Previously on the Best and also Worst of WWE Raw: Raw ongoing its “be as much like Smackdown as possible bereason Smackdown’s going live quickly and also will have to be more favor Raw” tour. I don’t know, it doesn’t make any kind of sense. Sasha Banks is earlier, the Social Outcasts are ago, and The New Day dressed like the Wyatt Family and also likewise choose a millennial socialite’s interpretation of farmers. It wasn’t the best Raw ever.

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And currently, the Best and Worst of WWE Raw for July 4, 2016.

Best: Let’s Get Straight To The Pie Fighting

This week’s episode starts through Aiden English singing the Declaration of Independence, which is absolutely not a song, and also it causing a food fight. As you might’ve noticed, WWE is stocked with adults through the souls of Big‘d kids. But yo, for real, why is Aiden English singing the Declaration of Independence? Aren’t tright here a sh*t-ton of USA songs? Did they use up everything public domain when Lilian sang the ‘Star-Spangled Banner?’ Is that why the “multi-national alliance” in the major occasion each gone into to their respective nation’s national anthems and Team USA wandered out to ‘The Stars and also Stripes Forever?’ It can’t be that difficult to gain Lee Greenwood to guest organize Raw.

Anymethod, as you may remember, WWE had actually a food fight once before, on a Thanksgiving 2000 edition of Smackdvery own. Oh, additionally once in the time of an Alberto Del Rio intersee. And Kelly Kelly and also Layla had actually a food fight on ECW. Okay, WWE has a food fight on eincredibly holiday remotely involving food, from birthdays to New Years to Oktoberfest.

Highlights from this food fight include:

– Lana and Rusev booing the Declaration of Independence and everyone agreeing through them – Miz and Maryse looking much better than any type of 2 human beings must – Sami Zayn, Heath Slater on and Sheamus all sitting at a table together, because I guess the gingers get segregated – Darren Young showing up in the background, which we’re officially referring to as “Make Darren Young Cake Again” – The Shining Stars being at the meal and also not simply standing in front of a green display through images of food on it – Bo Dallas gaining Carrie‘d:



I additionally would’ve embraced, “Summer Rae watched round among the Cruiserweight Classic and also chose to wrestle prefer Kota Ibushi.”

(Be careful out tright here via your brains, everybody.)

Worst: Michael Cole

Before a commercial break, Cole refers to Dean Ambclimbed vs. The Miz as a, “rare champion versus champion enhance.” So rare that it also occurred on Smackdown!

Best: Ambrose’s Dirty Deeds Setup

The Miz’s offense looks choose Shibata’s compared to Dean Ambincreased, yet I do favor how Ambclimbed has actually been establishing up Dirty Deeds. Instead of simply kicking a man in the stomach and also hooking the arms — read: “placing his arms under his opponent’s arms and also kinda poignant their back, hooking nothing” — Ambincreased has began throwing his opponents backwards through a schoolboy rollup. When they roll with and try to acquire to their feet, the only natural response you’d have to a schoolboy, he grabs them and also drops them. It’s at leastern an extra varied means of obtaining civilization to bfinish over.

I do wish somebody would slide Ambincreased some Drew McIntyre tapes and also tell him to perform it choose this.

Best: Dolph Ziggler VS. Seth Rollins

The ideal complement on the show in a walk is Dolph Ziggler in his Sanrio Stone Cold Steve Austin tights against Seth Rollins. It’d be so easy to rehabilitate our image of Ziggler if they just avoided his “wrestles the very same man over and over until you’re sick of both of them” trope and also had actually some excellent, long, varied matches against civilization that can work-related. It’s not rocket science.

I think my favorite part of the match is that nearfall off the superkick, which is pretty a lot as cshed as you have the right to gain to 3 without it being three. Check it out at the 2:00 note in the video. The ref really had to trust that kickout to gain that close to the mat on 3. He counts it prefer he’s doing the Curtis Axel YEEEE. Outstanding.

After the complement, Rollins heads over to the announce table, climbs up onto it and starts walking in between the 2 talking sh*t. Generally I don’t prefer the face cheapshotting the heel to settle a non-physical confrontation, however I’ll provide Ambincreased this one for the pacing and also acting affiliated. When Rollins heads over, Ambrose says, “he’s not gonna carry out anything, he just gets exceptionally upset.” It’s a nice review of Rollins’ personality, and explains why he’s still a heel despite ostensibly being a complete babyconfront.

The male dealt with ago from injury and also cares more around wrestling than anything, but he gets f*ckin’ pissed about everything and also it becomes a hassle. I recognize just how he feels. I get the very same way. He wants to be excellent and also loved, however then his brain starts going also rapid and also it’s favor whoops, I hit my finest friends in the back with a chair and also currently I’m dressed favor a Kaguys Rider and also hanging out with my bosses, whoops, I tried to screw over my frifinish and currently Brock Lesnar wants to kill me, whoops, I can’t soptimal screaming and complaining around nopoint and currently also the patient world in my circle are trying to DDT me onto tables. Totally identifiable.

I like that as his character — type of prefer Randy Orton, however for social interactions — and also I like that Ambrose understands it and is honestly pretty cool with it considering that he’s presently on height, yet have the right to only be meant to put up via it in a relaxed means for so lengthy. He’s gone from bloody hatred to a kind of understated, knowledge pity, and that renders Rollins WAY MADDER than the hiding in trunks and also gigantic Christmas presents to attack him.

Seth Rollins is high-functioning tension. He’s acquired all the talent in the people, but he f*cks it up for himself bereason he won’t soptimal acquiring his feelings hurt and also gaining indignant and trying to “make a stand” about eexceptionally little readjust of arrangement. Roman gets all the opportunities and also praise Seth feels prefer Seth deserves for functioning WAY HARDER all the time and also feels like Roguy couldn’t POSSIBLY understand, bereason he doesn’t feel that stress or care too much about points and also therefore can’t maybe be alive. Dean doesn’t treatment either, and also doesn’t have HALF Seth’s talent, but everybody loves him, especially once he acts goofy and stupid. He loses all the time and also people still cheer him, and Seth won’t shut up about how little bit sense it makes. It estranges him from the people he desperately requirements approval from, and if he’d just shut up and relax and let things take place, he’d be fine. But he can’t. He’s not wired that means. His curse is having to be bent the f*ck out of shape about everything forever before.

I feel you, Seth.

Also, a supplemental Best for Ambrose sitting in at the Spanish announce table, and also Jerry Soto informing him his Spanish sounds choose Italian.

Best: Xavier Woods Turns A Corner

Two great things around the development in the Wyatt Family/New Day beef this week:

1. This is just how you perform Wyatt Family content on Raw. You can’t count on live crowds to pay attention to anypoint, so why have actually Bray waste his time and talent cutting those long gaspy promos eexceptionally week, simply to have actually everyone overlook and “what” them? Do them favor Lucha Underground vignettes. Tape them in advancement, let Bray soptimal in a organic (added creepy) voice at his own pace with as a lot breath as he needs. Avoid the What chants, because it’s on the video display. Use the setting, tone and also distinct results to keep the crowd paying attention. Then, rarely — as hardly ever as a champion vs. champion complement — have Bray perform it live. The crowd will certainly be more conditioned to pay attention, and also it’ll be a distinct point, quite than the standing quo.

2. Xavier Woods is finally reacting to the New Day favor I’ve started reacting to New Day. They acquire threatened by cultist, brainwashy swampbillies with teleporting torture powers and INVITED TO WHAT APPEARS TO BE AN INDOCTRINATION MURDER CAMP, and also rather of having actually any caution whatsoever, Big E and also Kofi are choose, “LOL TWERKY STINKY BOOTIES, BOOTY O’S MAKE SURE YOU AIN’T BOOTY!” Woods is prefer, “what the f*ck, guys? They are going to ACTUALLY KILL US.” I love it. I’m 75% sure the payoff is Woods simply saying “sike” and also shaking his butt on a pile of murdered compound corpses or whatever, however I favor someone finally stopping and also saying, “hey, we fight for a living, any kind of opportunity y’all might revolve it dvery own a notch and also treat this choose a threat? We have the right to watch Dragon Ball and also share Crying Jordans later on.”

Worst: You Know What’s Better Than The fourth Of July? PUERTO RICO.

These videos are really reaching. “Independence Day is a celebration of flexibility in the USA. We’re likewise totally free in Puerto Rico, which is an unintegrated U.S. area, which suggests our freedom is slightly better. Come to Puerto Rico! Or don’t, I guess.”

Best?: Darren Young Gets The Chickenwing

Can you grasp a organize by being told you’re permitted to perform it? Let’s hope so. Now he deserve to use it to win all the matches he isn’t having!

Best: #VickieRunsSmackdownLive

Vickie Guerrero is the f*cking best. They should let her run Smackdown, let John Laurinaitis run Raw, and perform a fancy thinkpiece on exactly how being heel occasionally simply indicates you’re abrasive and uncool. Vickie holding her hands at shoulder elevation and also throwing ago her head to cackle in the direction of the heavens prefer she’s Ursula from The Little Mermaid forever.

Worst: Dolph Ziggler Is The Worst

Dolph Ziggler stopping security guards and making Vickie think he cares around her wellness only to throw her under the bus to acquire earlier to his phone call with his mom around how he shed a match however tried really hard is the a lot of Dolph Ziggler thing of all time. It’s choose having actually turds dropped on you from the ceiling as a personality form.

As constantly, shout-out to Ryago for being the only decent person in the background of Vickie Guerrero.

Best: The Club

One of the incredibly best moments of the display is Another John Cena Amerihave the right to Holiday Speech being interrupted by The Club, who promise to use all of their upcoming holidays to beat up John Cena. Luke Gpermits and AJ Styles are going to dress up as Bushwhacker Luke and Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake (respectively) to beat up Cena on Halloween, and Karl Anderchild states he’s gonna spend Christmas wrapping presents for his kids and also “warm Oriental wife” and then beat up John Cena. It’s so good. Who kbrand-new that Hobie Doyle and his bald twin sons would certainly be the be talkers on Raw?

Worst: This Isn’t Going To End Well For You

First of all, The Club needs a fourth male so they can convincingly “surround” a ring. Eexceptionally time they cover 3/4 I just desire Cena to calmly leave and also walk to the earlier.

Second of all, Enzo and Cass show up to make the conserve for Cena, establishing up what’s no doubt going to be a really f*cking good 6-guy tag at Battleground. That said, it’s not going to finish well for them. Cena goes via friends choose toilet paper, literally and also figuratively — ask Zack Ryder, The Usos or Cryme Tyme — and also always desires to be conserved, but seldom does the saving. Plus, as I sadly didn’t kind initially, this is gonna finish through Enzo Aeven more in a neckbrace and wheelchair accidentally wheeling up and also seeing Cena kissing Cass.

Best: That Goldust Bouncing Head For The Golden Truth Entrance Theme

It’s mostly been a Smackdown thing so far, so I haven’t acquired a chance to say how a lot I gain a subtitled sing-along entrance design template. I wish they’d done that via Test’s entrance theme so we might know what the f*ck the lyrics are. Not the “Test, this is a test” components, everything else. I’m gonna go to my grave stressing around that mystery. Don’t copy and also paste in those lyrics you found looking “Test entrance design template lyrics” either, that’s just something somebody typed 15 years earlier and also “Test entrance design template lyrics” are so uncrucial that human being just went with it.

what was I talking about

Oh, yeah, a pair of things I chosen about this incredibly short match:

– Goldust and also Truth have a tandem finisher now, called “Solid Gold,” that’s a powerbomb/Side Effect combo. Now I simply want to check out them lure someone into a barn and also hit it on a damaged circular table.

– I like that Fandango and Tyler Breeze are so close currently that they’ve come to be the very same perboy. Player One and also Player Two of the exact same character. It’s choose when someone buys a dog and they begin taking on each other’s characteristics, just they’re both the dog.

Thing I didn’t like:

– The Vaudevillains need to start paint their encounters and welcoming people to The Wasteland also.

Worst: And Then This

This week’s major was actually the worst component of the present for me. WWE elimination tag matches drive me insane, because so a lot of the enhance is dudes obtaining instantly pinned through finishers or also transitional moves while their adversaries stand also approximately watching. It also happens late in the complement. It kills any type of suspension of disidea that these people on these groups actually desire to win.

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It was basically the pro wrestling tantamount of the show-opening pie fight, without any type of of the funny stuff that made the pie fight enjoyable. Here are the Dudley Boyz. They did a 3-D. It’s super effective! Oh no among them obtained hit with a hip toss, currently they’re somejust how both removed. It’s 100% wrestling for the sake of wrestling, through a huge USA flag over the ring prepared to open when Team U.S.A. wins. What would’ve taken place if Team World had actually won? Were you gonna drop Canadian, Swiss, Mexideserve to and also Irish flags?

Plus, the complement ended via Big Show and also Zack Ryder winning. Here’s a fun game: watch the last 2 months of WWE TV, then skip the initially three hrs of this episode and jump appropriate to the finish, through Show and also Ryder woo woo wooing under a giant flag. Try to number out what the hell happened.

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