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There are worse points I could doThan go with a boy or twoEven though the neighbourhoodThinks I"m trashy and no goodI mean it can be trueBut there are worse things I might doI might flirt through all the guysSmile at them and also bat my eyesPress versus them when we danceMake them think they stand also a chanceThen refusage to check out it throughThat"s a point I"d never before doI could continue to be house eexceptionally nightWait approximately for mister rightTake cold showers everydayAnd throw my life awayOn a dream that won"t come trueI might hurt someone choose meOut of spite or jealousyI don"t steal and I do not lieBut I deserve to feel and I deserve to cryA reality I"ll bet you never before knewBut to cry in front of youThat"s the worst point I can execute
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