Find an immersive and manual education in all of our scholastic programs from Biology to Criminal Justice to Simulation and Video Game Deauthorize.

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More than a campus. A house to experiential finding out.

Our campus in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina is house to a colorful community of students and faculty, all working together in an environment that’s hands-on, adaptive, and nimble – with career preparation built in from begin to finish.

Our immersive curriculum and also innovative teaching methods encertain our students graduate career-ready and prepared to thrive in the institutions of today and also tomorrow.


Your dream internship = your initially task.

Internships provide even more than a competitive edge – they create connections, construct confidence, and also encertain career preparation. That’s why you’ll secure one in the time of your time at WPU. Find an internship that boosts your skilled abilities and also bolsters your resume, and also sign up with the 67% of WPU students who land also jobs directly through their internships.

Internship Opportunities


At WPU, work in your dream career, today.

Career planning shouldn’t be an after believed or left till late in your college endure. At WPU, it starts your initially day on campus. The Career Deauthorize Center have the right to assist you setup for tomorrow, construct a stellar resume, and take the initially measures to landing your dream task, this particular day.

Career Planning


A vivid community of voices.

Our diverse student body mirrors our commitment to educational accessibility and also equity. At WPU, you’ll be exposed to a diverse selection of perspectives, backgrounds, and also experiences that comprise our well-off and also vivid WPU area.

diversity & inclusion

Accelerated programs for working adults.

Earn your level now, on your terms. We offer 10 Bachelor’s programs that are digital, hybrid, and also flexible enough to fit into your schedule.

School of Professional Studies Programs


RAs will be in training in preparation for the Spring semester, and also preparing to welcome ago returning students.

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All On-Campus Residence Halls will certainly reopen up to returning students for the Spring Semester on Sunday, January 9th at 3:00 pm.

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Founded in 1857, William College is a nationally ranked, award-winning educational college. Located in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina, is proud to call among the ideal cities in America its house.
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