The election of 1860 was one of the many pivotal presidential elections in American background. It pitted Republihave the right to nominee Abraham Lincoln versus Democratic Party nominee Senator Stephen Douglas, Southern Democratic Party nominee John Breckinridge and Constitutional Union Party nominee John Bell. The primary concern of the election was slaexceptionally and states’ civil liberties. Lincoln emerged victorious and also came to be the 16th President of the United States during a nationwide crisis that would tear says and also family members acomponent and test Lincoln’s management and resolve: The Civil War.

Lincoln’s Political

Abraham Lincoln’s political ambitions started in 1832 as soon as he was simply 23 years old and also ran for the Illinois Housage of Representatives. While he lost that election, 2 years later, he was chosen to the state legislature as a member of the Whig party, wright here he publicly announced his disdain for slaexceptionally.

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In 1847, Lincoln was chosen to the UNITED STATE Housage of Representatives wbelow, on January 10, 1849, he presented a bill to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia. The bill didn’t pass, however it opened up the door for later on anti-slaextremely legislation.  

In 1858, Lincoln ran for the Senate, this time as a Republideserve to against Illinois Democrat Stephen A. Douglas. He shed the election but acquired prestige for himself and the newly establimelted Republideserve to Party.

1860 Republihave the right to National Convention

The Republican Party held its second national convention on May 16, 1860, in Chicearlier, Illinois. It embraced a modeprice stance on slavery and also was against its development, although some delegates wanted the school aboliburned altogether.

The two frontrunners for the Republihave the right to presidential nomicountry were Lincoln and New York Senator William Seward. After 3 votes, Lincoln was nominated via Hannibal Hamlin as his running mate.

Democrats Split Over Slaextremely

The Democratic Party was in shambles in 1860. They must have been the party of unity, however instead were separated on the concern of slaincredibly. Southern Democrats thought slavery have to be increased however Northern Democrats opposed the concept.

States’ rights were also hotly debated. Southern Democrats felt states had actually the ideal to govern themselves while Northern Democrats sustained the Union and also a national federal government.

With such confusion among the ranks, it was unclear exactly how the Democratic Party would certainly ever nominate a candiday for the 1860 election. But on April 23, 1860, they met in Charleston, South Carolina to decide their platdevelop and determine a nominee.

Stephen Douglas was the frontrunner, however Southern Democrats refused to assistance him bereason he wouldn’t adopt a pro-slaexceptionally platdevelop. Many walked out in protest, leaving the staying delates without the majority needed to nominate Douglas; the convention ended without a nominee.

The Democrats met aget two months later in Baltimore. Once again, many Southern delegateways left in disgust, yet sufficient remained to nominate Douglas as their presidential nominee and his running mate, previous Georgia governor Herschel Johnkid.

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Southern Democrats nominated John Breckinridge, a supporter of slaincredibly and states’ civil liberties, to represent them in the election. Oregon senator Joseph Lane was his running mate.

Constitutional Union Party

The Constitutional Union Party was greatly comprised of disgruntled Democrats, Unionists and also previous Whigs. On May 9, 1860, they organized their first convention and nominated Tenneswatch slaveholder John Bell as their presidential nominee and former Harvard College President Edward Everett as his running mate.

The Constitutional Union party declared to be the party of regulation. They took no official position on slaexceptionally or states’ civil liberties, however promised to protect the Constitution and the Union.

Still, Bell wanted to offer a damage on the topic of slaextremely by extending the Missouri Compromise line throughout the USA and make slaextremely legal in new claims to the southern of the line and also illegal in new says north of the line. They hoped to sway voters that were upset with the divisiveness of the Democratic Party.

1860 Presidential Campaign

None of the 1860 presidential candidays did all over near the level of campaigning watched in modern-day elections. In fact, except for Douglas, they largely preserved to themselves and also let renowned party members and citizens project for them at rallies and parades. Much of the campaigning, but, was devoted to obtaining voters to the ballot box on Election Day.

Lincoln’s political experience and speeches spoke for themselves, yet among his main project purposes was to save the Republican party merged. He didn’t want his party to reveal any of the discord of the Democrats and also hoped to divide the Democratic votes.

Douglas campaigned in the North and also South to hopetotally make up for the split voter base in the South, and provided a collection of project speeches in favor of the Union.

1860 Election Results: The South Reacts

On November 6, 1860, voters saw the ballot box to actors their vote for President of the USA. Lincoln won the election in an electdental college landslide with 180 electoral votes, although he secured less than 40 percent of the famous vote.

The North had actually many type of even more human being than the South and also therefore control of the Electoral College. Lincoln conquered the Northern claims however didn’t bring a single Southern state.

Douglas received some Northern support—12 electoral votes—but not virtually sufficient to sell a serious challenge to Lincoln. The Southern vote was separation in between Breckenridge that won 72 electoral votes and also Bell that won 39 electoral votes. The split prevented either candiday from acquiring sufficient votes to win the election.

The election of 1860 firmly establimelted the Democratic and Republihave the right to parties as the majority parties in the United States. It likewise confirmed deep-seated views on slaincredibly and states’ legal rights in between the North and South.

Before Lincoln’s inauguration, elalso Southern says had sedelivered from the Union. Weeks after his swearing-in, the Confedeprice Military fired on Ft Sumter and started the Civil War.


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