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Alleghany Treenware’s measuring spoons and cups are crafted in the Appalachian tradition and also made from West Virginia hardwoods.


The legend goes: In the 1800s, when tright here weren’t shops on eincredibly edge, males had to craft their presents by hand, and one widespread present was a spoon. A guy would certainly fashion the spoon out of easily accessible timber, and he’d provide his wooden spoon to a lady in really hopes of courting her.

I don’t recognize about you, yet a spoon would certainly win me over. And I’m talking present day. That blackberry cobbler (a la mode, please) isn’t going to eat itself.

The spoon, albeit tiny, is the basis of so many kind of experiences, memories and cheriburned moments. From your first bite of baby food to those plastic spoon prizes you’d dig out of cereal boxes, to the finest bowl of pho you’ve ever had actually. Yes, the spoon is, in fact, quite grand also.

Just ask Stan and Sue Jennings of Allegheny Treenware, a functioning farm in Thornton. The Jennings, that create a variety of wooden tools made from West Virginia hardwoods, consider themselves “spooners.”

People almost everywhere the people have devoted their lives to this craft. These spooners may mold detailed, decorative spoons from porcelain or create ornate deindications in metal, but many type of of the others gather motivation from the humble Allegheny Treenware shop, 10 miles eastern of Grafton.

“We have a really typical, Appalachian feel to our spoons,” Sue said. “They’re very cut and dry. They’re not creative. But they work really well for what we do — and also you deserve to appreciate that. They hold up well, and you have the right to use them over and over and also over again. They are hard workers.”

Allegheny Treenware spoons remain true to their Appalachian roots. After the Civil War, when people started making spoons from pewter or various other steel, it was the Appalachians that ongoing to usage lumber — partly to lug on the legacy and also partially bereason of the cost.

“The poorest world have actually always been the Appalachian people, and we’ve provided wooden tools much longer after everyone else. And we continue to develop that conventional, Appalachian spoon,” Sue shelp.

Now those typical, Appalachian spoons are motivating others. Sue and Stan have actually met a number of other spooners within the state and also along the East Coast, civilization that took up the profession after seeing the success at Allegheny Treenware, via their very own included twist or contemporary feel.

“Eextremely effective spoon maker inspires civilization, and also it’s excellent that we’ve inspired a number of civilization to go after this craft. That’s simply what we desire,” she sassist.

Damaris Phillips, of the Food Network-related show “Southern at Heart via Damaris Phillips,” started using Allegheny Treenware’s 9-inch long-tackled measuring spoons on her present a few years back, and, all of a sudden, virtual orders started rolling in for the collection.

“I had no idea what was happening, so I began asking among the customers and also discovered out Damaris Phillips was using the measuring spoons on her display,” Sue sassist. “She has made our website sales ... simply nothing short of remarkable.”

Sue sassist she normally offered around 50 sets of the 4 measuring spoons per year, and also the show sent that number into the hundreds. These four spoons — and the show — readjusted their organization.

The spoon not only plays a role in our daily lives, but it has actually additionally readjusted lives. From the spoon your grandmom offers to stir her tea to the bit spoon in West Virginia that made it significant on the Food Network-related, they are the building blocks of so many kind of experiences we organize dear.

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This recipe is one of Sue’s favorites, and also she knows the perfect spoons to help you get it simply right: the 9-inch long-taken on measuring spoons from Allegheny Treenware.