 2. Click "Task Manager" and also go to the procedure tab.

Tip 3. Find the running programs that are taking high CPU or memory, select them and also click" End Task".


Note that if you don"t mind to shed your game, you have the right to additionally choose to close the running game. After this, you deserve to restart the PC and also play games on your computer aacquire.

#3. Improve Web Speed, Update Network-related Bandwidth

Keep in mind that, if the network link is unsteady or the network bandwidth is very low, you"ll absolutely get stuck while playing games. So, right here are what you have the right to do:

Step 1. Make certain the internet link cables are good.

If not, adjust through a new internet link wire and reattach it to your computer tightly.

Step 2. If you are using WiFi, make certain the Rexternal works in a good condition.

You can additionally release the limit of netoccupational bandwidth on your gaming COMPUTER. If the Router gets old, change it via a new one.

Tip 3. Check the bandwidth of your network-related, if it"s low, update it to a higher one.

Part 1. Update Computer Hardware to Get Rid Of "PC Freezes While Gaming" Error

Applies to: Fix "COMPUTER freezes while gaming" or "game freezing Windows 10" error as a result of low hardware performance worries.

Keep in mind that occasionally, once the computer hardware tools are not compatible through your games, it"s easy to get freeze while playing games on your PC.

Therefore, it"s necessary to upday all hardware devices on your COMPUTER. Check out and also view what you can execute below.

#1. Update CPU Chip


If the CPU chip is old or not compatible with your present computer motherboard, the computer system performance will be degraded. So here"s what you can do:

Tip 1. Check and purchase a new CPU processer that is compatible with your computer.

Step 2. Back up your computer information and OS. (Optional)

If you are worried around losing information and also system crash after upgrading CPU, you have the right to turn to trusted Windows backup software choose Tocarry out Back-up for assist.

Step 3. When you gain the brand-new CPU house, remove the old one through tools, and secure the brand-new procedure in your PC.

#2. Upday Graphics Card


Mostly, the Graphics card is the second essential hardware that decides whether your computer deserve to run games smoothly. If the Graphics card is not compatible or as well old, it will impact the gaming performance of your PC.

Here are the steps:

Tip 1. Purchase a brand-new graphics card or a gaming graphics card (with greater performance).

Tip 2. Uninstall the existing graphics card:

Go to Device Manager > Display adapters > Right-click your present graphics card and choose "Uninstall device". 


Step 3. Install the new card.

Step 4. Downfill and also install new graphics card vehicle drivers.

You might downpack the drivers from the graphics card manufacturers" webwebsite and also install them your PC.

#3. Upgrade Disk to SSD, Migrate OS and Gamings to SSD


If the computer system hard drive is getting old or running out of area, the computer will certainly slow-moving dvery own while running programs, especially as soon as you are playing games.

So the best way out is to upgrade the old difficult drive, migrating your OS with mounted games to a new SSD. Here is exactly how to perform it:

1. Purchase and Prepare a New SSD

Step 1. Acquisition a new SSD through a gger storage capacity than your old hard drive.

Tip 2. Install SSD to your computer and initialize it to the same partition style of your OS disk.

Open Disk Management > Right-click unallocated SSD volume and choose "Initialize Disk" > Select "MBR" or "GPT".

2. Migrate OS through Gamings to New SSD

To execute so, you"ll need the assist of a skilled Windows migration tool for aid. Here, we"d prefer to recommfinish you attempt Toperform Back-up.

It will sindicate move the Windows OS, moving set up games, programs, and also software together to your SSD in just a few clicks. Follow the actions here to move Windows 11/10/8/7 and also your games to the brand-new disk: (We"ll take migrate Windows 10 to SSD as an example.)

Notice:If you are trying to clone Windows 10 to a new HDD or SSD disk, please execute remember to empty the disk in breakthrough. One more point that you can execute is to transform your HDD/SSD disk to MBR or GPT - exact the very same as your present device disk, which will certainly allow you to effortlessly boot device after cloning Windows device.

Let"s view exactly how to clone your Windows 10 OS to a new HDD/SSD without reinstallation Windows OS now:

Tip 1. Connect the brand-new HDD/SSD to your COMPUTER.

Step 2. Run Tocarry out Back-up for Windows 10 Clone.

Select "System Clone" on the left tool panel by clicking the symbol at the left top corner.


Step 3. Choose the location disk - HDD/SSD to save Windows 10 system

Choose the new HDD or SSD as your taracquire disk for saving the cloned Windows 10 system. 

Then click "Proceed" to start cloning Windows 10 to HDD/SSD currently.


After this, insert your new HDD or SSD into your computer system and also reboot COMPUTER, readjust the boot order to set computer boot from new HDD/SSD through cloned Windows 10 system:

Restart PC and press F2 or F8 to enter BIOS settings.In the Boot alternative, pick brand-new HDD/SSD as the brand-new boot drive and save all the transforms.Exit BIOS and also restart the computer, you need to be able to view Windows 10 running on your brand-new disk without any type of problems.

3. Set Up COMPUTER and also Gamings Running from SSD

Tip 1. Install SSD to PC, rebegin PC, and push F2/F8/Del to enter BIOS.

Step 2. Go to the Boot menu, set the SSD as the boot drive in the Boot Priority section.

Step 3. Save all the alters and run from the new SSD.


#4. Leave Sufficient Memory, Add New Memory Cards 


Keep in mind that as soon as the memory is through low area on your computer, the gaming rate will be influenced. So the best means out is to extend the memory storage by adding brand-new memory cards.

Tip 1. Purchase a new memory stick, it must share the very same capacity as your present memory stick. 

Tip 2. Install the memory stick to your computer system. 


#5. Avoid Overheat

When the computer reaches a high temperature, the computer performance will certainly go down. Due to the computer system self-defense mechanism, the CPU and also graphics card will likewise sluggish down if the device is overheated.

So just how to stop overheating problem on your computer? Here are 2 things that you can do:

1. Clear computer dust

When the computer or lappeak has been used for a lengthy period, the dust will certainly go inside the computer system, extending all forms of hardware tools in your PC.

With too much dust, the computer will obtain overwarmth conveniently.

2. Check if the Fan Is Running

If the fan doesn"t occupational, the computer system will additionally gain a high temperature. So it is to the CPU, graphics, motherboard, and also other tools.

So you should check if the fan is running correctly. If not, inspect its power cable. Or, you have the right to readjust a new fan to store the computer cool.

The over 5 tips largely focus on helping you upgrading hardware tools to fix the freezing concern on Windows COMPUTER. But you should understand that software application problem may likewise cause your COMPUTER freeze while gaming.

Follow the following part with tutorials to thoabout make your computer work-related fast while running games and also programs on it.

Part 2. Improve Software Condition to Address "Computer Freezes When Playing Games in Windows 10"

Applies to: Get rid of the computer freezes as soon as playing games in Windows 10" problem by upgrading software conditions in your COMPUTER.

Here we built up 4 tips to assist you solve software application concern on your COMPUTER, offering a perfect problem for you to play games:

#1. Clean Up Junk Files in C Drive

When the system C drive is complete through useless junk documents, the computer performance will certainly be influenced. To clean up the junk files, you"ll have to rotate to experienced tools for help.

Here, we"d like to indicate you try CleanGenius, a tiny however powerful tool for Windows.

Step 1.  DOWNLOADVERTISEMENT and install CleanGenius. On CleanGinus, click "Cleanup" and click "Scan" to begin cleaning up the mechanism and make your PC as excellent as brand-new.


Step 2. The software application will scanning anywhere your computer to uncover idle information documents that take a large amount of disk space, you have the right to choose usemuch less large papers, device junk files and Windows invalid entries and click "Clean" to start mechanism cleanup procedure.



#2. Extend System and Game Drive 

If the system or game drive is out of area, you will additionally experience sluggish performance while playing games. To settle this problem, you have two choices to go:

Option 1. Move and Save Large Files to External Hard Drive

It"s a method to complimentary up disk area in the taracquire drive. To carry out so, you"ll must prepare an external hard drive with enough room.

Tip 1. Connect the outside tough drive to your PC.

Tip 2. Open Documents Explorer, find the big records on your PC.

Tip 3. Copy & cut those large documents and save to your exterior tough drive.

Option 2. Extfinish System C (Video Game Drive) 

The various other way that you can try is to include more complimentary area to your existing system C drive or game drive. By doing so, your computer system games will certainly have actually enough space to pack imeras and save game caches. As an outcome, you"ll reap a smooth gaming time. 

Professional partition manager software - Partition Master through its Resize/Move attribute can extend your system drive within only a couple of easy clicks.

Option 1. Extfinish System C drive through unalsituated space

1. Right-click on the System C: drive and choose "Resize/Move".2. Drag the device partition finish into the unallocated space so to add it to the C: drive. And click "OK". 3. Click "Execute Operation" and also "Apply" to execute the operations and extfinish the C drive.

Option 2. Extend System C drive without unalsituated space

1. Right-click a big partition through enough complimentary space on the mechanism disk, choose "Alfind Space".2. Select the system drive at the Allocate Space From (*) To section, and drag the finish of System C drive into the unalsituated space. Click "OK" to confirm.3. Click "Execute Operation", it will certainly list the pending operations, and also click "Apply" to save the transforms and extend the C drive.

0:00-0:32 Extend System Drive through Unalsituated Space; 0:32-1:00 Extfinish System Drive without Unalsituated Gap.

#3. Disable Windows 10 Automatic Update

Keep in mind that if you usage Windows 10 on your computer system, you might obtain stuck while playing games once the Windows 10 upday assistant receives and installs a new update.

To prevent this, we imply you disable Windows 10 automatic updates. Here are the steps:

Tip 1. Press Windows + R keys at the very same time to invoke the Run box.

Step 2. Type solutions.msc and also push Go into.


Tip 3. Locate and double-click "Windows Update".


Step 4. In Startup kind, pick "Disabled". Then click "Apply" and also "OK" to save the settings.


#4. Install Compatible Gamings on Your OS

Sometimes, when your computer OS does not reach the hardware need of the games, you may not be able to play it smoothly.

Here, we have 2 tips for you:

1. Install OS-compatible games on your computer.

2. Upgrade your computer OS, CPU to fulfill the game research if necessary.

For example, if the game requires Windows 10 but your OS is Windows 8 or so, you can attempt to upgrade the Windows OS to Windows 10 so as to make it work.

Here is how to get the latest update on your PC:

Step 1. Click the "Start" food selection and click the "Settings" tab.

Step 2. Click "Update & security".

Tip 3. Select "Windows Update" in the left pane and also click "Check for updates".

Step 4. If tbelow is a brand-new upday obtainable, click "Install Now". 

Make sure you have an energetic Net link and also follow the ondisplay screen instruction to finish the procedure.

The Bottom Line

On this page, we largely concentrated on finding the reasons that make your computer system freeze while playing games and how to get rid of this worry from your COMPUTER.

For a quick settle, if your computer freezes in playing games, you can initially disable and also end job of running programs that are taking high CPU consumption.

To thoapproximately eliminate this issue, making your computer system rapid in playing games, you should follow the suggestions as displayed above to upgrade both hardware devices and software application settings on your COMPUTER.

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Note that, to protect against uncrucial file loss or OS crash worry, or if you desire to conserve some priceless game shots, we suggest you back up them all to an external storage device with a reputable ago up tool choose Toexecute Back-up for aid.