All of that water and also moisture from clothing is meant to go exterior and also not trapped in the duct.

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In this guide, I will go over things like…

How apparel lint deserve to result in clogsAlmeans insulate the duct in atticsThe difficulties through exceptionally long ductsDamaged flex vents

If you have actually a long dryer duct that is secured in the attic or a crawlspace, the dips have to be lessened.

When a dryer duct has actually sags, it allows any condensation to drip in the direction of the low spot, probably developing pockets of water blocking air circulation.

Try to secure the dryer duct with straps so it is as right as possible through no massive dips.

5. Flex Vent Inside The Wall

Sometimes I check residences wbelow tright here is a flex vent inside the wall or ceiling cavity which is unpreferable.

The prevalent flex vent have to just be offered behind the dryer (from dryer to wall) and also it have the right to likewise be provided in attics.

But the vent that is inside the ceiling or wall need to only be rigid steel. Rigid steel ducting doesn’t have actually ridges that deserve to restrict air flow. The ridges on the vent will likewise capture even more lint and also sluggish dvery own air flow.

And also in unconditioned locations, installing rigid UL-approved steel venting is still wanted.

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6. Crushed Flex Vent Behind Dryer

Sometimes the primary problem with water in the dryer vent is the short flex vent behind the dryer.

Frequently once tright here are dryer duct troubles it is bereason the flex vent behind the dryer is either clogged through lint or crumelted. People prefer to press in the dryer as cshed to the wall as possible, yet this sometimes crushes the flex vent and also severely restricts air circulation.

A good test is to pull out the dryer vent much father than normal, and view if it fixes the water trouble. You may additionally want to rearea the flex vent for a brand-new one or thoaround clean it.

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Test The Dryer Duct

Whatever you think might be the problem, and also you make a adjust (such as cleaning the dryer duct) — you have to constantly test the solution.

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The easiest way to test the dryer duct is to revolve on the dryer, and also to examine the exterior vent hood for strong air flow.