How should the water circulation in your condenser? From the flask to the peak of the condenser, or from the optimal of the condenser earlier to the flask? I can imagine both: flask to height will fill the whole condenser with water, because of the resistance of gravity, enlarging cooling location, or top to flask, bereason this will geneprice respond to present exadjust boosting heat circulation, however then it is virtually difficult to gain a decent cooling surface without too much water push.

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This photo suggests the initially.




In general the cooling water is attached according to the counterexisting exchange mechanism to maximize the efficiency. Of course this doesn"t work-related well for the Liemassive condenser you pictured, however you mainly wouldn"t use this kind of condenser for reflux anymethod. The many common condenser for reflux is the Dimroth condenser which deserve to be used for counterexisting exchange without any type of troubles as the entry and also departure of the water are both at the height of the condenser.

Here is an image from Arbeitsmethoden in der organischen Chemie (web page 43) that reflects wright here to attach the cooling water for various condenser kinds.



Water must constantly enter from the bottom of a condenser (the finish closest to the flask) and exit from the height of the condenser. Doing it this method always ensures that your condenser will be full of cooling water. If you set it up the oppowebsite means, and also if for some factor the price of water circulation into the condenser decreased and became slower than the rate of water exiting the condenser, then the condenser would not reprimary filled via water. If the reactivity were unattfinished, this might cause difficulties. BTW, right here is a link you might reap. It contains most lab tips, consisting of "exactly how to hook up the water tubing to a condenser".



Hook from the bottom flowing upward in case the complete cocondensation doesn"t happen prior to the vapor got to the totally liquid state. it will certainly obtain the cooling first before the exit providing a positive condensation with basic cooling water adjustments.

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