On the second single from Operation Stackola, the Luniz attend to those that envy their newdiscovered success over a sample of Bobby Caldwell’s “What You Won’t Do For Love” and utilizing a… Read More 

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Why you wanna playa hate on me?Oh babyOh yeahWhy you wanna playa hate on me?Nobody deserve to aid him, so welconcerned the land of ski massesWe blasts-es and also bust a couple of caps up in them weak assesThe dust that's bein' kicked up, and Yuk is down to lick upDo a stick up at an armored truck pick upThen obtain up, up out the scenery through greeneryStopped up, watch up, sew the block up with creameryThe cream, I bling, got fiends on my teamLike Hakeem the dream and hoes swing on my ding-a-lingSomethin' significant, they spend grip, endmuch less trips to Macy'sThey drape me, so playa haters hate meI store the security off my four-fifth, host it in focusFools didn't provided to expedition all on my dick as soon as I was the brokestBut, notice I gained a tiny mail now'Causage everybody bump L-U-N-I-Z favor hell nowYou simply a busta brown and also blood you knowChris spreadin' faulty rumors around the tvery own like Club NouveauReally though?Why you wanna playa hate on me?Why you wanna playa hate on me?(Why you playa hate on me?)Why you wanna playa hate on me?Why you wanna playa hate on me?
I gots to, store my business to myself'Cause haters talk mo' lip than get shotTo spread rumors as soon as they loadedHatin' to acquire yo' grill exploded, quick, severedThe first thing I heard, I stole a crmodify card from Chris WebberI never before knew that, yet who's that, and also next?I heard them ridin' roughly smokin' crackIn the earlier of my homie's LexIt be them damaged ass, no cash, busters tryin' to quoteThat's why the Town got rid of $hortI think you busta browns must wise upBefore we ride up, sheight, sew up yo' block and also sew them lies upOnce, don't pilgrimage, twice, roll thickThree times, I'll obtain you bucked through the nineI believed the hatin' would certainly soptimal, however the rumors are passin' stillSounds favor that busta that plugged mo' holes than mass appealYou need to stop, hatin' onThe C-N-O-T-E, D-R-U, and also the L-U-N-I-ZWhy you wanna playa hate on me?(Why you play, playa hate on me?)Why you wanna playa hate on me?Why you wanna playa hate on me?(Hate on me, yeah)Why you wanna playa hate on me?
Break it dvery own, oh yeahFor the Luniz and also their homiesI am right here to let you knowGot a point for you, so Luniz Let me tell yo' ass a story, yesThey simply be hatin' to the fullestBut you deserve to miss me through that B.S. that you stressWhen you test the young Hugh Hef'The tech spit up, chest gain lit up, foo' that's a rig upNow I think the totality civilization knows meNot what they have to knowIt's choose rap and also sellin' crack is what I'm great forHangin' in the hood for so longI watch why they talk, bitches snitch and also bustas home(Can we talk, for a minute??)Yo' wide want me up in itI be tbelow hand also in hand also Can it all be so simpleLike Wu-Tang, they spit true gameTo get pootang from a nymphoNow I keep sayin', don't gain mad bereason you can't bump meBut I'm still gonna spit it 'reason you still don't acquire itIf it ain't noted, don't quote itHaters once it came to widespread feeling, you ain't verified itI don't understand!

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Why you wanna playa hate on me?(Playas gonna play, why you wanna hate?)Why you wanna playa hate on me?(Hate on me, yeah)Why you wanna playa hate on me?(Why you wanna play, playa hate on me)Why you wanna playa hate on me?Why you wanna playa hate on me?Why you wanna playa hate on me?