1  det You usage more to suggest that tright here is a higher amount of something than before or than average, or than something else. You have the right to usage `a little", `a lot", `a bit", `far", and also `much" in front of even more. DET pl-n/n-uncount  (Antonym: less) More and also more human being are surviving heart attacks..., He spent even more time perfecting his dance moves rather of gym occupational., ...teaching more children international languperiods various other than English...    More is additionally a pronoun., pron As the level of job-related raised from light to hefty, employees ate more..., He had 4 hundred dollars in his pocket. Billy had actually even more.    More is additionally a quantifier., quant QUANT of def-n Employees might face enhancing push to take on more of their very own medical costs in retirement...  

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2  prep-phrase 
You use even more than prior to a number or amount to say that the actual number or amount is also higher. PREP amount (=over) The Afghan authorities say the airport had actually been closed for even more than a year., ...classy leather and silk jackets at even more than £250.  
3  adv 
You usage even more to show that somepoint or someone has actually a better amount of a top quality than they provided to or than is average or usual. ADV adj/adv  (Antonym: less) Prison problems have come to be even more brutal..., We can accomplish our fundamental wants more easily than in the previous.  
4  adv 
If you say that somepoint is more one thing than one more, you expect that it is like the initially point fairly than the second. ADV team than group/cl, ADV of a n  (Antonym: less) The exhibition at Boston"s Museum of Fine Arts is more a manufacturing than it is a museum screen..., He"s even more favor a film star than a life-guard, really..., She looked more sad than in pain..., Sue screamed, not loudly, more in surpclimb than terror..., She"s even more of a social animal than me.  
5  adv 
If you carry out somepoint more than prior to or even more than someone else, you execute it to a greater degree or more frequently. ADV via v  (Antonym: less) When we are worn down, tense, depressed or unwell, we feel pain a lot even more..., What impressed me even more was that she knew Tennesview Williams.  
6  adv 
You can usage more to indicate that something proceeds to occur for a better period of time. ADV after v Things could have been various if I"d talked a little more.  You have the right to use some even more to show that something continues to take place for a additionally period of time. ♦some more  phrase PHR after v We walked some even more.  
7  adv 
You usage even more to suggest that something is recurring. For example, if you carry out something `once more", you perform it aacquire when. adv ADV, n ADV This train would certainly soptimal twice even more in the suburbs prior to rolling southeast toward Munich..., The breapoint exercises need to be recurring numerous times even more.  
8  det 
You usage even more to describe a second point or amount. You have the right to usage `a little", `a lot", `a bit", `far" and also `much" in front of more. DET pl-n/n-uncount They needed even more time to think about whether to hold an inquiry.    More is likewise an adjective., adj ADJ n We continued to be in Danville two even more days..., Are you certain you wouldn"t choose some even more wine?    More is also a pronoun., pron Oxfam has appealed to western countries to perform more to aid the refugees..., `Namong them are very nice folks."—`Tell me more."  
9  adv 
You use more in conversations when you desire to attract someone"s attention to something amazing or crucial that you are about to say. ADV adv/adj  (Antonym: less) Europe"s economic climates have converged in numerous areas. More interestingly, there has actually been convergence in economic development rates..., More seriously for him, tbelow are members who say he is wrong on this concern.  
10 You deserve to usage even more and also even more to suggest that something is becoming higher in amount, degree, or level all the time. ♦more and also more 
 phrase usu PHR with v, PHR group/cl Her life was heading even more and also even more where she wanted it to go...  
11 If something is even more or much less true, it is true in a basic way, however is not totally true. ♦more or less 
 phrase PHR via group/cl, PHR before v  (vagueness) The Conference is more or less over..., He more or less began the firm...  
12 If somepoint is even more than a particular thing, it has higher worth or importance than this point. ♦more than  phrase v-attach PHR n He"s more than a coach, he"s a friend.  
13 You usage more than to say that something is true to a greater level than is important or than average. ♦more than 
 phrase PHR n, PHR adj Lithuania produces even more than sufficient food to feed itself.  
14 You use no even more than or not even more than once you desire to emphadimension just how little a number or amount is. ♦no more than/not more than 
 phrase PHR amount  (emphasis, Antonym: no much less than) He was a child really, not even more than eighteen or nineteenager.  
15 If you say that someone or something is nopoint more than a certain point, you are emphasizing that they are only that point, and nothing more amazing or important. ♦nothing more than  phrase v-link PHR n  (emphasis) The recently discovered notes are nopoint more than Lang"s individual journal.  
16 You deserve to use what is even more or what"s even more to introduce an extra piece of information which supports or emphasizes the allude you are making. ♦what is more  phrase V inflects, PHR cl  (emphasis) (=moreover, furthermore) You need to remember it, and also what"s more, you have to obtain it ideal.  
ever before more 
 , evermore Ever even more implies for all the moment later.  adv ADV via v, oft for ADV They will certainly bitterly regret what they have actually done for ever before more..., The editor"s decision is last and also shall evermore reprimary so.  

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