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From an interview made to its creator Brendan Eich:

InfoWorld: As I understand also it, JavaScript started out as Mocha, then came to be LiveScript and then ended up being JavaScript as soon as Netscape and Sun got together. But it actually has nopoint to perform with Java or not much to carry out via it, correct?

Eich: That’s right. It was all within 6 months from May till December (1995) that it was Mocha and then LiveScript. And then in at an early stage December, Netscape and Sun did a license agreement and it became JavaScript. And the principle wregarding make it a complementary scripting language to go via Java, with the compiled language.

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JavaScript was initially named Mocha, later it was renamed to LiveScript, and also then to JavaScript.

The LiveScript to JavaScript name adjust came bereason Netscape and also Sun did a license agreement.

The language was then submitted for standarization to the ECMA Internationwide Organization. By that time, Netscape didn"t allow the use of the "JavaScript" name, so the standarized language is called ECMAScript.

JavaScript isn"t actually an open name. It is presently a trademark of Oracle (formerly Sun).

Tright here still most confusion, some people still think that JavaScript, JScript, and ECMAScript are 3 various langueras.

ECMAScript is the "standards" name for the language.

JavaScript is technically a "dialect" of ECMAScript, the Mozilla Foundation have the right to usage "JavaScript" as the name of their implementations (currently present on the Rhino and SpiderMonvital engines).

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In the at an early stage days, Microsoft determined also to do what Netscape was doing on their own browser, and also they developed JScript, which is likewise an ECMAScript dialect, however was called in this method to protect against trademark problems.