* The king of the Persians that led them to conquer in battle about 490 B.C.* Darius led the Persians to fight versus the Athenians because of their rebellion versus the Persians. This fight was organized at Marathon, and even though the Athenians were outnumbered, they still won because of their skillful hand-to-hand also combat. * Darius is important bereason when he dubbed on this battle, it resulted in a collection of events that inevitably finished with the Persian invasions stopping.

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* Themistocles was an Athenian ruler who invested in the building of the navy in 483.* Because Themistocles made the navy, the navy brought about the Greek triremes conquering the Persian fleet through underwater damaging rams that stuck out of the front of the boat so they could acquire close to the other ships and destroy them. * Themistocles is necessary bereason he permitted the Greeks to win at the Battle of Salamis.
* A city twenty-6 miles away from Athens, Greece. * The Battle of Marathon is a fight in between the Persians and also the Greeks wright here the Greeks won because of their skills in cshed, hand to hand combat. * The Battle of Marathon is essential bereason the outcome brought about the Persian forces being held off for around ten years.
* The fight between Persians and Athenians, who had the aid of other city-says and Sparta.* The Spartans, led by Leonidas, guarded the small mountain pass at Thermopylae, and organized their very own versus the Persians, however then were beat, and also the Athenians were relocated to security. * Thermopylae was vital because the long fight ongoing between the 2 forces, but now various other areas acquired associated and also aided the Athenians.
* A narrow strait that the Athenians lured the Persians to. * The Bay of Salamis is where the Battle of Salamis took location where the Greeks won against the Persians when they used their underwater damaging rams on their ships.* The Bay of Salamis is crucial bereason because this was wbelow the Greeks won their fight, they were quickly able to finish the Persian invasions the following year and regain unity in the Greek city-says.
* Ionia was a self-governing civilization under Persian dominion situated in Asia Minor. * Ionians rebelled against Persian rule and also was aided by Athens once they sent ships to them in 499 B.C.* Ionia was essential because, as Herodotus wrote, the ships that were sent by the Athenians began the mischief of the barbarians and also Greeks.
* The alliance between Greek city-claims to defeat the Persians.* The Delian League is called after the place the league would accomplish at, which was Delos. Athens took over the league, and also required world into remaining as soon as they attempted to withattract from the league. * The Delian Organization was vital because it helped Athens produce their empire, and it applied their will certainly awide.
* Citizens take part in day-to-day affairs of federal government.* Under the direct democracy, an assembly of 6,000 members met several times per month, and also all males were intended to get involved in the assembly. Hundreds of civilization were on juries wbelow they would listen to trials and then make decisions.* Direct democracy was necessary bereason citizens might have actually a say in day-to-day instances, and many kind of of the things we have in our government now are comparable to this develop of government.
* A statesguy that led to the economic climate to grow and the federal government to become even more democratic bereason of his wise and skillful management.* Pericles ruled from 460 B.C. to 429 B.C. When he decided all citizens have the right to be in the federal government, Athenians started paying stipends (addressed salaries) for world that were in the Assembly and the governing Council so that poor guys can take component in politics. Juries and ostracism were also added right into the Athenian federal government too.* Pericles was vital bereason he was the male that determined the government need to be even more equal, and offered all citizens the capacity to in the federal government.
* Salary for holding public office.* Stipends enabled the poor guys of the human being to take part in the government. This was produced by Pericles when he decided that continual citizens should have actually a say in the Athenian government. * Stipends were important bereason they poor men could serve in the government and so it was even more equal than it had actually been before Pericles" rule.
* Banishing those that posed a danger to democracy.* This was a exercise offered in ancient Greece wbelow if you were ostracized, you would certainly be forced right into living external of the city for ten years.* Ostracism was important bereason it permitted the civilization to be in control of that can stay in the city and also that had actually to leave for various factors.

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* Formed to respond to the Delian Organization.* This was produced by Spartans and enemies of Athens about 431 B.C. as soon as Athens and Sparta started war, which was shortly known as the Peloponnesian War, which would last 27 years.* The Peloponnesian League was important because it resulted in the battle, which is a very necessary battle in background.
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