Cast a Spell on Someone Meaning

Definition: To use magic on someone or something; to intrigue or delight someone.

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This phrase has two main interpretations. The initially hregarding do via magic and also the spreading of spells.

The second hregarding through figuratively enchanting someone. If you uncover someone specifically exciting or captivating, it could be shelp that he has cast a spell over you with his cdamage and charisma.

Origin of Cast a Spell

This expression originated in the 1800s. It is unclear exactly how it came into usage.

However, actors originates from the Old Norse word kasta. It have the right to suppose to throw or to spcheck out over a space. Due to the fact that civilization regularly think of magic as something you sfinish at someone from afar, it is possible it comes from this meaning. For an instance of this, think of two civilization throwing spells at each various other from magic wands, as portrayed in renowned stories like Harry Potter.

Spell originates from Old English and have the right to expect either enchantment or affect over.

Instances of Cast a Spell

In the conversation below, two friends discuss a third friend, who is Wicdeserve to.

Scott: Hey, did you recognize that some people think about themselves witches?

Tony: Sure. You expect Wiccans, right? Like our friend Laura?

Scott: Laura is a witch? So does that mean she casts spells on people?

Tony: Maybe not in the method you are imagining.

Scott: If not the means I’m imagining, then how?

Tony: Why don’t you just ask her? She might certainly offer you more information than I can.

In the next instance, 2 friends usage the expression while talking about a potential romantic companion.

Richard: Miranda, aren’t you seeing someone new?

Miranda: Yeah, I am actually. How did you know?

Richard: Sarah told me. She says you are head over heels.

Miranda: I am! His name is David, and also he is the sweetest, a lot of caring guy I know. I can’t wait to watch wright here the partnership goes.

Richard: Sounds as if he’s really actors a spell over you.

Miranda: Somepoint like that. It’s good to meet a nice male finally.

Richard: Well, I’m happy for you.

More Examples

The initially example offers the expression a small in a different way. Here, it talks around how music has the power to heal. That power cast a spell on a man called Leslie Greif. This means that the man was truly fascinated by, and influenced by, the power of music.

It’s that transcendent power that long back cast a spell on the series’ producer Leslie Greif, who flourished up approximately music (his father controlled Motvery own songwriter-producer Lamont Dozier). After discussions with CMT around developing a scripted series, Greif absorbed the Sun Records-era jukebox musical “Million Dollar Quartet” and was hooked. –LA Times

The second example is about people who desire to usage magic to influence the actions of a president.

A group of self-proclaimed witches took to Facebook – yes, supposedly witches usage social media – in an attempt to have a huge, team spell actors on President Donald Trump and also his supporters.

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To cast a spell on someone or something means to enchant that perkid or thing utilizing magic or cinjury.