One of the a lot of complex inquiries of exactly how to acquire started riding is which motorcycle to buy. We urge that smaller is better and safer, so we put a 400cc limit on our referrals for brand-new riders. Smaller-displacement motorcycles are even more forproviding and, as a beginner, you will be making plenty of mistakes. Let yourself grow out of a motorcycle—execute not intend to flourish into it.

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In the cruiser category, there are three clear options, relying on your size. So, let’s take a look a the Best Cruisers of 2021 for new motorcyclists.

Best Cruiser of 2021 For Small New Riders: Yamaha V Star 250

Yamaha V Star 250

The 2021 Yamaha V Star 250 has over 30 years of history behind it. In reality, it’s practically a truly retro motorcycle that is still currently developed. It has a basic air-cooled V-twin powerplant that is fed by a 26mm Mikuni carburetor. The short-stroke motor produces plenty of torque, while the handling is far much better than you could expect—maybe that’s why Yamaha calls it a Sport Heritage motorcycle, also though it’s unambiguously a cruiser.

We like the 2021 Yamaha V Star 250 for new riders for a variety of factors. Just 27 inches above the pavement, the V Star’s seat elevation is exceptionally low. That is intensified by a curb weight of just 324 pounds—truly a featherweight. With 32 degrees of rake and also an 18-inch front wheel, it provides some welcome stability for the new rider, while retaining its agility. It’s not the latest—suspension being a weak point—yet it’s one of the biggest.

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2021 Yamaha V Star 250 Price: $4499 MSRP

Best Cruiser of 2021 For Medium-Sized New Riders: Honda Rebel 300

Honda Rebel 300

The 2021 Honda Rebel 300 is a tremendous all-about motorcycle that is peppy sufficient to fulfill riders via a little bit of endure without intimidating a first-timer. The motor is based on the engine powering the CBR300R sportbike, and it is a completely contemporary single-cylinder engine. With double overhead cams, a four-valve head, liquid-cooling, and also a torquey state of tune, the smallest Rebel is a wonderful choice for urban riders.

While the 2021 Honda Rebel 300’s seat height is just 0.2 inches higher than the V Star 250, it is 40 pounds heavier. That renders it a much better option for a rider through a little more muscle. Like the V Star 250, the Rebel 300 gets an approximated 78 mpg. The Rebel 300 has a slightly larger fuel tank, so it have the right to go over 300 miles in between visits to the gas station. ABS is a $300 choice that we strongly recommend to riders who are new to motorcycles.

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2021 Honda Rebel 300 Price: $4599 MSRP

Best Cruiser of 2021 For Larger Riders: Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Royal Enarea Meteor 350

Although brand-new to the United States for 2021, the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 debuted in India in 2020. Royal Enfield calls the 2021 Meteor 350 a cruiser, though it has actually ergonomics that are a mix of upright-traditional and cruiser. We will certainly go together with Royal Enfield’s assessment, as the forward pegs are certainly component of the cruiser canon.

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Between the 30.1-inch seat height and also the forward-placed pegs, the 2021 Royal Enfield Meteor 350 uses great legroom. Add to that a handlebar via a wide, swept-ago bend, and also you have a motorcycle that is novice-friendly, yet not cramped. The undersquare 349cc air- and oil-cooled motor puts out plenty of torque to relocate you about tvery own confidently, with the single-cylinder powerplant gaining revs predictably. Although weight is high at 421 pounds, if the Meteor fits you, you need to be able to manage it. With intuitive managing, traditional ABS, a fantastic motor, room to spcheck out out, and nicely finiburned styling, the Meteor 350 is a good worth at $4399.