Oliver (voiced by Joey Lawrence) helps a street dog called Dodger (voiced by Billy Joel) to steal some sausages from a hot dog stand also. However before, as soon as the sauseras are obtained… Read More 

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One minute I'm in Central ParkThen I'm dvery own on Delancey StreetSaid from the Bowery to St MarksHeh, there's a syncopated beatAlrightSassist whoo-hoo-whoo-hoo-hooI'm streetwise, I deserve to improviseSassist whoo-hoo-whoo-hoo-hooI'm street smart, I've gained New York City heartWhy should I worry?Why need to I care?I might not have a dimeBut I acquired street savoir-faireWhy should I worry?Why have to I care?It's simply bebop-ulationAnd I gained street savoir-faireMmm-hmmThe rhythm of the cityBoy, when you obtain it downSassist you have the right to own this townYou deserve to wear the crown
Why need to I worry?Tell me, why must I care?Say I might not have a dimeOh, but I acquired street savoir-faireWhy should I worry?Why must I care?It's simply doo-wop-ulationAnd I obtained street savoir-faireEverypoint goesEverything fitsThey love me at the ChelseaThey adore me at the RitzWhy should I worry?Why must I care? Yeah!Even as soon as I cross that lineI got street savoir-faireWhoo-hoo-whoo-hoo-hooShelp whoo-hoo-whoo-hoo-hooWhoo-hoo-whoo-hoo-hooWhoo-hoo-whoo-hoo-hoo

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Oliver (voiced by Joey Lawrence) helps a street dog named Dodger (voiced by Billy Joel) to steal some sauseras from a hot dog stand also. However before, when the sausperiods are acquired Dodger leaves and unfairly refsupplies to share with the kitten, stating that:

“Fairs are for tourists, kid. Consider it a complimentary lesson in street savoir-faire from New York’s coolest quadraped.”


The taking place song, “Why Should I Worry”, created by songcomposing duo Dan Hartmale and also Charlie Midnight, is sung by Dodger as Oliver chases him in pursuit of the sausperiods, and also details Dodger’s familiarity with the city and also his masterful capacity as soon as it comes to navigating and also living in it. The lyrics provides frequent referrals to assorted landmarks and locations in New York City, consisting of Central Park, Delancey Street, The Chelsea hotel, and The Ritz. Joel himself, who percreates vocals for the song and also offering the speaking voice of Dodger, is a New York indigenous, having actually been born in The Bronx and also raised in Long Island, and also many of his own songs- such as “New York State of Mind” and also “Miami 2017 (I’ve Seen the Lights Go Out On Broadway)”- make loving reference to the state, making him a fitting alternative for both the character himself and the song that he percreates. The song was likewise produced by veteran music producer Phil Ramone, who additionally functioned with Joel on a number of of his very own studio albums throughout the 70s and 80s.