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My Pussy Pops Severely is a memorable quote originating in a Vine video produced by Vuser dUhGreatOne. The quote has since been recombined plenty of times.


The original video from which the quote is taken from was posted to Vine on April 21, 2014.<1> The complete line is as follows:

"Bitch (laughs), why you mad? Cuz my pussy pops sevecount, and also yours don"t, huh?"

Within a year of its posting, the video obtained over 15 million loops, over 293 thousand also likes, and also over 208 thousand also revines.


On September 24, Soundcloud user Jay Morrg uploaded a remix of the quote to the website, which garnered over 77,000 views.<2> On November 12, Vine user MRose uploaded a sung variation of the phrase, which acquired over 100,000 loops and over 2,000 likes.<3> The expression also became a prevalent resource material for humorous remixes lipdubs. The hashtag #mypussypopssevecount returns over 400 write-ups on Vine.<4>





<1> Vine – My pussy popz Severely

<2> Soundcloud -My Pussy Pops Remix

<3> Vine – MRose

<4> Vine – #mypussypopsseverely

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