Memorize Matthew 22:37-39 via your youngsters complying with this ABC series. Each write-up consists of a free printable and also a song to aid your kids learn the Bible verse easily

Learning Matthew 22:37-39 through Your Children

The child’s memory verse for the letter Y is from Matthew 22:37-39. It’s a lengthy one this time, yet we are nearly at the finish so I hope your children have it in them.

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Note: This post is part of a 26 component series where to aid you memorize Holy bible Verses through your children. Each post consists of 4 elements: a scripture, a video (song), a printable, and also teaching. (and also occasionally a weekly tip!) Tbelow are 26 Holy bible verses – one for each letter of the alphabet. You deserve to inspect out the entirety series below or just enjoy the sources for memorizing Matthew 22:37-39 below!

You shall love the Lord your God via all your heart, through all your spirit, and with all your mind. This is the first and also excellent commandment. And the second is prefer it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

You can always choose to learn simply the first verse, “You shall love the Lord your God via all your heart, through all your heart, and also via your mind.”

This shortened variation can be easier for your kiddos. This need to come quickly to them if you are following the whole series because we learned an extremely equivalent verse with the “L” verse of Mark 12:30.

Printable forMatthew 22:37-39

You have the right to obtain the printable listed below by clicking on the picture. Hang it close by where you and also your kids are practicing your Bible verse each day.


Track for Matthew 22:37-39

We’re back to a kid-friendly video to assist in memorization this week. Your youngsters need to prefer this one and also it need to assist them learn it pretty easily.

children’s lesson for Matthew 22:37-39

If you’re up to it, here’s a straightforward lesboy you can carry out via your children to reinforce the meaning of the bible verse. Plus they can drink kool-aid afterward.

The video for this week does an excellent job explaining the interpretation to children as well so you may not feel it’s essential to incorpoprice a separate leschild.

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ABC Holy bible Series

The whole series can be uncovered here. For each letter of the alphabet, we are learning a brand-new verse with a totally free printable, and a YouTube video to improve learning. It’s a nice bedtime program and also simple – my kids learned these 26 verses making use of this strategy.

If you desire MORE than what’s online and want a full Bible Study for your youngsters, check out the Children’s ABC Holy bible Lessons!