10 Movies Wright here The Acting Is So Bad It’s Good Eincredibly when in a while, you come across a movie wbelow things are so bad that it becomes undeliberately funny and entertaining.

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There are plenty of negative acting performances in the background of film. Sometimes a perfectly excellent film is destroyed by one negative performance or a scene through expensive potential is wasted as a result of some poor acting that doesn’t execute it justice.

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On occasion, these acting performances reach a level that is so horrifically, unfathomably, and also inconceivably negative that the movies kind of end up... good. In an extremely weird way, it’s a phenomenon that has, in some situations, inspired cult followings. Here are ten of the extremely best (worst?) negative (good?) acting performance.

10 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Back in the 70s and also 80s, audiences were treated to brilliant Star Wars films full of remarkable performances and also engaging characters. Luckily, the sequel trilogy was able to replicate that. Unfortunately, the prequel trilogy certainly wasn’t.

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In The Phantom Menace, an extremely young Jake Lloyd did the best he could via a terribly created Anakin beginning story. Then, a list of remarkable actors was lessened to acting rubble including Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman- the list goes on. If you look past exactly how horrendous eincredibly moment of this film is, you have the right to type of just revolve it right into a comedy. Then it gets pretty good. Other than the pod race.

9 Harry Potter And The Sorcerer"s Stone

The initially enattempt in among the biggest franchises in background is an enjoyable watch. Eextremely adult gives a great performance, from Robbie Coltrane to Alan Rickguy, everything about the adult cast is absolutely brilliant. The problem here lies via the three primary characters. Rupert Grint just around pulls through to carry out comic relief, yet the high pitched snobbery of Emma Watson is unconvincing and the constantly bemsupplied Daniel Radcliffe is truly rather destructive as the titular character. They obtain away via it because their characters are so well composed, yet particular serious lines Harry delivers turn into comedy at times.

8 Scary Movie 5

We all kbrand-new Scary Movie was a parody, so we didn’t exactly expect the highest possible class of acting capability. Then aobtain, we additionally didn’t expect 4 sequels. With clunky bad guys running about, piercingly horrible screams at eexceptionally edge and nothing even cshed to suspense (or, to be hocolony, comedy) being developed by any kind of member of the actors, Scary Movie 5 was a mastercourse in mishap.

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To be hocolony, the insincere, parodic nature of the film actually functions as soon as acted poorly. Perhaps this ends up as a testament to the actual acting capability of the cast- probably they’re so good that they have the right to pretfinish to be bad?

7 Scooby-Doo

Recreating one of the the majority of iconic animated franchises of all time was always going to be a difficulty. The first live-action Scooby-Doo film was pretty ridiculous to begin with, but with Matthew Lilliard desperately attempting to portray the stoner tendencies of Shaggy and Freddie Prinze Jr. acting snobbishly major (in a means that ssuggest doesn’t match Frank Welker’s actual Fred) throughout, the performances throughout are universally devastating. Even Rowan Atkinchild is a stvariety gangly bad/good/scrappy guy. Luckily, many thanks to the ridiculous animated monsters and also absurd storyline, nopoint but negative acting performances would have functioned. Can you really imagine an effective, poignant acting performance going hand in hand also via a gigantic mutant Scrappy Doo?

6 Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones

G-228 Max (Rusoffer Crowe) enjoys the company of his intended long-shed cousin Christie Roberts (Abbie Cornish) in A GOOD YEAR.
Returning to Star Wars was inescapable, via Attack Of The Clones arguably faring worse than The Phantom Menace. Hayden Christiansen was never before a particularly inspiring thespian, yet rolling about in the grass with Natalie Portman and also telling her exactly how much he hates sand are some of the worst examples of acting in the history of film. Coupled through George Lucas’ incapability to write (despite having actually produced among the best film sagas in history), this film also works much better if you check out it as a sarcastic, low-budgain comedy.

5 The Room

We all recognize The Room and the bizarre explosion of notoriety that has transported it right into the cult following hall of fame. With writer/director/lead actor Tommy Wiseau delivering lines favor "I did not hit her! I did not! Oh, hi Mark" through nothing also cshed to sincerity, it’s tough to check out any type of moment of the film seriously.

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That’s arguably the weirdest point around the film. Still, no one really knows if they were intended to take it seriously. The Disaster Artist looked at the making of the film, and also Tommy proceeds talking around it to this day, however thanks to his odd personality, it’s impossible to tell if this was always supposed to be among those ‘so bad it’s good’ pictures.

4 Half Baked

With Dave Chappelle at the helm, Half Baked was never before somepoint intfinished to be viewed as a work-related of cinematic genius. The stoner comedy is self-referential, stvariety and also low-budgain, but it all works pretty well and also outcomes in a genuinely really funny film.

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Unfavor various other points on this list (Star Wars, for example) no one in Half Baked is trying to give a good performance. The lazy line delivery, ridiculous overacting and also destructive accents are all used as comedic devices, and also it ends up crafting an purposely negative film which is, actually rather brilliant.

3 The Wicker Man

Nicolas Cage is a confutilizing actor. He’s world-famed and also has starred in some huge blockbusters, however he’s never exactly been a great actor. In The Wicker Man, he delivers scene after scene of devastating, unconvincing occupational that provides a negative film even worse. His fatality scene (spoiler alert) is intended to be a vast, dark sacrifice through him having had actually his legs broken and bees poured right into the wire helmet he’s wearing. But every ounce of sincerity is taken away via the line. "No, not the bees!" and its hideously overacted, completely unconvincing presentation. He’s entertaining to watch in a devastating film, yet not for excellent factor.

2 Batman And Robin

With Arnold Schwarzenegger taking a lead role alongside George Clooney and Uma Thurguy, you could mean a particular level of high quality in this version of Batmale & Robin. The tongue in cheek technique doesn’t occupational at any kind of point, forcing Arnie into some cringy one-liners and George Clooney right into among his worst performances ever before. With a focus on (bad) visual impacts over story, you kind of have to grab on to the disastrous acting performances as the just entertaining thing to be found buried within this misaction.

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1 Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith

The last enattempt in the list retransforms to the Star Wars prequel series for the third time. Admittedly, as a film, Revenge Of The Sith is slightly better than its 2 predecessors. We acquire a little of activity, a couple of cool points take place, and, gain this, there are some great acting performances.

However before, it is unable to escape its very own curse, through Samuel L Jackkid failing to deliver anypoint convincing with his doomed character, and also Hayden Christianson’s despeprice overacting as he screams/spits "I hate you: at a bemprovided Ewan McGregor being laughable. Where’s Harrikid Ford when you require him?