Suggested level: 7

Group: Secondary Quests

Location: Velen

To begin this search you need to review the Missing Wife notice, which you can find posted on numerous alert boards in Velen, e.g. on the Mulbrydale Notice Board.

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While muddling around the well-shaded village of Blackbough, Geralt occurred throughout an alert. It stated a hunter called Niellen was looking for any help he might obtain in finding his wife, who had actually disshowed up in the adjacent woods a couple of days previously. Geralt, already deep in a search-and-rescue vein, chose to help find the woguy.

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Quest stages of Wild at Heart

1. Talk to the hunter named Niellen.

Go to the Blackbough village. Niellen have to be standing alongside among the residences. Ask him about the contract and also he"ll tell you about his wife Hanna, who disappeared in the woods a few days earlier. Margrit, the sister of the missing woman, will certainly additionally take component in the conversation and also provide you some information about her.

2. (Optional) Ask the next-door neighbors about Hanna.

You have the right to talk to the blacksmith and also his youngsters, and the butcher"s wife.

3. Search for indications of Hanna in the woods making use of your Witcher Senses.

Go to a area in the woodland marked on the map. You"ll discover a pack of wolves tbelow that you"ll have to kill.

When you kill the wolves, Margrit will appear and also offer you not to continue looking for her sister and also tell Niellen that his wife is dead. If you do that, she will certainly pay you 55 coins.

3.1. (Optional) Tell Niellen Hanna is dead.

If you embraced Margrit"s sell, go back to Niellen and also tell him his wife"s dead. He"ll desire to pay you (10 crowns). You deserve to accept his offer or not. That will certainly finish this pursuit.

While Geralt was combing the woods for indicators of the missing woguy, he came throughout Margaret, Hanna"s sister. The woguy asked the witcher to abandon his search and tell Niellen his wife was dead. Margaret believed the sooner Niellen concerned terms with his loss, the sooner he would have the ability to put it behind him and also start living his life. Geralt determined this made feeling and also agreed.

If you have not welcomed Margrit"s sell and also determined to continue in search of the hunter"s wife, then study the corpse of the animal lying wright here the wolves stood, cregulation marks and an additional nearby corpse that will rotate out to be Hanna"s corpse. The hints will indicate that you are dealing with a werewolf.

4. Find the werewolf"s lair using your Witcher Senses.

Follow the trail of the werewolf to a scratched rock leaning versus a tree. This is wright here the werewolf climbed a tree and you should discover one more trail.

Right behind the tree, you"ll discover a tuft of hair.

When you research it, you will certainly be able to follow the werewolf"s scent.

The trail will certainly lead you to an abandoned hunting lodge close to the Isolated Shack signwrite-up, where you can find another clue - torn men"s clothes.

Traces of blood will certainly lead you to the earlier of the residence, wright here you will certainly find the entrance to the werewolf"s lair.

5. Search the werewolf"s lair. / Wait for nightloss. / Defeat the werewolf.

You deserve to damage the wooden door with an aard authorize. Get right into the cave and walk down to the bottom of it. Wait (meditate) till nightfall and also a werewolf need to show up in the cave. Fight him. When you"re about to kill him, Margaret will certainly come to the cave and stop the fight. It will certainly rotate out that Niellen is a werewolf and also Margaret is responsible for the death of his wife. Angry Niellen will certainly decide to punish Margrit for what she did and kill her. It"s up to you whether you let him execute it or not.

If you don"t let a werewolf kill Margaret, then you" ll need to complete him.

If you don"t interfere and Niellen will carry Margrit justice, then as soon as you leave the cave, Niellen will certainly catch up with you an additional time and ask you to end his miserable fate. Geralt will certainly fulfill his request.

The story of Hanna"s loss had actually a tragic finish. It turned out she had been eliminated by her very own husband also. He did not carry out this on function, however. Afflicted with the curse of lycanthropy, he would certainly hide in the woodland in the time of his transformations in order to protect his friends and loved ones.

Hanna"s sister Margaret knew this key, and also had one of her very own - she remained in love with Niellen and fiercely jealous of Hanna"s life via him. She decided to take Hanna into the woods to watch her husband"s transdevelopment, hoping she"d then abandon him in disgust. Sadly, Hanna was caremuch less enough to attract the werewolf"s attention. Margaret had the ability to escape, but her sister was not so lucky. Niellen, transcreated into a bloodthirsty beastern, slaughtered the love of his life with his very own hands.

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In both cases, in his corpse you will discover the Niellen"s key via which you deserve to open up a chest located in the house underneath which tright here is an entrance to the werewolf cave. In the chest you will certainly find the Diagram: Shiadhal"s armor.