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Not all fantasy football cheat sheets, sleeper lists, and tiers are produced equal. With so many type of specialists and so many type of sites, it have the right to be overwhelming to figure out the finest resource for as a whole player rankings from one year (and draft) to the next.

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The constantly updated consensus rankings at Fantasy Pros are a beneficial compowebsite, but opportunities are you will certainly be drafting and playing many fantasy footround leagues on either Yahoo! or ESPN. Although Yahoo! defaults to half-point PPR and ESPN goes through traditional, tright here are some intriguing differences between both sites" primary ranemperors, so if you play on both, you must be able to discover various sleepers and also need to use different draft strategies. Even if you just play on one, it"s important to understand also that the draft applet you"re using might have vastly various ranqueens than the ones you (or your leaguemates) were studying before the draft. Several of your targets can go more conveniently on one site compared to the various other. 

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Tright here is one guarantee — neither Yahoo! nor ESPN will be 100-percent accurate throughout positions, just prefer Sporting News, CBS Sports, Pro Football Focus, and so on. Here"s a look at the a lot of polarizing players leading to the best deviations in 2021 so you have the right to plan accordingly for your drafts. 

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2021 Yahoo! fantasy footsphere rankings (half-suggest PPR) vs. ESPN fantasy football ranmonarchs (non-PPR)

(Getty Images) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/8b/ab/travis-kelce-010720-getty-ftrjpg_fz4iltm9agzz1m82s9fni88im.jpg?t=-2141591577&w=500&quality=80

Trevis Kelce, TE (Yahoo! ranking: 14 -— ESPN ranking: 4)

ESPN is going by the pure conventional numbers right here, based on Kelce placing up 1,416 receiving yards and 11 TDs last seaboy. That"s still a hefty ranking ideal in the middle of the elite RB1s. Kelce comes at the opportunity expense of being much lesser at running earlier or wide receiver at an early stage. Getting aggressive for Kelce is fine, but it"s much better starting in the late initially round.

Nick Chubb, RB, Browns (Yahoo! ranking: 6 -— ESPN ranking: 11)

Funny just how half-suggest PPR boosts Chubb so much despite him shedding the vital receiving job-related to Kareem Hunt. ESPN is pertained to about that timeshare. The latter ranking renders even more feeling for Chubb.

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Miles Sanders, Eagles (Yahoo! ranking: 44 -— ESPN ranking: 22)

ESPN is high on Sanders leading Philadelphia"s backarea, while Yahoo! doesn"t think he"s worth higher than a fourth-round pick. The fifth round is actually even more apporpriate for Sanders offered the uncertainty of his role.

Josh Jacobs, Raiders (Yahoo! ranking: 43 -— ESPN ranking: 29)

ESPN isn"t worried around Kenyan Drake, while Yahoo! has considered Drake"s visibility more based upon the layouts, Jacobs should be taken somewhere in the middle of that range.

Adam Thielen, WR, Vimajesties (Yahoo! ranking: 50 -— ESPN ranking: 35)

Thielen is a difficult one to figure after being TD-dependent for his manufacturing. The age and wear imply Yahoo!"s more conservative technique renders sense.

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Chase Edmonds, RB, Cardinals (Yahoo! ranking: 68 -— ESPN ranking: 43)

ESPN doesn"t usage receptions for our objectives, so this is little curious to see Edmonds much higher on its site. Edmonds belongs somewbelow in the 50s, so split the difference.

Kenny Golladay, WR, Giants (Yahoo! ranking: 81 -— ESPN ranking: 45)

This mirrors the boom-or-bust nature of the Giants" revamped passing game tied to Daniel Jones, plus concerns around Golladay coming off a hip injury and acquiring hurt in camp. Lean toward the Yahoo! layup, just not that low.

Courtland also Sutton, WR, Broncos (Yahoo! ranking: 82 -— ESPN ranking: 47)

Here"s another polarizing wideout coming off a significant injury via a questionable quarterago instance. Sutton is as well talented once healthy and balanced not to lean closer to ESPN.

2021 FANTASY AUCTION VALUES (Standard & PPR):Quarterback | Running ago | Wide receiver | Tight finish | D/ST | Kicker | Overall

(Getty Images) https://imeras.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/15/ac/odell-beckham-jr-072721-getty-ftr_17vt3l4v91sai1cw8u96nduthg.jpg?t=-379679950&w=500&quality=80

Odell Beckham Jr., WR, Browns (Yahoo! ranking: 66 -— ESPN ranking: 50)

Yahoo! thinks Beckham will certainly make some substantial plays yet will autumn brief of a pleasing reception complete. ESPN putting him in the early fifth round is even more reasonable.

Patrick Mahomes, QB, Chiefs (Yahoo! ranking: 29 -— ESPN ranking: 55)

ESPN has a tendency to rank quarterbacks where the experts favor to take them (i.e. late). Reality, yet, claims someone will jump on Mahomes" worth in the 3rd round, if not sooner.

Will Fuller, WR, Dolphins (Yahoo! ranking: 101 -— ESPN ranking: 58)

Fuller, DeVante Parker or Jaylen Waddle? Good luck with that once trying to figure out Miami. Fuller"s Week 1 suspension and shaky durcapacity say Yahoo! is right below.

DJ Chark, WR, Jaguars (Yahoo! ranking: 102 -— ESPN ranking: 65)

Chark need to come earlier healthy and balanced to be the true No. 1 wideout for Trevor Lawrence quickly. ESPN is on the ideal track through him as a seventh-round pick.

Lamar Jackchild, QB, Ravens (Yahoo! ranking: 48 -— ESPN ranking: 68)

ESPN has actually Jackkid dvery own more with Rusoffer Wilson and Dak Prescott, but Yahoo! has Jackson clearly fourth behind Maresidences, Josh Allen and also Kyler Murray. That need to provide factor to not overdraft Jackboy on either site.

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Kyle Pitts, TE, Falcons (Yahoo! ranking: 49 -— ESPN ranking: 74)

The question via Pitts is whether he must go appropriate after the substantial three (Kelce, Darren Waller, George Kittle) or with T.J. Hockenchild and/or Mark Andrews in in between. ESPN has it appropriate it being a little even more conservative.

Marquise Brvery own, WR, Ravens (Yahoo ranking: 124 -— ESPN ranking: 75)

The Ravens are a low-volume passing game via more diverse wide receiver depth currently. Yahoo! is spot on; ESPN isn"t.

Henry Ruggs III (Yahoo ranking: 162 -— ESPN ranking: 89)

ESPN also has actually faith the Raiders will certainly tap into the big-play ability of Ruggs with Derek Carr behind Waller. Yahoo! has this appropriate on aacquire.

2021 FANTASY TIERS & DRAFT STRATEGY:Quarterback | Running back | Wide receiver | Tight finish | D/ST

Jalen Reagor, WR, Eagles (Yahoo! ranking: 169 -— ESPN ranking: 98)

Reagor should be somewhere in the middle of this variety. He"s flashed plenty, yet he"s still, at finest, the 3rd taracquire on his team.

T.Y. Hilton, WR, Colts (Yahoo! ranking: 165 -— ESPN ranking: 116)

Is Hilton done? As the Colts QB room reshuffles aacquire to Carkid Wentz, Hilton probably has actually one more decent seachild in him. Still, he feels choose an additional boom-or-bust guy and must be taken even more in the double-digit rounds.

Upday 8/30: Hilton will certainly miss games in the early on part of the seachild via disk issues in his neck. The sentiment over still applies.

Tyler Higbee, TE, Rams (Yahoo! ranking: 77 -— ESPN ranking: 120)

Higbee is a warm sleeper via no Gerald Everett and questions about the Rams" 3rd wide receiver. That lines up for even more sneaky excellent production, this time via even more consistency.

Rob Gronkowski (Yahoo! ranking: 166 -— ESPN ranking: 121)

Gronk is recorded in a crowded wide receiver and tight finish group in Tampa. He"s much better suited to go closer to Round 14 than Round 10;.

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Trey Sermon, RB, 49ers (Yahoo! ranking: 61 -— ESPN ranking: 124)

Yahoo! is pgetting to to the choir on Sermon, meaning you will certainly must be more aggressive to gain a feasible league-winner in an elite running game. You"ll have actually much better luck stealing Sermon on ESPN.

(Getty Images) https://imperiods.daznsolutions.com/di/library/sporting_news/4/f8/trey-sermon-072721-getty-ftr_zzwo3l6scyj71r8wno09w5lw0.jpg?t=-345562430&w=500&quality=80

Baker Mayarea, QB, Browns (Yahoo! ranking: 126 -— ESPN ranking: 166)

Mayarea is being ranked about QB17, which renders bit sense currently that he"s healthy and balanced and also his receivers are, too. Things have to open up in the downarea passing offense playing off the running game. Yahoo! is right on his increase.

Kirk Cousins, QB, Vikings (Yahoo! ranking: 108 -— ESPN ranking: 167)

Cousins was a back-end QB1 last seakid and has a great trio in Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen, and also Irv Smith Jr. Give more points to Yahoo!

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, Washington (Yahoo! ranking: 123 -— ESPN ranking: 212)

This proceeds to reflect ESPN not putting as a lot worth in QB. Fitzpatrick has potential for his finest statistical seachild ever before with good tools. Woo hoo, Yahoo!

Trey Lance, QB, 49ers (Yahoo! ranking: 131 -— ESPN ranking: 220)

Lance"s upside states he belongs in the peak 200, even if he must start the season sitting behind Jimmy Garoppolo.

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Gerald Everett, TE, Seahawks ;(Yahoo! ranking: 127 -— ESPN ranking: 257)

Yahoo! is as well aggressive on the previous Ram given Will Dissly is still in Seattle and also the team still shouldn"t throw all that a lot to tight ends. That said, ESPN is a little also low for a promising TE2 flyer.

Jaylen Waddle, WR, Dolphins (Yahoo! ranking: 136 -— ESPN ranking: 94)

When tbelow are question marks around a team"s No. 1 wide receiver, go via the one who deserve to obtain you ideal worth and also rerevolve on investment. The rookie first-rounder"s upside has even more appeal than Fuller and also DeVante Parker. ESPN wins this one.

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Justin Fields, Bears (Yahoo! ranking: 142 -— ESPN ranking: 219)

Lance vs. Fields is an exciting draft question, particularly if both begin out on the bench. Either method, their potential "league winner" profile indicate Yahoo! is appropriate on both.