Let’s simply spend a moment talking around just how it’s so tough to decode what woguys say and also what they really mean. You have gone to that place as well, Haven’t you?

Don’t you remember the last time you asked your GF around going to the bar via your buddies, and also she replied, “Yeah, Sure! Do whatever you want”.

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Little did you understand, these straightforward words had actually such facility definition. You later realized it as soon as you had to apologize for the three following consecutive days.

Anyway, Let’s not talk around exactly how you entirely screwed up the last time. It wasn’t your fault. We men are simple creatures. We execute as we are told. What’s wrong in that?

Forgain it, I was not below to bitch around my life. I was trying to decode what woguys actually intend.

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So below is the comprehensive breakup of what women actually suppose once they say, ” Do whatever you want!”


This is a woman’s method of trial and error you. She wants to know if you are really into her. And that have the right to only be measured by exactly how you treat her. She desires your time however she is likewise saying do. Understand also that it’s a trick question. “Do” actually means right here, “DON’T FUCKING DARE TO”


This word is self-explanatory on its very own. You can have actually heard the usage of this a lot in your life. Don’t you recall this conversation through your crush in high school?

You: I love you!

Her: Whatever before.

or the one in your college.

You: You suppose the world to me and also I have the right to catch a grenade for you. *Booom*… *You practically died*

Her: Whatever.


This point has been bugging theorists for years without any type of appropriate answer. Who are you?

Who are you?

What are you?

But she needs a response. And you can’t simply run amethod from it. According to miscellaneous researches done by our plenty of scientists, we have involved a conclusion that girls have an answer to the question, “Who are you?” and also the answer according to them is “You are mine” and you have the right to never before ever before escape this. You have to not escape this. All your time belongs to me and also every one of you belongs to me. And that’s just love. Dare you to question the authority to what love is. We will certainly cover that in a separate post.


Now this is an additional tricky one.

“What carry out you want?”

She can have asked you this on numerous various occasions and specificlaly as soon as you are shedding the plot. And what did you do? Succumb to your manly ego and answer it honestly? This is what you have actually doing all wrong.

Listen to your inner spirit and answer this. What perform you want? If your answer is sex and booze, it’s alright, you are on the ideal track. If not, Why the hell are you even analysis this? You are a coward. You have actually been damaging it for all various other men. Get out of below.

Now coming back to you, It’s completely fine if you think sex is the noticeable answer, just don’t let it flow out of your mouth. It’s her that you want.

Let’s rehearse currently.

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I disguised as her: What execute you want?

You: Sex however I love you so much..

I disguised as her: Whatever!

Did this post make any type of sense?

I thought so. You already understand whatever you perform, whatever you say, it’s never going to be straightforward. Good luck!