i have to analyze (You can accomplish more by doing than by saying.) in the create "Se consigue más ______ que ______." i cant seem to discover the best answers for the blanks i was thinking it is "está haciendo" and also "está diciendo" but im not sure

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I have actually heard that translation too and also believe that it is a valid translation of ''Actions sheight louder than words'' It is a lot simpler to remember because it is less wordy than the one I uncovered :) - FELIZ77, DIC 5, 2011

I think that you would need to use the infinitive develop of the verb here:

Se consigue más por hacer que decir "

In most, if not all, situations verbs offered in the present continuous/progressive develop in English are translated utilizing the infinitive in Spanish

Por ejemplo Le encanta nadar = He loves swimming

Ver para creer = Seeing is believing

Antes de hablar pensar = Think before speaking

We actually have actually a well known expression in England that is less wordy; "Actions stop louder than words!"

= "Obras kid amores y no buenas razones, el movimiento se demuestra andandö"

Translation used by courtesy of Oxford Spanish Thesaurus 3rd Edition

I hope this helps


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its "haciencarry out que diciendo" current progressive. - rich82, DIC 4, 2011
Some human being refer to it as the present consistent and also others the present steady I have heard it described as both over many kind of years I am not interested in saying over names - FELIZ77, DIC 5, 2011
Rich tbelow are regularly many type of valid methods to translate the same phrase in Spanish as also in other languages not just the one we may find : - FELIZ77, DIC 5, 2011

Welcome to the forum. No must use está in either case.

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I believe you are in search of "Se consigue más lamiendo que mordienperform."Helpful for those through the ¡ADELANTE! uno Spanish book.

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¡Lo siento! Correction: "Se consigue más hacienperform que diciendo" Why did i trust google without double checking it?? Geez. - mwilkinson1121, DIC 11, 2013

its "hacienperform que diciendo" current progressive

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This is an idiom. This kind of translation must be checked in the phrasebook.

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I have already checked: it isn't in the expression book ! Even under Actiosn speak louder than words - FELIZ77, FEB 17, 2011