Theodore Roosevelt



“ I felt a good admiration for men who were fearless and who could host their very own in the people, and also I had actually a good desire to be prefer them.”


Theodore Roosevelt was one of the strongest leaders in the background of the United States. He was a New York City Police Commissioner, leader of the well known Rough Riders, Governor of New York, and also ultimately the 2sixth President of the USA. As a symbol for his success, he is a component of Mount Rushmore alongside other presidential greats choose Washington, Lincoln, and also Jefferson. Theodore Roosevelt is a one of a sort leader and a duty model and also catalyst, and also a great instance of solid leadership abilities.

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Early Life


“It is only with labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better points.”


Theodore Roosevelt was born October 27, 1858 into an well-off family. Although affluent, Roosevelt was plagued by bad wellness, having an extremely major instance of asthma. Listening to his father, Roosevelt experienced what exercise would certainly help through his asthma and also started raising his confidence. Roosevelt later on learned how to box to maximize his stamina and toughness he so preferred. Because of his bad health and wellness, Roosevelt was mostly home schooled. He then attended Harvard in 1876 and graduated four years later with an A.B. magna cum laude. He was a student at Columbia Law School quickly after graduating Harvard however conveniently dropped out over absence of interemainder.

Leading the Rough Riders

During the Spanish-Amerideserve to War, Theodore Roosevelt helped develop the first volunteer cavalry in the United States, known as the Rough Riders. Mostly comprised of college athletes, cowboys, and ranchers, Roosevelt led these team of soldiers to victory in the famed Battle at San Juan Hill. Because of his bold and also courageous activity and also his victory in Cuba, Roosevelt was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. This was when Roosevelt’s leadership really came to be evident to the people and was loved when he arrived back in the USA, particularly in New York, where he was chosen governor.

Police Commissioner


Although Roosevelt accomplished many kind of things in his life, one thing I truly admire is his important function as Police Commissioner. At this time in the late 1800’s, the NYPD was recognized as a very corrupt mechanism. Once Roosevelt emerged as the commissioner, he transformed the police department right into what it is this particular day. Theodore Roosevelt applied continuous inspections of firearms and yearly physical exams to all policemans. As sassist by Jacob Riis, renowned muckraker who composed How the Other Half Lives, “ For 2 years we were brothers in (New York City’s crime-ridden) Mulberry Street. When he left I had seen its golden age… Tbelow is very little bit ease wbelow Theodore Roosevelt leads, as we every one of us discovered out.” Riis’s quote justifies my belief that Roosevelt’s leadership style as commissioner was one his finest accomplishments

26th President of the United States

“Sheight softly, and carry a huge stick.”

After the assassicountry of McKinley in 1901, Theodore Roosevelt became the 26th president of the USA. As President, Roosevelt’s number one goal wregarding defend the citizens of the USA. He was described as the “Trust Buster” bereason of his plans on substantial corporations. He alone broke up over 40 trusts, the greatest one being Standard Oil. Also, the Pure Food and Drug Act and also the Meat Inspection Act was passed while he was in office. During the 2 terms he served as president, he could be ideal remembered for his foreign policy. One of these plans was the Big Stick Policy. This is the principle of negotiating peacefully with a nation, at the same time threatening them through our army power. One of Roosevelt’s timeless display screens of big stick diplomacy arisen during the Venezuelan crisis of 1902–1903. Perceiving a Germale challenge to the Monroe Doctrine, TR ordered a battleship squadron to the waters close to Venezuela, insisted on an arbitrated settlement, and also privately issued two timely and stern ultimatums to Germany type of, which finally capitulated to his requirements.

Progressive Movement

Before the official begin of the Progressive Movement, Roosevelt proved ideas of progressivism once he was the police commissioner of the NYPD. As mentioned previously, Roosevelt functioned hand in hand with Jacob Riis to make the city of New York a far better location. Riis was a progressivist, unspanning the deplorable problems that the inhabitants resided in. Alengthy with Riis, this was the initially time Roosevelt displayed his gradual ideas. One example of this was the New York State Tenement House Act in 1901. Tright here were tenement laws put in area before this one but this was the strongest of its time. This act was so solid because of the muckraking and steady action taken by Roosevelt, which had actually a lasting affect on New York City.

Theodore Roosevelt was component of something well-known as the steady movement. Roosevelt strongly sustained Taft in the 1908 election and also his goal wregarding make him his protege. Taft quickly won the election, and that is once Taft and Roosevelt thrived apart. Roosevelt did not favor Tafts views on certain points and at a speech Osawatomie, Kansas in 1910, Roosevelt openly initiated his break from the Taft management and also the conservative Republicans. Roosevelt composed a collection of posts for The Outlook, deffinishing what he called “the good motion of our day, the gradual nationalist motion against unique privilege, and in favor of an hoswarm and reliable political and also commercial democracy.” Roosevelt then started the Progressive Party, much better known as the Bull Moose together with Albert Beveridge and also Gifford Pinchot. This is a good example of exactly how Theodore Roosevelt worked via others and shows that he was part of a large motion.

Leadership Qualities

Social Skill


Social skill is one of the vital elements in emotional intelligence, a vital component eextremely good leader has actually. Theodore Roosevelt felt that relationships through others was exceptionally vital. On this topic, Roosevelt once sassist, “The the majority of necessary single ingredient in the formula of success is discovering just how to obtain in addition to civilization.” Like pointed out prior to he became friends through Jacob Riis and together they fought to make New York City a better location. Roosevelt likewise made great connections via his fellow soldiers in the Spanish-Amerihave the right to War. Roosevelt and his Rough Riders teamed together to win the Battle at San Juan Hill. Roosevelt’s Man in the Arena Speech in 1910 is another good instance of his social ability. His words are effective and also shows his belief and also place and what it means to be a great leader for culture.


Man in the Arena Speech


Theodore Roosevelt delivered a powerful speech at the Sorbonne in Paris in April of 1910 titled Citizenship in a Republic, more commonly well-known as the Man in the Arena Speech. This is an extremely effective speech that exemplifies his style of management. One quote that I believed perfectly defined his management style was “The crmodify belongs to the male who is actually in the arena, whose challenge is marred by dust and also sweat and also blood.” Someone that is heavily connected in a instance that needs courage, skill, or tenacity, as opposed to someone sitting on the sidelines and watching, is referred to as “The Man in the Arena.” I think that this reflects exactly how Roosevelt leads because prospering up incredibly sick, he learned to be strong lived the “Strenuous Life.” This is displayed in all of his management functions from police commissioner to president and also everything inbetween. Theodore Roosevelt was absolutely not someone that sat back on the sidelines. Another excellent instance of him not sitting on the sidelines was as soon as he led the Rough Riders in the Spanish Amerihave the right to War. He simply didn’t tell them to fight, he fought alongside them, willing to die for his country. As Police Commissioner, he had actually no trouble trying to carry dvery own corrupt political leaders, as he did through Boss Tweed at Tammany Hall. As President he also had no problem attacking huge corporations, earning himself the nickname “The Trust Buster.” As a leader Roosevelt was not intimidated by any kind of one perchild or any kind of policy and also the quote from this powerful speech proves how he lead.


Critical Reflection


After dropping out of Columbia Law School, Roosevelt gone after a career in politics. In 1881 he was elected to the New York State Assembly where he became a leader in the redevelop factivity in the Republideserve to Party. Life was great for Roosevelt until unimaginable tragedy struck. In February of 1884, his wife and his mommy died on the very same day, in the exact same residence. Roosevelt was stricken through grief and determined to take a break from national politics and move out west. Roosevelt came to be a cattle rancher in the badlands of the Dakotas to escape the fatality of his loved ones. While all alone in the west, Roosevelt had plenty of time to critically reflect on his life thus much. This was a life altering experience for Roosevelt bereason after a poor winter, he returned to the Big Apple and also made strict redevelop as police commissioner.


Theodore Roosevelt was a very popular man by the American world and incredibly few disfavored him or his plans. One thing that I feel Roosevelt thought in that could be criticized was his Big Stick Policy. Although effective, other politicians and also come countries might have actually regarded this international plan as bullying. Although this policy wregarding lug “peaceful” negotiations, Roosevelt still endangered to usage military pressure to coerce a country to comply to his demands.

About the Author


My name is Julius Marter and also I am a freshmale at College. I am from Long Island, only about an hour away from My goal is to significant in Political Science and also eventually attfinish law school. My career goal is to end up being a criminal prosecutor. I admire Theodore Roosevelt significantly and feel choose he was one of the best political leaders in the state of New York. If I end up ending up being a politician through my Political Science degree, I would certainly look to Theodore Roosevelt as a duty model.


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