November’s Wizards Unite Brilliant occasion is here: Stronger United! After last month’s villains, heroes of the Wizarding World will have a opportunity to shine this month, in this and the 3 other events happening this month.

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Similar to all various other Brilliant occasions, this is an excellent opportunity to earn exclusive Restricted Section Books as well as Gold, scrolls, unique event runestones, and also even more. 

Part Two

Start: Tues, November 19 at 11:00 PST / 19:00 UTC

End: Thurs, November 26 at 11:00 PST / 19:00 UTC

Features: brand-new Special Assignments, brand-new Registry page with brand-new Foundables

Important Note: Due to the postponement of Part One, tright here will be no break in between Parts One and also Two of Stronger United

Read on for full details of the occasion plus some tips on just how to prepare and also how to make the many of the rewards accessible during this event.

Changes from Previous Brilliant Events

Part Two of Stronger United is not expected to function any kind of alters from Part One. As a refresher, below are the changes from previous Brilliant Events:


Game-Breaking Bug Postpones Stronger United Brilliant Event

Traces: We’re earlier to normal Trace Encounters this time. No Oddity-style Brilliants, unchoose Fighting Forces.

Bonus Assignment: Remember that Bonus Assignment at the end of Fighting Forces Part Two? Tbelow is currently a Bonus Assignment for both components of this occasion. Keep this in mind once pacing yourself for the event!

A couple other alters from Fighting Forces are additionally still around:

Spell Books: That’s appropriate, Spell Books again! These are in the Special Assignment rewards.

Store Gift and Bundles: Once aobtain, each week of the occasion contains a totally free gift and also bundles for purchase. More on these below.

Event Gifts and Bundles

Part Two of Stronger United attributes a free gift easily accessible to all players, and also 3 bundles easily accessible for purchase. The SOS bundle and the Brilliant Bundle deserve to just be purchased when. The Bonus bundle deserve to be purchased twice.

Free Gift

The Free Gift contains:

3 Healing Potions1 Potent Exstimulo Potion15 Spell Energy

SOS Bundle

The SOS Bundle will cost 450 Gold and also contains:

ItemOrdinary Cost
4 Healing Potions100
5 Strong Exstimulo Potions250
2 Potent Exstimulo Potions150
25 Spell Energy50
3 Level 5 Minisattempt of Magic RunestonesNot easily accessible for purchase

Brilliant Bundle

The Brilliant Bundle expenses 900 Gold and also contains:

ItemOrdinary Cost
5 Healing Potions125
5 Strong Exstimulo Potions350
7 Potent Exstimulo Potions375
100 Spell Energy200
5 Level 5 Minisattempt of Magic RunestonesNot accessible for purchase

Bonus Assignment Bundle

The Bonus Assignment Bundle expenses 2100 Gold and also contains:

ItemOrdinary Cost
20 Healing Potions500
10 Strong Exstimulo Potions500
15 Potent Exstimulo Potions1125
150 Spell Energy300
10 Dark Detectors1095

All 3 of the available bundles are reasonably medicore deals, as their prices are bloated through relatively quickly obtainable items favor Healing Potions, Strong Exstimulo Potions, and Spell Energy. In a lot of instances, it"s cheaper just to buy the specific items you need.

However, if you take place to need all of the items in any of the bundles (such as while doing ago to back to ago Fortress runs), they sell a modest savings over buying them all individually.

New Content

Part Two of this Brilliant will present six new Foundables. Here’s wbelow you can mean to find them:


Feel cost-free to downpack and share this infographic via others!

Trace Encounters

These Foundables will appear on the map. Travel about your regional location to find them. 

Brilliant Arthur Weasley

In enhancement, both of last week"s Brilliant Trace Encounters will additionally appear:

Special Assignments

These Foundables have the right to just be discovered by completing the Special Assignments for the event. Check listed below for the complete list of tasks.

Percy Weasley

Constance Pickering


To collect fragments for these Foundables, players will must properly complete Wizarding Challenges at Fortresses utilizing a Stronger United Runerock.

Adult Hermione Granger

Brilliant Minisattempt Memos


Fragments for this Foundable deserve to just be acquired by unlocking one-of-a-kind event portkeys picked up in the time of Part Two of this event. 

Daily Prophet

Note: The above is subject to adjust yet based upon the current information found in the game documents.

Special Assignments

A new occasion via brand-new content additionally suggests new Special Assignments! As of publishing, the game papers perform not have actually the full task list, so the listed below list is infinish and also very topic to change. Some, if not all, of the work might sindicate be placeholders till the complete task list is released.

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Once all of the work are shown, we will upday this list aget with the jobs as soon as they are confirmed. In the meantime, right here is what is currently shown in the game files:

Stronger United Brilliant Event 1/4

Add 1 Friend

Reward: 10 Brilliant Event: Stronger United Family XP

Complete 3 Wizarding Challenges

Reward: 2 Restricted Section Books

Defeat 5 Foes in Wizarding Challenges

Reward: 10 Brilliant Event: Stronger United Family XP

Completion Rewards

500 Wizarding XP

2 Restricted Section Books

1 Spell Book

Lens for Minisattempt Portrait

4 Lovage

2 Vervain Infusion

Stronger United Brilliant Event 2/4

Defeat 5 Foes in Wizarding Challenges

Reward: 3 Restricted Section Books

Use 2 Invigoration Draughts

Reward: 15 Brilliant Event: Stronger United Family XP

Brew 2 Invigoration Draughts

Reward: 20 Brilliant Event: Stronger United Family XP

Completion Rewards

1 Spell Book

Percy Weasley Fragment

1 Dark Detector

2 Abraxan Hair

1 Re"em Blood

1 Fountain of Magical Brethren Fragment

Stronger United Brilliant Event 3/4

Place 1 Dark Detector

Reward: 500 Wizarding XP

Brew 2 Strong Exstimulo Potions

Reward: 500 Wizarding XP

Rerevolve 5 High Foundables

Reward: 15 Brilliant Event: Stronger United Family XP

Completion Rewards

25 Brilliant Event: Stronger United Family XP

3 Restricted Section Books

1 Spell Book

Minisattempt Toilet Sticker for Ministry Portrait

Stronger United Brilliant Event 4/4

Complete 3 Wizarding Challenges

Reward: 25 Brilliant Event: Stronger United Family XP

Use 4 Healing Potions

Reward: 750 XP

Brew 4 Healing Potions

Reward: 25 Brilliant Event: Stronger United Family XP

Completion Rewards

50 Gold

5 Restricted Section Books

1 Spell Book

Constance Pickering Fragment

Ministry Memo Sticker for Ministry Portrait

Bonus Assignment: Stronger United Brilliant Event Part One

Defeat 30 Foes in Wizarding Challenges

Reward: 3 Spell Books

Complete 15 Wizarding Challenges

Reward: Title for Minisattempt ID

Rerotate 30 High Foundables

Reward: 2000 Wizarding XP

Completion Rewards

100 Brilliant Event: Stronger United Family XP

Stronger United Achievement badge for Ministry ID

Please note: These assignments are based on our ideal interpretation of the game papers and are topic to change before the occasion starts. We will update with any type of alters as quickly as all assignments are confirmed.