When I log in the URL in a internet web browser states account blocked. The web page says speak to customer assistance. Android, xbox, and fire stick all say the same thing.

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I obtained through to assistance after a four hour wait yesterday and they told me that I should just try later on.

I still have the very same worries. Does anyone else have actually this problem?

And, yes I've both googled and also and searched right here yet either my Google-fu sucks or tbelow isnt anything there.

Thanks in advance


I'm having same trouble, and also I haven't uncovered a lot about it through Google-fu (assumed mine was poor too!)

When I go to disneyplus.com and also click Log In, it accepts my email resolve and password and also then offers me the "Please call customer organization message" on this page: https://www.disneyplus.com/account-blocked

Some other muzic-ivan.info comments suggest a lot of us are having actually the very same problem, and also regardmuch less of calling the number noted and also waiting 4 hours, there's no resolution nor any ETA.

It sucks also, I joined up through the D23 bundle and also paid 3 years in advancement and also can't log-in.

You can open up a new account with their cost-free 7 day trial, all you require is a different email resolve, however then you have to cancel it later on or pay the $6.99 for the initially month.

I had actually my original account deleted and also produced a brand-new account. In the oppowebsite order actually. This operated and we are great to go currently.

They told me that they dont know why the accounts get blocked.

I simply obtained an email saying my account was blocked because I am under 18. (I am actually 54.) The chat support perkid continuously insisted they have the right to look up your age linked through your email deal with, which is not true (and in any case, my birth date stored in my Google account is correct, reflecting I am 54). Then when I argued him into a edge, he declared tright here was an alternative to set your day of birth once registering for Disney+ -- likewise not true. Ultimately he admitted he doesn't have actually the information on just how they identify an account belongs to a minor, so he escalated this to "higher level assistance." I'll let you understand if I learn anything. This seems very fishy to me and I wonder if it's a smokedisplay to hide the fact that someone's account has actually been hacked.

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