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Dogs have a myriad of behaviours all of which are provided to interact to their owner or other furry friends of their demands — to play, to eat, to sleep, and so on.

While dog owners adore and occasionally marvel at their stvariety behaviours prefer hair chewing, it’s necessary to recognize when the behaviour goes from being cute to concerning.

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So you may be wondering, why does my dog eat my hair? Attention-seeking, boredom and tension deserve to be reasons for a dog eating human hair. It can likewise be a wellness problem well-known as Pica. Ensuring enough and/or boosted exercise time and stimulation are offered can aid soptimal this behaviour, and also a visit to the veterinarian could be vital if you’re worried it’s medically associated.

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On the various other hand, conditions favor Pica, parasites, and also allergies may call for the skilled advice and also therapy of a veterinarian. Excessive hair eating can cause dangerous and potentially life-threatening health and wellness concerns.

Seeing scabs, sores, redness, or excessive scratching, and chewing deserve to be telltale indicators a trip to the veterinarian is essential. Taking note of the physical well-being and also behavioural indications might conserve your pet’s life.

These tips and also tricks in this write-up can assist save your sweet puppy happy and also healthy and balanced. Keeping an open up and also keen eye to weird behaviour like hair chewing can save your pup.

Dogs can have some stvariety behaviour, most of which is lovable and quite adorable, however are they trying to tell us something?

We’ve heard all sorts of inquiries from involved pet parents, favor why does my dog eat goose poop? Or pet parents wondering why their dog complies with them and also no one else.

As many type of pet parental fees discover themselves scratching their heads at the odd head tilts, jumps, barks, and also waggle of tails, some discover themselves puzzled by their dog’s appetite for hair.

Yes, that’s ideal, hair. Those beautiful luscious locks might come to be a brand-new chew toy for a variety of various factors every one of which will certainly be explored.


Boredom, Anxiety, and Attention Seeking

Dogs require enough play and also exercise time and without it, they might begin to develop specific unsavoury behaviours, such as hair chewing, according to assorted sources. Boredom have the right to even bring about the dog removing its own hair or going on the hunt for human hair to eat.

By ssuggest going on longer walks, spending extended time at dog parks with countless opportunities of mental and physical stimulation could put a damper on this odd behaviour. As children, it’s best to let them tucker themselves out.

Keeping the idea of boredom in mind, dogs may simply be seeking their owner’s attention by nuzzling close and also chewing on hair. Let’s be hocolony, it deserve to be cute when they whine and also beg for attention specifically once they snuggle close and urge on giving them an excellent belly rub, or outright laying on you.

Long hair and also also lengthy beards could be prey to playful puppy chewing or pulling for an entertaining game of tug of war.

But also attention-seeking behaviour can slide right into naughty acts prefer scratching at the floor, barking, or other unsavoury acts. Whether the reactivity is positive or negative, they learn that behaviour will be rewarded by personal attention and may continue to perform so.

This might be where a trainer is necessary to correct this behaviour if the pet parent cannot modify the behaviour on their very own.

In addition, hair chewing could likewise be a sign of stress and anxiety or tension. As pointed out formerly, as young pups they could be suffering separation stress and anxiety from their litter.

However before, separation tension have the right to likewise crossover to their owners in a means of fearing their absence. Similar to the means humans have the right to construct nervous ticks that existing themselves as soon as they are nervous or anxious, dogs can share those behavioural traits.

Wag Walking describes, “Some experts think that this behaviour is a nervous halittle some dogs develop for a myriad of reasons. If it appears that your fur baby is upcollection or acting a tiny ‘off’ as soon as he or she is playing with your hair, you have to offer your vet a call. While the act itself may not be so troublesome, the reason behind the anxiety need to be addressed.”

Health Conditions

While the reasons provided so much may require some minor behaviour adjustments, they don’t necessarily warrant a expedition to the vet. However, the behaviour have to be monitored for if it persists tbelow might be some underlying wellness conditions that must be addressed by a veterinarian or a trainer.

Pica is a problem that can both affect humans and pets. The condition is characterized as an “irresistible urge to eat things that aren’t food, which may incorporate your hair, their own hair, or the hair of your other pets (Puppy Smarts)”

As provided in Diana Bocco’s post from PetMd.com, Dr. Kelly Black from Cedar Valley College says that items containing the owner’s scent deserve to be a particular favourite. This compulsive behaviour deserve to sevecount enrisk a dog’s wellness as some items may be toxic.

While identifying the condition may not be difficult, finding out what precisely is causing the behaviour or condition may be tricky. Tright here are a selection of reasons such as nutritional and also hormonal inequalities, and diabetes that could be the culprit according to sources.

It is advised that dogs suspected of this problem be taken to their veterinarian for diagnosis and also treatment.

Frental fees, Ticks or Parasites

Frental fees, ticks or parasites could additionally be the cause for incessant hair chewing. Indicators that it could be a parawebsite encompass obsessive chewing off and eating their own hair.

They might develop scabs, sores, or redness from scratching and also chewing.

Not to cite the effects that fleas, ticks, and also parasites can have actually on humans, identifying this problem is necessary for the household to remain a healthy and balanced room for pets and their household companions.


Lastly, tright here can be an ecological reason or an allergy. Puppy Smarts defines, “you might notice him chewing, licking, and also eating his hair because of itching.

Much favor our first reaction to a skin allergy is to scratch it, it’s the exact same thing for your dog.” Comparable to humans, allergies can be just as irritating to dogs and they have the right to also share the exact same irritant.

Pollen, grass, mold, or food have the right to cause familiar symptoms prefer watery eyes, sneezing, paw licking, or patchy skin.

In all these situations of dogs eating humale hair, the question remains, what happens after they eat it and will certainly they be okay? The short answer is yes, those lovable little creatures will certainly be just fine.

The hair will pass through their digestive mechanism without consequence as long as they don’t eat a large amount. However, if this behaviour is a constant halittle bit, dogs can suffer constipation or even hairballs.

Hair might pass from the dog’s rear end and also permit it to pass on its very own. Do not pull it out as this can reason interior damages.

New Discoveries

Like children, puppies uncover interest in many things and also resort to placing such brand-new discoveries in their mouths. Hair deserve to be an intriguing new toy to check out —it’s shiny, it smells excellent, and it wiggles and also shakes.

Ssuggest put, hair chewing have the right to be normal behaviour for prospering and developing puppies. This is their way of exploring new points that they come in contact through, by smelling, licking and also chewing.

Sources say that in young puppies, hair chewing might be a short-lived side effect or a result of separation stress and anxiety from leaving their mother. Time could be the just remedy for this odd halittle bit — enabling young puppies to get acclimated to their new house and owner.

Otherwise, seeking the advice of a trainer would help to not just socialize the young newcomer however likewise learn new abilities and also store them engaged.

In terms of actions though, hair chewing may be somepoint to notice.

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While it’s essential to keep an eye on this behaviour, it’s ideal to also know as soon as to take that furry frifinish of yours to the vet. Noticing the symptoms linked via Pica, or seeing frental fees and also ticks are noticeable indications to look for professional treatment, tbelow are other signs to keep a note of.

As previously disputed, constipation might be a normal side result of hair intake, however constipation lasting longer than forty-eight hours is a reason for worry.

If the dog in question cannot have actually a bowel activity, there might be hairballs in their intestinal tract which deserve to be life-threatening. In addition, if the huguy hair is coasted in any kind of products or treatments, which a lot of people usage, dogs might suffer toxicity problems and end up being ill.