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After all the hassle she put you with before she lastly agreed to be your girlfrifinish, you more than likely supposed her to be a badass chick around you yet every one of a sudden, rather you noticed she is really shy approximately you and also now you are wondering why is my girlfriend shy around me. 

In this article, I won’t just tell you the many most likely factors why your girlfrifinish is shy around you, I will also offer you possible options to speak your girlfrifinish from being shy around you.

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Reasons Why Your Girl Is Still Shy Around You

Here are 4 feasible reasons why your girlfriend is shy about you and their remedies.

You are her first boyfriend 

If you are your girlfriend’s first boyfrifinish then this is the most likely factor why she is so shy around you. It is extremely organic for her to be shy already being that she is new to the dating human being and also has never before had a boyfrifinish before you. 

She might still be feeling awkward bereason she simply stepped out of her comfort zone. Generally, this shyness doesn’t last lengthy and also in the area of 1 year, you will certainly have an extremely chippy and confident girlfrifinish by your side and also her being shy would seem favor a distance memory.

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Trying to Hide Imperfections:

One of the reasons your girlfrifinish might be shy approximately you could be bereason she thinks you are perfect and she’s not comfortable with showing her imperfect self to you or making mistakes approximately you. She deserve to be exceptionally active and also open roughly her various other friends yet with you in sight, she freezes up. If that’s so, it’s time to get a little bit crazy. Sjust how her your imperfections.


Tell her stories of your the majority of embarrassing moments, your failures, and your insecurities, then ask for hers. The suggest of all this is to let her recognize you are likewise huguy and also filled through imperfections. 

Have a deep conversation via her extransforming deep keys and then make her understand that individually you both may not be perfect but together, your imperfection becomes one perfect whole.

Then directly ask her to promise you from that moment onward she would certainly try her finest to be freer around you.


Low Self-Confidence

Now tbelow is one more possible factor why your girlfrifinish is shy approximately you. The reason might be bereason she lacks self-confidence. This is really a breakable issue because your attitude to her deserve to either make her shed even more self-confidence or make her get it earlier. 

Here are indications that display she has actually low self-confidence

Difficulty speaking up and prioritizing your very own requirements, desires, and also feelingsSaying “I’m sorry” and/or feeling guilty for daily actionsNot feeling deserving of, or capable of, having “more”

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When you have a girlfrifinish like this, you need to be mindful in making hurtful jokes about her. For example, if she is insecure over her body size and also you make hurtful jokes around it, it will certainly cut her deep and also would reduce her self-confidence better and make her feel even more shy being roughly you.

But if you pay her more compliments her about her body dimension, and present her reasons why she is perfect the way she is or helps her attain the body goal she has actually, it will certainly ultimately get her to love her size and end up being more self-confident with time which will result to her not being shy around you anymore.

Naturally shy:

If namong the above factors matches why she’s shy approximately you. Then she might just be a naturally shy person. This is especially true for girls who are really smart, they tend to hide inside their shell. Too shy to action out of their comfort zone.


You can decide to accept her for who she is, or you have the right to try to draw her out of her shell slowly by engaging her in activities that would certainly warrant her to step up and expush herself more frequently. Don’t rush her or pressure her to do anypoint she doesn’t want to do.

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I will advise you to start little, prefer taking her to places that are private yet a tiny little public. When she is entirely comfortable and isn’t timid in that location, then take her to somewhere more public. Keep repeating till she isn’t shy anyeven more.