When we obtained to the school the parking lot was packed. There were limos anywhere. Kids in dresses and also tux's were entering the gym. Tbelow was a line. I couldn't for the life of me number out why. When i ultimately got to the door I witnessed a guy via a video camera. He was taking pictues of all the couples entering the gym.

                             The gym was like cheese sphere city. It was so cliche'. They had actually moons and also stars hanging from the ceiling and a ago drop of the brand-new york skies line. Our template was new york at night. It was expected to be romantic or something. The cheerleaders picked it. Go figure. 

                               "Isn't this so classy?" Shelby asked me looking approximately at all the decorations. "Psh Yea." I sassist rolling my eyes. "Chase it's my senoir prom can't you at least pretend to happy." "I am happy, I'm freaking ecstatic ok? Lets just go dance." I got hold of her hand also and started pulling her towards the dance floor. "See this isn't so poor." She shelp to me about 30 minutes later.

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                              I hadn't sassist anypoint i simply hosted her close. "Chase?" She pulled earlier to look me in my eyes. I wasn't feeling well, i was looking out at the table through the punch and focomaking use of on it. "Chase are you ok?" She asked me. "You've been wierd and distant all night." "Back off. i'm fine!" "Well you don't need to be mean!" She sassist looking at me. "Look i am...i'm...it's just that i.." I felt it coming up. Before i might even warn her i threw up. I threw up massive time, and also everywhere her shoes.

                          "CHASE YOU THREW UP ON MY SHOES!! THAT IS SO GROSS IT IS ALL OVER MY FEET. YOU ARE SUCH A JERK  IT'S IN MY TOES." She sobbed. The tears were coming and I suppose massive time. But the room was spinning. I heard her however i couldn't watch her. When the room finally stopped spinning i wiped my mouth and also ran to uncover a water fountain. I took a couple of sips to acquire the taste out of my mouth.

                          I heard a noise coming from somewhere around me. It sounded favor crying. I saw shelby sitting against some lockers. She had actually her head in her arms. I walked over. "Maybe we need to talk." "There's nopoint to talk about. You threw up on my shoes. I don't understand wright here your head is at these days." "That's fair. I must probably tell you wright here it's been?" "That's all i've wanted for weeks currently."

                          "I know however check out i simply uncovered out something that i did that i'm not so proud of." "Don't you think i deserve to know?" "OF course, however check out that's the point if i tell you, then you're  going to hate me and you'll many likely break up through me." "Chase you couldn't have actually done anypoint negative sufficient for me to break up via you." I inserted my hand also over hers. "This is that sort of negative."

                        "Chase you tried to kill yourself. It was all over college, i still dated you after that didn't i?" "Yes." "And you acquired into a auto accident bereason you were drinking and also i still went out via you after that." "Yes however.." "And a girl passed away that night the police sassist it wasn't your fault but you still believed it was, you have alot of baggage but i still dated you after that. So nopoint you deserve to say will make me want to break up with you."

                          "I had actually sex prior to." "Then why did you tell me you were a virgin?" "I assumed i was, check out that's what i forobtained. I had actually sex via Alysa. I got her pregnant." "No.." She gasped. "Yes, she was crying the night of the accident that's once she told me. I saw her challenge she looked so hurt. But i'm pretty sure i just had actually sex through her that once." "Are you sure?" "Pretty sure?" I shrugged. 

                         "Look, i recognize i said i wasn't going to break up via you yet all this occurred while you and i were talking. I favored you and you shelp you liked me.

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If you liked me as much as you sassist you did you shouldn't of had actually sex through somebody else." "You're right." "Yea well that dosent out make me feel any better appropriate currently. Why in the WORLD would you have actually sex with another girl as soon as you and also i were dating?" "We weren't dating yet."