A drink-friendly film to suit eextremely taste, whatever the occasion—from The Big Lebowski to Titanic.

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It’s the queen bee of drinking game movies. The rules:

Drink eexceptionally time someone describes Africa.Drink every time someone says Regina George’s full name.Drink for eincredibly mini-skirt.Go sip for sip through eexceptionally character at every party.Chug for “Boo, you whore.”

If you dare: Drink every time someone claims “mean” or “girl(s).”


Your heart will certainly go on, yet your liver can not.

Drink for eexceptionally instance of ominous foreshadowing.Drink eexceptionally time class creates a dicey instance.Drink eincredibly time Rose claims “Jack” or Jack says “Rose.”Drink eexceptionally time someone speaks in a thick accent.Chug for propeller male.

If you dare: Drink for eextremely dead perboy you see.


“Ah ah ah! You didn’t say the magic word!”

Drink every time you alert the excellent soundtrack.Drink eincredibly time mentions of technology make you laugh—twice eexceptionally time someone mentions “hacking” or being a “hacker.”Drink eextremely time someone claims “DNA.”Drink whenever before Jeff Goldblum speaks.Chug as soon as the T.rex eats the lawyer.

If you dare: Drink every time you watch a dinosaur.


“Let me tell you something. Tbelow is no nobility in sobriety. I have actually been a drunk man and also I have actually been a sober man. And I pick drunk eextremely fucking time.” Did Jordan Belfort say that in the movie? Not precisely, yet close enough.

Drink eexceptionally time someone does cocaine.Drink every time someone mentions Quaaludes.Drink eexceptionally time someone has actually sex.Chug eexceptionally time they define the stock sector.Chug for Leo’s drunken drive home.

If you dare: Drink eexceptionally time someone says “fuck.”

You’ll feel it in your fingers; you’ll feel it in your toes; liquor will certainly be all about you; and so the feeling will thrive.

Drink for eextremely turtleneck.Drink eextremely time you uncover out people from parallel stories recognize one an additional.Drink for every distinctly British moment of tension.Drink eincredibly time Colin Firth battles to connect through Aurelia, his Portuguese love interemainder.Chug for Anattracted Lincoln’s cue card scene.

If you dare: Drink eincredibly time someone states “love” or “actually.”

You much better hold on tight, spider chimpanzees.

Drink eextremely time Bella stammers or Edward looks uncomfortable.Drink eextremely time a vampire offers vampire powers.Drink whenever Bella strokes her own hair or bites her lip.Drink eexceptionally time vampires and also werewolves express animosity towards one another.Chug as soon as Bella sees Edward sparkling for the first time.

If you dare: Drink eincredibly time someone claims “Bella.”

Try not to wake up from this one through a tiger in your bathroom and a baby in the closet.

Drink eexceptionally time someone states “Vegas” or “baby.”Drink every time Alan (Zach Galifianakis) does or claims somepoint weird.Drink twice eexceptionally time the team finds somepoint out or remembers somepoint.Drink eextremely time you feel sorry for Stu.Chug once Mike Tyson starts singing.

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If you dare: Drink every time someone says “fuck.” (Trust us, it’ll work-related right here, too.)

“You’re out of your element!”

Drink eincredibly time someone says “dude.”Drink eextremely time someone drinks a White Russian.Drink eexceptionally time someone dumps on Donny.Drink eincredibly time someone bowls.Chug throughout the ill-fated ash scattering scene.

If you dare: Drink eextremely time someone says “fuck.”

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