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Alright men, I feel pretty damn stupid asking this question. Well, below goes. When I first obtained my car (got it used). The parking lights and also brake lights would certainly flash on when I would lock or unlock my automobile. This was till one of my friends acquired ahold of my remote . The lights no much longer flash, the auto simply locks or unlocks through the dome light coming on. I have actually tried the Buzzer Chirp attribute (pushing unlock as soon as, then pushing both lock and unlock at the exact same time) yet it wregarding no avail. I only wake up or annoy my neighbors with the chirps from my horn. Now I do not understand if tbelow is a switch combination that demands to be performed in order to activate this function or what. But I miss out on my flashing lights to tell me as soon as the auto is locked or unlocked.Regards,Corey

Hmmm... Maybe this is the wrong forum for this? If a mod might move this write-up that would be good. Thanks!


Yeah, that"s a good principle. I"ll just take it over tright here tomorrow.
if you have actually the upgraded alarm, it"s most likely in valet mode. this happened to me...took me around 3 months to number out.

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Ok, I addressed it. I simply didn"t understand that tbelow was a "valet mode." For future reference all you have to perform is open the driver"s side door and press the unlock/dissarm switch for a couple of seconds. The indicator light have to bconnect a pair times, and also then you"re out of valet mode! Now I can watch my lights flash once I lock or unlock my car. :wiggles:
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