WWE RAW ResultsJuly 4, 2016Columbus, OhioResults by: Adam Martin of Wrestlesee.com

The present opens up via a backphase look at previously now wbelow WWE stars are having a 4th of July component. The Vaudevillains are singing on a stage and also they acquire food thrown at them. The Miz and also Maryse interrupts. Miz sassist now isn’t around food fights. They obtain food thrown at them. A astronomical food fight breaks out in the room. We check out Kevin Owens hiding under a table and grabbing a bag of chips. Big Cass drops a punch bowl over Bo Dallas. Big Sexactly how throws ribs at Kane by accident. Heath Slater on throws food at both and they chokeslam him via a food table. We view all of the WWE stars exiting the room. Owens emerges from under the table and looks over at Slater on laughing. Owens adds, “This would certainly never occur on Canada Day.” A pie gets thrvery own in the confront of Owens and he goes crazy throwing tables and chairs over.

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A graphic opening hits introducing RAW. We go live to Columbus wbelow a large screen of pyro goes off. Michael Cole welcomes us to the display fresh off a food fight.

Lilian Garcia sings the National Anthem.

WWE USA Champion Rusev is out first to kick off the present. Titus is out next in complete U.S.A. Apollo Creed equipment as we head to a commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

WWE USA ChampionshipRusev (c) w/ Lana vs. Titus O’Neil

Lock up and also Rusev gets in a large knee to the gut of Titus. Rusev via kicks to Titus in the edge. Titus through a scoop slam on Rusev. Titus via a big chop and also hip toss on Rusev from the corner. Titus with one more chop and more shots to Rusev in the other corner. Another astronomical toss by Titus. Rusev catches Titus through a big boot and also then dumps him over the optimal rope. We view a swarm of Lana smiling and clapping at ringside. On the exterior, Rusev launches Titus right into the steel ring steps. The referee starts the count as Rusev rolls back in. Titus rolls ago in at the 8 count. Rusev catches Titus via a quick drop kick and goes to a headlock keeping Titus grounded after a pinautumn attempt led to a 2 count. Titus via big ideal hands and also Rusev retransforms through rights of his very own. Titus through a large shoulder tackle, clothesline and substantial boot on Rusev. Titus splashes Rusev in the edge, lifts Rusev as much as his shoulder, Rusev jumps down and also Titus catches Rusev through a snap powerslam. Titus connects with the Clash of the Titus and also Rusev kicks out after two reaching for the bottom rope. Rusev catches Titus with a huge kick to the head. Rusev with a second kick that drops Titus. Rusev stomps on the reduced ago of Titus and also applies The Accolade. Titus is trying to fight out, but ultimately taps out.

Winner and also still WWE USA Champion: Rusev

After the complement, Rusev aacquire uses The Accolade on Titus O’Neil. Rusev then grabs a mic and also leads a “USA!” chant. He tells the fans to celebprice through hamburgers and “little bit weenies.” Rusev yells at them to celebprice for him. “Happy Birthday America!” Rusev throws down the mic and also holds up the WWE United States Championship.

Later tonight: WWE Champion Dean Ambincreased vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz in a Champion vs. Champion enhance.

Also later on tonight: John Cena addresses The Club and also Team USA vs. Team World.

-Commercial Break-

The Social Outcasts come out dressed in Minutemen from the Revolutionary battle. Big Cass and also Enzo Amore interrupt. Enzo said it’s just right they give the audience some Star Spangled Banter on the 4th of July. Enzo rails off all the Pcitizens and Big Cass leads the crowd in a SAWFT chant.

Enzo Aeven more and also Big Cass vs. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel w/ Heath Slater

Bo Dallas starts with Enzo Aeven more sfinishing him to the corner and also acquiring in some shots. Curtis Axel gets the tag and also stomps amethod at Amore in the corner. Dallas gets the tag and gets in some stomps aswell. Tag ago to Axel. Dallas with a splash and also Axel via a high knee once Dallas throws Amore at him. We see a shot of Slater on playing a flute on the external. Axel misses a shot off the second rope. Hot tag to Big Cass. Cass through a clothesline on Dallas, splash on Axel and also scoop slam over Dallas. Cass drops an elbow over Dallas. Cass tosses Axel over the height rope into Slater on. Cass via a large huge boot to Dallas. Tag to Amore that comes off the height rope through a splash and connects over Dallas to acquire the pinautumn.

Winners: Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Later tonight: Dolph Ziggler researches a match with Seth Rollins.

Backstage, we view WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte and also Dana Brooke heading to the ring. They will be live next.

A commercial runs hyping the WWE Cruiserweight Classic beginning on July 13.

-Commercial Break-

Sasha Banks confronts WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte

We rerotate live through WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte in the ring through Dana Brooke. “Jealousy is the strongest human emovement,” sassist Charlotte. She sassist everyone has been jealous of her for her whole life and also that the proof is about her waist. Charlotte says Sasha Banks is jealous of her and that it must “eat her alive” that she is leading the division. She brings up the crowd assistance and exactly how chants don’t pay the bills. Charlotte calls Sasha all hype. Sasha Banks is out alongside interrupt.

Banks has a mic in hand and also claims Charlotte might be champion, yet she will never be her. Charlotte states she has no desire to be choose Sasha. Sasha brings up Charlotte accomplishing a lot this year, however points out Charlotte has never before bconsumed her. She sassist if it wasn’t for Charlotte’s “daddy” at WrestleMania, she would be champion ideal now. Charlotte wonders wbelow Sasha has also been and also that she isn’t even in the conversation. Sasha sassist she is the conversation. Charlotte brings up just how they all debuted a year earlier about this time and also that she’s been the champion for a majority of that time. Sasha claims a boss is the facility of attention, is original and also will throw it dvery own, anywhere, any kind of time. She sassist Charlotte’s regime as champion is over. Dana attacks Sasha and Sasha quickly tosses her aside. Charlotte connects through a boot to the challenge on Sasha. Dana breaks up Sasha applying the Bank Statement and pulls her out of the ring. Charlotte and Dana head up the ramp as Sasha looks on from the ring.

Backphase, we check out WWE Champion Dean Ambclimbed.

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Champion vs. ChampionWWE Champion Dean Ambincreased vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz w/ Maryse

Miz with a shoulder block early on Ambclimbed. Ambincreased through a hip toss and scoop slam combo. Miz catches Ambclimbed via a kick to the challenge and Ambclimbed sends Miz over the optimal rope. Ambincreased launches himself over the height rope taking out Miz. Ambincreased sends Miz right into the ring barricade. Miz then crotches Ambrose over the barricade and then gets in a swarm sending Ambincreased into the timekeepers location as we head to a commercial.

-Commercial Break-

We are ago live as we view Miz keeping Ambrose grounded working on his left leg. Ambrose fights to his feet via chops. Miz with a kick to the left leg of Ambincreased and then a running dropkick. Ambincreased with a roll up for a two count and also complies with with more chops. Miz gets the Figure Four applied. Ambincreased gets to the bottom rope to break it up. Ambincreased counters a neckbreaker from Miz. Ambrose with a jumping clothesline that takes out Miz. Ambincreased has actually Miz up on the peak rope looking for a superplex. Miz through a headbutt, runs right into a boot jumping off, Miz counters Dirty Deeds and also Ambincreased wtih a 2 count from a small package. Ambrose via his lariat off the ropes on Miz. Miz rolls out of the ring as Ambrose fires himself up. Ambclimbed with a self-destruction dive via the second rope taking out Miz on the external. Ambincreased tosses Miz ago in, comes off the top rope, Miz counters, Ambrose via a roll up and Miz comes back via a boot to the confront. Miz misses a boot to the face and Ambclimbed connects through Dirty Deeds. Ambincreased hooks the leg of Miz to acquire the pinautumn.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

After the enhance, Dean Ambrose gets up on the edge and also holds up the WWE Championship. Seth Rollins walks out to interrupt. Ambincreased pats Rollins on the ago as Rollins walks by. Rollins gets inside the ring and Ambclimbed turns around on the ramp. Ambclimbed sprints at the ring and also Rollins gets all set for a fight. Ambclimbed slows down, leaves the ring and takes a seat at the commentary table. Ambrose will sign up with Michael Cole, JBL and also Byron Saxton for the following complement.

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Brock Lesnar’s foe for SummerSlam will certainly be revealed on Smackdown this Thursday.

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler goes after the left leg of Rollins in a takedvery own attempt at an early stage. Rollins via an elbow to break it up. Ziggler with another takedvery own on Rollins into a pinloss for a two count. Rollins rolls out easily to reget his compocertain. More pinfall attempts by Ziggler and Rollins aacquire bails acquiring frustrated. Rollins through kicks to Ziggler once he retransforms to the ring. Rollins through a scoop slam on Ziggler. Ziggler catches Rollins with a huge dropkick and also Rollins avoids a superkick from Ziggler sliding out of the ring. Ziggler chases down Rollins. Ziggler drops the jaw of Rollins off the optimal rope, Ziggler heads up the height rope and Rollins catches him through a kick to the earlier of the head.

-Commercial Break-

We are back live as Ziggler connects via a facebuster on Rollins off the top rope. Rollins looks to attempt a powerbomb. Ziggler counters, Rollins hits the edge and Ziggler with a series of jumping clotheslines. Ziggler via a splash in the corner on Rollins and also adheres to that up through a swinging neckbreaker. Ziggler through a quick elbow drop. Rollins via a kick that catches Ziggler in the gut. Ziggler via a roll up for a two count. Rollins connects via a superkick for a 2 count. Ziggler counters a Pedigree attempt right into a takedvery own pinautumn for a 2 count. Ziggler then drops Rollins with a big superkick and gets an additional close 2 count. Ziggler connects with a huge spike DDT on Rollins. Rollins prevents a Zig Zag and also connects through the Pedigree for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the match, Seth Rollins gets on the mic and also stands on the announce table. He states the career of Roman Reigns is a joke and also needs he be taken out of the triple danger complement at Battleground (the fans cheer pretty loudly at hearing this). Rollins thinks Reigns shouldn’t even be in the upcoming WWE Draft. He sassist Reigns is supposed to be a role design. “But guess what, you are simply like he is: you always cut corners, you cheat and also you lie to obtain the promise land also.” We view Dean Ambclimbed rerelocate his headset and stand also up on the other announce table. Rollins shelp Ambincreased stole that title away from him. Ambincreased sassist Rollins have the right to just have actually it best now. Ambrose throws the WWE Championship at Rollins and also leaps at him throwing appropriate hands. Ambclimbed throws Rollins over the announce table, jumps up and connects via Dirty Deeds on Rollins over the table. The table doesn’t break and the crowd starts a “ONE MORE TIME” chant. Ambclimbed grabs the WWE Championship and also holds it up over Rollins.

A Wyatt Family promo airs where they deal with The New Day. The Wyatt’s invite The New Day to visit wbelow they come from. Wyatt ends adding, “Join us!”

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A video package looking at Baron Corbin airs.

Former Smackdvery own General Manager Appears

Vickie Guerrero is out next via a loud “EXCUSE ME.” Guerrero is the previous Smackdown General Manager surpclimb tonight. She said Smackdown Live needs a “woman choose me.” Guerrero is officially submitting her name for the Smackdown project. She said you deserve to actors your vote of support utilizing #VickieRunsSmackdownLive on Twitter. Security walks out and clears Vickie from the podium. JBL grabs a mic laughing and also announcing Vickie’s name at ringside as she is dragged to the back.

Backstage, we view Big Sjust how talking with Team USA. Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, The Dudley Boyz, Kane, Zack Ryder and also Apollo Crews are all standing in a line as Big Show addresses them. Big Sjust how talks about just how they all aren’t friends, yet that doesn’t issue tonight. He starts up a “USA” chant as they all walk off.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, we view defense proceeding to drag out Vickie Guerrero once Dolph Ziggler tells them to stop. Ziggler said he’s never viewed this womale his whole life as she is dragged away aobtain.

At ringside, Tyler Breeze and Fandango are looking as The Vaudevillains are inside the ring prepared for the next tag team enhance.

The Golden Truth vs. The Vaudevillains

We begin with R-Truth catching Simon Gotch through a kick to the challenge. Tags to Goldust and Aiden English. Goldust with an uppercut to English and also catches Gotch via an atomic drop as soon as he jumped in. Goldust via a snap powerslam on English. Gotch sends out Truth out. Goldust sends Gotch out that takes a spear from Truth. English kicks Goldust in the face. Truth tags himself in. Goldust lifts English up on the shoulders of Truth. Truth and Goldust drop English down and Truth gets the pinloss.

Winners: The Golden Truth

Up following, John Cena addresses The Club.

-Commercial Break-

A brand-new promo airs including Darren Young and also coach Bob Backlund.

John Cena Addresses The Club

John Cena is out to a huge reaction in Columbus. He asks if Columbus is all set to have actually some fun tonight. Cena talks around AJ Styles and fans sustaining Styles waiting for him to make his note in WWE after waiting for 15 years. He said Styles faicaused stand also on his very own 2 feet at Money in the Bank and also leaned on the shoulders of The Club. Cena shelp he knew somepoint favor that might occur and now he hregarding concern around The Club eexceptionally time he steps right into this ring.

Footage is shown from last week on Monday night as soon as Cena struck Luke Gpermits and Karl Anderson. It ended up via AJ Styles acquiring involved and also the totality Club attacking Cena at the peak of the entrance ramp. Back live, Cena talks around the 4th of July being a day eexceptionally American looks forward to and also rather, he’s looking over his shoulder and still standing. Cena sassist he has actually a message for The Club: you want some, come get some. Cena throws down his mic.

The Club walks out with AJ Styles leading the pack via a mic in hand also. Styles pokes fun at Cena whining about points not going his means. He talks around functioning Tokyo this previous weekfinish and also exactly how it was intended to be a homecoming for The Club. Instead, they witnessed John Cena’s challenge almost everywhere a big poster. Styles states The Club confirmed Cena that they run Tokyo and quickly they will certainly run WWE. He said that can’t take place till they get rid of Cena. Styles brings up beating Cena at Money in the Bank and doesn’t think Cena is over it. He sassist Genables and also Anderboy are his insurance plan if Cena decides to break out that shovel and also bury him. Styles says Cena has actually no one and that Cena has actually put himself on an island also that no one have the right to relate to. He shelp the majority of WWE stars can relate to The Club. Styles says many of those WWE stars would certainly choose to be beating up Cena favor they execute and also just how they have the balls to actually execute it. He tells Cena that they will beat him up eexceptionally week. Styles asks Anderboy what he is going to execute for Labor Day? Anderboy claims beat up John Cena. Styles asks Genables what he plans to execute for Halloween? Genables claims he is going to dress up like Bushwhacker Luke…and also beat up John Cena. Anderkid sassist he is going to wrap presents for Christmas…and also beat up John Cena. The Club all agrees to beat up John Cena for the 4th of July. The Club heads to the ring and surround it as Cena gets prepared. The Club swarms and all 3 start stomping away at Cena. Styles throws significant right hands over Cena. Gpermits and Anderson take turns as well punching Cena. Big Cass and Enzo Amore hit the ring. Cena goes after Styles as Gallows and Anderkid seek Big Cass and Amore. Cena, Big Cass and also Amore clear residence on The Club. Cena raises the arms of Big Cass and also Enzo.

Later tonight: Team USA vs. Team World in a 16-male elimination tag team complement.

Up next: Becky Lynch vs. Summer Rae.

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We hear from The Shining Stars who put over Puerto Rico.

Becky Lynch vs. Summer Rae

Becky Lynch vs. Natalya is announced for WWE Battleground on July 24.

The bell rings and Becky through a quick kick to the head of Summer early on. Summer fights back through some kicks. We watch a shot of Natalya watching the match backphase. Summer starts choking Becky through her boot and also then catches Becky via a side kick. Becky with a tiny package for a 2 count. Becky via a series of clotheslines on Summer. Becky via a jumping elbow and a suplex from the corner for another two count. Summer with a kick to the head of Becky, misses an additional kick and also Becky gets Summer dvery own using an armbar. Summer taps.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Backphase, we see Chris Jericho talking via Team World. Jericho wishes them all a happy belated Canada Day. Alberto Del Rio asked who made Jericho captain of this team. They all begin saying and also Kevin Owens breaks it up. Owens sassist he is all set to beat the hell out of some stupid Americans.

-Commercial Break-

WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day are out next. Kofi Kingston talks around The Wyatt Family being a bunch of hicks. Big E insinuates some inreproduction. The Wyatt Family mirrors up on the tron. Bray claims New Day can continue making jokes or come confront them choose males. “What say you New Day, are you men or are you cowards?” Wyatt said New Day began this and now he should finish it. “We’ll be waiting for you. Find me,” adds Wyatt.

Kingston says they accept and they will certainly spreview positivity everywhere that compound. Xavier Woods cuts them off and says whatever up till currently has actually been fun and games, however claims if they don’t see the hazard that Bray Wyatt is to them, then he doesn’t think that the New Day will have the ability to make it through. Woods drops his mic and leaves the ring.

Up next: Team USA vs. Team World in a 16-guy elimination tag team complement.

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John Cena, Big Cass and Enzo Aeven more vs. The Club in a 6 guy tag team complement has been announced for WWE Battleground on July 24.

Team USA (Big Sjust how, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, The Dudley Boyz, Kane, Zack Ryder and Apollo Crews) vs. Team World (Chris Jericho, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, The Lucha Dragons, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus and Kevin Owens)

We begin with Kevin Owens going after Zack Ryder in the edge. Owens via a large edge clothesline and also complies with through a somersault to the corner. Tag to D-Von Dudley and Sin Cara additionally gets the tag. Sin Cara via a cross body off the ropes. Sin Cara with a springboard ago elbow on D-Von. Sin Cara via an additional springboard this time connecting via a moonsault on D-Von. Tag to Bubba Ray Dudley who automatically jumps in. 3D on Sin Cara for the elimination.

Sin Cara (Team World) is got rid of.

Sheamus with a Brogue Kick to Bubba and Kalisto tags himself in to obtain the pinloss.

Bubba Ray Dudley (Team USA) is got rid of.

-Commercial Break-

We are back live with Cesaro and also D-Von in the ring. Cesaro through uppercuts to D-Von. Cesaro Swing on D-Von. Cesaro uses the Sharpshooter on D-Von. D-Von taps.

D-Von Dudley (Team USA) is removed.

Jack Swagger is in through a large takedown on Cesaro. Cesaro via a gutwrench and Swagger counters right into the ankle lock. Swagger kicks Cesaro away and also tag to Chris Jericho. Swagger through a huge clothesline on Jericho. Swagger stays clear of a Walls of Jericho attempt. Swagger catches Jericho with a belly-to-belly for a 2 count. Swagger through a splash to Jericho in the corner. Jericho counters the Swagger Bomb and connects via the Codebreaker to remove Swagger.

Jack Swagger (Team USA) is got rid of.

Kane grabs the throat of Jericho. Members of Team World hit the ring. The remainder of Team USA hits the ring. A huge brawl breaks out as we head to another commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

We are back live as Alberto Del Rio hits a backstabber on Apollo Crews. Del Rio drops Crews off the height rope, Del Rio goes up optimal and also Crews catches him via a dropkick on the means down. Tag to Mark Henry. Henry through clotheslines on Del Rio. Tag to Kalisto that springboards in. Henry catches Kalisto and hits the World’s Strongest Slam for the elimicountry.

Kalisto (Team World) is got rid of.

Kevin Owens is in and also someexactly how hits the Pop Up Powerbomb on Henry for the elimination!

Mark Henry (Team USA) is got rid of.

Zack Ryder is in and Owens cuts him off. Owens plants Ryder through a scoop slam and connects with a back splash. Owens throws Ryder right into Sami Zayn. Owens through a superkick on Ryder causing a 2 count. Zayn is in. Owens and Zayn brawl. Zayn throws Owens to the outside. Kane is in and also levels Zayn via a clothesline. Owens is in through a steel chair and also cracks it over the ago of Zayn. The referee announces that Owens has actually been disqualified.

Kevin Owens (Team World) is removed through disqualification.

Owens hits Kane through the steel chair. Kane via a appropriate hand and also then cracks the chair over the back of Owens. The referee disqualifies Kane for utilizing the steel chair.

Kane (Team USA) is removed using disqualification.

Kane via a chokeslam on Zayn. Kane leaves. Crews with a moonsault over Zayn and gets the elimicountry.

Sami Zayn (Team World) is removed.

Sheamus via a Brogue Kick on Crews for the elimination.

Apollo Crews (Team USA) is eliminated.

Sheamus attacks Ryder and tags in Jericho. Jericho via a couple of shots on Ryder and tags in Del Rio. Del Rio gets in a couple of shots on Ryder and also tags Jericho earlier in. Cesaro tags himself in. Jericho gets made and shoves Cesaro. Cesaro with an uppercut to Jericho. Cesaro through uppercuts to Del Rio and also Sheamus. Cesaro via also even more uppercuts on Jericho, Sheamus and also Del Rio. Cesaro via an upperreduced to Ryder. Ryder rolls up Cesaro and gets the elimination.

Cesaro (Team World) is removed.

Jericho through a dropkick to the face of Ryder. Jericho via chops to Ryder and also tags in Sheamus. Sheamus via uppercuts to Ryder. Ryder via a neckbreaker on Sheamus. Hot tag to Big Sjust how. Big Sjust how with clotheslines to Jericho and also Del Rio. Big Sjust how splashes both Del Rio and Jericho in the edge. Big Sjust how via a KO punch to Jericho and gets the elimicountry.

Chris Jericho (Team World) is got rid of.

Del Rio avoids a chokeslam from Big Sexactly how, attempts a superkick, Big Sjust how blocks it and connects with a chokeslam to remove Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio (Team World) is got rid of.

Sheamus is now all alone representing Team World as Big Sjust how and also Zack Ryder remajor representing Team USA. Sheamus jumps dvery own and Big Sexactly how pulls him up by his Mohawk throwing him ago inside the ring. Big Sjust how through astronomical chops to Sheamus in the corner. Big Sjust how via a corner splash on Sheamus. Big Show through massive knees to Sheamus. Sheamus avoids a chokeslam and also dropkicks Big Sexactly how in the knee. Tag to Ryder who connects via elbows to Sheamus in the edge. Sheamus plants Ryder through a twisting powerslam. Big Sjust how has Sheamus in the edge. Big Sjust how pushes Sheamus away and Ryder connects via his flying knee. Ryder eliminates Sheamus.

Sheamus (Team World) is eliminated.

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Winners: Team USA

The present goes off the air via an Amerihave the right to flag being lowered and pyro going off.

Quick Match Results

* Rusev def. Titus O’Neil to retain the WWE USA Title* Enzo Aeven more and also Big Cass def. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas* WWE Champion Dean Ambclimbed def. WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz* Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler* The Golden Truth def. The Vaudevillains* Becky Lynch def. Summer Rae* Team USA def. Team World in a 16-male elimicountry tag team match