In White Chicks, two babsence males (brothers Shawn and also Marcus Wayans) don latex face masks, body paint and various other fabricated female body components in order to impersonate a pair of well-off white socialites.

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Release date June 23, 2004

Why is White Chicks rated PG-13? The MPAA rated White Chicks PG-13 for crude and sex-related humor, language and also some drug content.

The days of minstrel mirrors when white entertainers covered their encounters via charred cork may be long over. But currently, the tables are turned. In White Chicks, two babsence males don latex face masks, body paint and also various other fabricated female body parts in order to impersonate a pair of well-off white socialites.

Trouble is, the premise fchanges from the gain go.

When the FBI uncovers a plot to kidnap hotel heiresses Brittany type of (Maitland also Ward) and also Tiffany type of (Anne Dudek) Wilkid, they put up an interception operation. Officers Kevin (Shawn Wayans) and Marcus (Marlon Wayans) Copeland, who bungled a drug raid, are given a possibility to redeem themselves by driving the sisters from the airport to Hampton. But an accident leaves the girls via facial abrasions and also they refuse to go to the resort.

Worried about losing their jobs if the sting doesn’t go as planned, the two escorts dress up as the sisters and head to the party themselves.

The script trips up by assuming anyone might mistake the agents for the waif-favor girls they’ve reput. Even more unmost likely, they are able to pass themselves off to the Wilson’s three best friends while wearing bikinis. Although they’ve obviously grown taller and their faces appear to have actually had actually one too many type of Botox injections, their cover-up also fools Megan (Brittany Daniel) and also Heather (Jaime King) Vandergeld, the trfinish setting sisters the girls have a vicious rivalry with at the local club.

Dressed in drag, the two men get in on sleepovers, gab sessions and shopping sprees. Marcus also finds himself on the auction block at the community’s archaic fundincreasing event wright here woguys are offered as days to the greatest bidder. Keeping his identification an enigma becomes a actual obstacle when a sexually aggressive basketround player (Terry Crews) buys him, in order to cuddle and also canoodle with the rich heiress. Along the means, the agents obtain understanding into the female perspective on relationships. And in the guise of two girls, they likewise pass alengthy some advice on exactly how guys watch things.

Unfortunately for households, the plot is thickened through profanities, sexual innuencarry out and also brief drug references. Frank and also descriptive dialogue about sexual fantasies and also a mistaken telephone conversation might also leave paleas via plenty of explaining to carry out. In spite of the air of social civility that exists where the rich folks gather, the exclusive community is troubled via fistfights and also gunshots that result in two chest wounds. And the girls, who are vying for their picture on the front cover of the Hampton’s magazine, resort to nasty squabbles and also mean-spirited pranks.

For family audiences, leaving these chicks in the coop can be the best alternative yet.

Starring Shawn Wayans, Marcus Wayans.Theatrical release June 23, 2004.Updated July 17, 2017

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