Dramatic monologues are a way for me to put myself right into the narrative of the Scriptures. Eugene Peterchild speaks of this in his book,Eat This Publication.The Bible is very succinct and concise in its narrative—it hregarding be to cover such a vast time span of history. So tbelow is much in the Bible that isn't said; but as we examine and pray over Scripture, the Holy Spirit speaks to us and the story becomes our own. It comes alive in us and we are able to use our sanctified imaginations to feel and also suffer the truth of what those that were actually living the story felt and also knowledgeable. Each of these monologues has come out of my own conversation and journey with God with the ups and also downs of life. He has surprised me over and also over again via His astounding, life-changing, timeless fact that meets me particularly and also personally in my need. All monologues are performed in costume.

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Take yourself ago to the Babylonian world of King Nebuchadnezzar as seen via the eyes of one of his orchestra members. Suddenly, as you enter into this real-life endure, an all-too-familiar story comes alive through personal definition and depth of application. (~70 min., has 2 songs via a concert harp.)

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Follow this womale right into despair as she confronts grief on multiple fronts. Though she feels that God has abandoned her, His providential hand also is guiding and provides her a ray of hope. Emerge via her right into the sweet light of God's sovepower grace. (~75 min., consists of five songs)


There is a lot about the sovereignty of God and also the points He permits, also orchestprices in our stays,that stays an enigma to us. In the story of Joseph, as viewed with the eyes of his wife, we are given a home window into the behind-the-scenes wormonarchs of God and also the lovely jewel of His sovereignty setversus the black backdrop of a life filled via the pain of betrayal. Many type of threads of reality are wrange intothis powerful Scriptures narrative. Forgiveness, trust, waiting on God, divine wisdom, andhearing the voice of God blend together in this emotion-packed drama. (~90min.)


The many blessed of all woguys shares her story as the mommy of the Messiah. So many kind of concerns, so many kind of things she did not understand as they unravelled, but she continues to ponder, holding the unknowns up before God. Follow her in this journey both of joy and wonder and of heart-wrenching agony. This monologue is fitting for Christmas, Lent/Resurrection Day, or Pentecost. (~75 min., consists of 4 songs)


Despeprice and lonely, this womale makes one last attempt to seek a cure for an illness that has lasted for years and also broken her life. If only . . . She really hopes to perform it incognito, for her shame is excellent. Can she at last find freedom? A emotional story of the tender power of Christ to heal more than the physical body. (~35 min.)

Thstormy the eyes of Lydia we are able to watch Paul not as the spiroutine gigantic on a pedestal way over us widespread folk, but as a genuine man with struggles prefer our very own, that finds God on deeper levels as He learns of Christ in the heartaches of life. The book of Acts and also the book of Philippians come together in a distinct way with this monologue. (~50 min.)

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In our all-too-busy world, we ourselves autumn prey to the very same thoughts and also feelings that Martha had. Thunstable a vulnerable minute, with her sin nature exposed for all to check out, we are able to take a look at our own hearts and also hear Jesus speak to our name with His gentle rebuke. (~35 min.)

We aobtain watch Martha's outspoken honesty as she pours out her grief and disappointment with Jesus. Oh, just how often we suffer the very same, though we may feel it's as well unspiritual to voice it. But Martha's openness allows her to involved brand-new understandings around God and also His methods, about prayer, and also about the wonder of who Jesus really is. (not yet completed)