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Richard Hellström5y↑4

As a former DJ, I tried to gain this tune going. But it it never hit...I don´t recognize why, it ´s a great song. I luv it!!

MrMr Gaming1y

I have the right to say for my location, this was an finish of the night tune in people's dwellings quite than in a club.I remember it very well from chilling out, yet not in clubs.Amazing tune.

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It's feasible that this charted in the UK somewhere in between 76-100, however no chart geeks online seem to have actually (or are willing to share) that region of the chart, in between April 13, 1991 (as soon as Record Mirror ceased publication) and also the first week of September 1992 (as soon as positions 76-100 were publimelted aobtain, in Music Week). This was released in August 1992 from what I have the right to gather (I ripped this from the September 1992 volume of The Video Pool, which was dated for the complying with month).


Loved this song. I used to listen to this as soon as I would certainly get prepared to go out to the clubs!!!

Bjorn Waenerlund4y↑1

Still among my all-time favorites because 25 years. Why is it not on iTunes​?!?


They dont make em choose this any kind of even more. Positive power and vibes required to an additional level.Uplifting and also energetic.Power to the sonic max


Total class mate. Exactly as you say Marilu it provides excellent power and uplifting melody's. Its an absolute belter of a track the kind they supplied to play on Radio on friday nights. I am Gunna have one more dose of this sonic pill Bro.

Kurts On This5y↑3

I observed Sam a lot in perkid he was just as great in perboy as in the video. Great Times. It still stands up as a good song.

Thomas Wägar5y↑1

Still among my fave tunes from the previous 25 years! A shed hit single if any!I remember seeing this video on MTV on a club present in the middle of the night about August-September 1992. I was instantly hooked, however never gained hold of the CD maxi or 12" vinyl. Some distribution worries then? But Sam Mollison's voice was on the map for me. For two years I was wondering and checking document stores to see if an album has been released. There never before was. But at least we got the collaborations via Sasha on the 2 brilliant singles Higher Ground and Magic in 1994.


I ripped this from a UK promo VHS compilation series dated September 1992 (which indicates it was compiled more than likely in late August 1992), so your timing seems specific. It may have charted somewhere in between 76-100 in the UK, but unfortunately no-one virtual appears to have positions 76-100 between mid April 1991 (as soon as Record Mirror ceased publication) and also the start of September 1992 (when Music Week published the complete peak 100).

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stephen percival21w↑1

As played by Sasha as the last tune of the night at Renaissance circa 1992....