Remainder suggests something which is ‘left over’ or ‘remaining’.

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If you have actually 9 toffees and also you share it equally through your 4 friends. How many type of toffees will you have?


If you provide two toffees each to your friends, you would certainly have common 8 toffees. Only1 toffee will certainly reprimary with you, and also this leftover of 1 toffee is referred to as the remainder.


Mathematically we deserve to create the above expression as:

9 ÷ 4 = 2 remainder 1

Wright here 9 is the dividend, 4 is the divisor, 2 is the quotient, and also 1 is the remainder.

On dividing 22 by 3.

We get 3 equal components of 7, that include as much as 21

3 x 7 = 21.

We are left through 1. This 1 is the remainder.

When one number cannot divide one more number entirely, it le obtain a remainder.


18 ÷ 7Remainder 4
15 ÷ 10Remainder 5
23 ÷ 6Remainder 5
46 ÷ 9Remainder 1
15 ÷ 5Remainder 0

Properties of Remainder:

When one number divides another number completely, the remainder is 0.

The remainder is constantly less than the divisor. If the remainder is better than the divisor, it suggests that the department is incomplete.

It can be better than or lesser than the quotient. For example; when 41 is split by 7, the quotient is 5 and also the remainder is 6. Here the remainder is greater than the quotient.

Fun Facts

The word remainder comes from the French word ‘remaindre’ which implies to reprimary.

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