I got an xbox for Christmas and I"ve been trying to attach it. Unfortunately, as soon as I attach it utilizing an HDMI cable, I get image yet no sound. I"ve made certain my TV is collection to "TV Speaker" (it"s a Samsung Plasma), but through no luck. I"ve made sure that my volume is un-muted and also turned up in order to hear the game, however no sound appears to be coming from the TV.

I additionally tried to attach the A/V cords in the back of the xbox so that I can path sound to my receiver, reasoning that maybe the HDMI connection on the xbox does not assistance audio, but it seems that as soon as you connect the A/V cable (i.e. the RCA convertor) to the earlier of the xbox, it provides i

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I had the ability to find a response to this question right here. Basically, the HDMI handshake does not job-related correctly in between some TVs and the Xbox. The TV tells the Xbox to just enable PC-favor screen choices if it"s collection to auto-detect the display settings.

To fix this:

Open the alternatives on the Xbox Key Screen Right till you acquire to SettingsSelect Console Settings → Display DiscoveryTurn the auto display discovery to Off

It will certainly ask you to reset your TV and also Xbox, after which you need to have actually sound.You will additionally have to reset your display screen configuration (i.e. your resolution/HD settings).


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How execute I acquire in game sound out of the Xbox 360 to a soundcard if I play using a computer monitor that doesn't have actually audio output?

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