Going down the independent questline. I eliminated Caesar when Benny fresulted in the Fort, and Mr Housage shortly after returning to New Vegas. Then I began doing Yes Man"s pursuits to accomplish and also greet the people and also I"m down to the last one, The Brotherhood of Steel. Unfortunately they seem to be attacking me if I quick take a trip to Hidden Valley via five or 6 paladins. I"ve loaded a save prior to quick travelling to them yet now I need to number out why, and exactly how I can deal with it. They choose me, bereason I"ve finish The Lonesome Roadway and picked to avert the missile launch completely. Help?

Note: I"ve completed ED-E My Love in favor of the Followers at this point and he"s in my party, can that be why?


There"s no faction affect for doing ED-E"s pursuit line, so that"s not your problem.

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The problem is difficult to pinsuggest, given that the game"s scripts are very complicated and also tbelow are even more than a couple of bugs. One crucial note is that if you tfinish to wear NCR armor, do not, as the Brotherhood is hostile in the direction of NCR.

There"s a pair of sensibly surefire methods of acquiring into the bunker without violence, though:

Finally, the quest below is to wipe them out, so if you"re strong sufficient, you simply can go ahead and also do that. Additionally, you can simply tell Yes Man that you do not care, in which case you"ll skip having to attend to them.


Around 1:30 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. approximately 3-6 brotherhood paladins will patrol the location, because of thier strict "isolation" policy, they will certainly shoot you on sight. You can kill them without loss of karma or BoS reputation, Or just use a stealth boy then quick take a trip there or simply dont rapid take a trip tbelow roughly 1:30 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. and also you"ll be fine, the ones in the bunker won"t ever shoot you unless you offer them a reason. Also I beleive if you have actually a positive reputation via the BoS the patrols will not shoot you on sight. Also the door to the BoS bunker"s lock is incredibly hard, so if you can"t acquire into the bunker because your lockpick ability isn"t high sufficient simply pickpocket one crucial from the patrols that come out at night.



Try equipping NCR armor again and also then taking it off (prior to you enter the bunker)The Knight will certainly then pertained to greet you demanding that you hand over all your tools, armor, and so on. and then you have the right to follow him it.


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