Prayers connected through the Buddhist faith which is the fourth-biggest religious beliefs in the people.

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An Invocation of Metta/Compassion

As we all gather right here today in friendship and area, taking a moment out of our busy lives,... to learn, share and also reflect on the insights, experiences and also wisdom of others, we are reminded of exactly how blessed we all are. In the existing civilization approximately us tbelow are many kind of that endure and confront grave challenges. We stand also in solidarity through them in compassion and also by practicing loving kindness to ourselves and all those about us.

Taking a pair of stanzas from Metta or compassion meditation, let us connect in the power of prayer that attach us - irrespective of religion - with our beliefs and ideals even more deeply helping us to host them in our minds as we go about our everyday business, and also helping us to build a more powerful feeling of conviction. Let us pray the complying with in the name of all that is excellent.

May we all be well, happy and relaxed, May no harm come to us,

May we all likewise have actually patience, courage, knowledge, and determicountry to accomplish and overcome unavoidable difficulties, problems, and also failures in life.

May our parental fees, our teachers and also mentors, our friends and also may all living beings throughout the well, happy and also tranquil. May no damage concerned them,

May they also have actually patience, courage, understanding, and determination to fulfill and also get rid of inescapable obstacles, troubles, and also failures in life.

- Thilini Ariyachandra

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Worship to Buddha Shakyamuni

O Blessed One, Shakyamuni Buddha Precious treasury of compassion, Bestower of supreme inner tranquility, You, that love all beings without exception, Are the resource of happiness and goodness; And you guide us to the liberating path. Your body is a wishfulfilling jewel, Your speech is supreme, purifying nectar, And your mind is refuge for all living beings. With folded hands I revolve to you, Supreme unchanging friend, I request from the depths of my heart:

Please give me the light of your wisdom To dispel the darkness of my mind And to heal my psychological continuum.

Please nourish me through your goodness, That I in turn may nourish all beings With an unceasing banquet of delight. Thturbulent your compassionate intention, Your blessings and also virtuous deeds, And my strong wish to rely upon you, May all enduring quickly cease And all happiness and also joy be fulfilled; And may holy Dharma flourish for evereven more.

- Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

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The Buddha"s Words on Kindness (Metta Sutta)

This is what must be done By one that is experienced in goodness, And who knows the course of peace: Let them be able and upright, Straightforward and also gentle in speech. Humble and also not conceited, Contented and easily satisfied. Unburdened via duties and frugal in their ways. Peaceful and also calm, and wise and skillful, Not proud and also demanding in nature. Let them not do the slightest thing That the wise would later on reprove. Wishing: In gladness and in safety and security, May all points be at ease. Whatever before living beings tbelow may be; Whether they are weak or solid, omitting none, The good or the mighty, medium, brief or small, The viewed and also the unseen, Those living close to and also far away, Those born and to-be-born, May all points be at ease!

Let none deceive another, Or despise any being in any type of state. Let none through anger or ill-will certainly Wish injury upon one more. Even as a mother protects with her life Her boy, her only boy, So via a boundmuch less heart Should one cherish all living beings: Radiating kindness over the whole people Spanalysis upwards to the skies, And downwards to the depths; Outwards and also boundless, Freed from hatred and ill-will. Whether standing or walking, seated or lying dvery own Free from drowsiness, One should sustain this rerepertoire. This is shelp to be the sublime abiding. By not holding to resolved views, The pure-hearted one, having clarity of vision, Being freed from all sense desires, Is not born aacquire right into this world.

- Author Unknown

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Golden Chain Prayer


We are a connect in Amida"s gold chain of love that stretches approximately the people, we will keep our connect bappropriate and also solid.

We will certainly be type and also gentle to every living thing and also protect all who are weaker than ourselves.

We will certainly think pure and beautiful thoughts, say pure and also beautiful words, and also carry out pure and also beautiful deeds.

May eexceptionally connect in Amida"s chain of love be bright and also strong, and also might we all obtain perfect tranquility. - Buddha

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Meal Time Prayer

This food is the gift of the whole cosmos, Each morsel is a sacrifice of life, May I be worthy to receive it. May the power in this food, Give me the strength,

To transform my unwholesome qualities right into wholesome ones. I am grateful for this food, May I realize the Path of Awakening, For the sake of all beings.

The joys and also pains of all beings are current in the gift of this food. Let us receive it in love and gratitude...

And in mindfulness of our sisters and brothers among living beings of every type that are hungry or homeless, sick or injured, or enduring in any method.

- Author Unknown

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Tibetan Buddhist Mealtime Prayer


To the precious Buddha, unsurpassable Teacher, to the valuable Dharma, unsurpassable Refuge, to the valuable Sangha, unsurpassable Guide, to the 3 Jewels, the resources of Refuge, I make this Offering.

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- Author Unknown

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Traditional Buddhist Prayer

May all beings have actually happiness and the causes of happiness; May all be totally free from sorrow and also the causes of sorrow; May all never before be separated from the spiritual happiness which is sorrowless; And may all live in equanimity, without as well much attachment and as well much aversion, And live believing in the ehigh quality of all that stays.