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Final Fantasy XV is finally upon us and also after a ten year wait, fans are all set to dive into the beautiful open world as they communicate in the brand-new, action-focused combat mechanism. With this being the latest entry to the long-running Final Fantasy franchise, it’s no surpincrease that fans are wondering simply how lengthy they can mean to be immersed in the brand-new establishing. However before, prefer through all open-people RPGs, the answer isn’t exactly straightforward, so we’ll break it down for those who just want to play the major story and also then go right into just how that time broadens for those who want a little bit even more.

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If you want exclusively to play via Final Fantasy XV’s major story, forgoing any type of hunts, side searches, or mini excursions, then you have actually around 20 hrs of playtime awaiting you, spread over 14 chapters of varying length. These chapters will take you roughly the entire world, supplying a taste of all the different gameplay mechanics on offer. Tright here will certainly be numerous points in the game wbelow you’ll be barred access to previous areas (which you’ll regain accessibility to later on), so be certain to take time to discover the human being once you can.

That might seem reasonably short for an RPG, specifically one that’s remained in breakthrough for so lengthy, yet a lot of the game’s play time lies in its open up civilization and side tasks. There are many different things you deserve to carry out which incorporate fishing, Chocobo racing, treacertain searching, monster searching, and also helping out the human being you enrespond to in the world. You have the right to easily include an insane amount of hours to your run this means. My present run is at 40 hours through the story completed and also not even cshed to half of the side content completed.

If you want to watch the names of each chapter, we’ve included them on the next web page in order to not spoil the experience.

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Final Fantasy XV Chapters

Final Fantasy XV’s story consists of 14 chapters and a prologue, together with a fifteenth to enable players to go earlier and also complete side quests they might have skipped over. The story drops players into the function of Noctis, Prince of Insomnia and also the “liked one” of prophecy. You’ll begin out in a area rerelocated from a lot of of civilization, however in time you’ll uncover yourself surrounded by beautiful style, awe-motivating modern technology, and also the power of gods. Some chapters are a lot longer than others, specifically chapters 12 and 13, yet they all tell a gripping tale adhering to 4 friends during a vicious battle.


Chapter 1 – Departure

Chapter 2 – No Turning Back

Chapter 3 – The Open World

Chapter 4 – Living Legend

Chapter 5 – Dark Clouds

Chapter 6 – A Way Forward

Chapter 7 – Party of Three

Chapter 8 – Seaworthy

Chapter 9 – Callings

Chapter 10 – The Heart of a King

Chapter 11 – In the Dark

Chapter 12 – End of Days

Chapter 13 – Redemption

Chapter 14 – Homecoming

Chapter 15 – End of the Roadway (Used to free-roam the civilization to end up off side activities)

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