The Cha Cha Slide is a well-known line, perdeveloped at weddings, proms, and various other festive gatherings. Peppy and fun, the Cha Cha Slide actions are often supplied in competitive partner Although the precise steps deserve to vary relying on the perprevious of the music, the basics are generally the very same and also they deserve to be adjusted as needed. This is an upbeat, joyful that never goes out of style.

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Prepare to

Put in some easy prep occupational to acquire the most out of your training. Click on the photo below for printable instructions for the Grapevine and also the other actions of the Cha Cha Slide. If you need some help, try these handy tips for Adobe printables.

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Downpack the printable action diagrams.

Cha Cha Slide Steps

The Cha Cha Slide is a form of line that was choreographed by a Chicago DJ referred to as Mr. C. You might also identify him as DJ Casper. The steps were composed originally as component of a workout set for a fitness chain, but have end up being renowned in regular companion circles and also currently they are taught on a regular basis at clubs and studios. The song commonly calls out specifically what you must be doing, which makes it basic. What"s even much better is that these measures are straightforward and fun to learn, so obtain all set to move on the floor as though you own it! Here"s just how it functions.


Tip to the side via your left foot. Cross your right foot over the left and step dvery own. Step to the side via the left foot again. Cross the right foot behind the left and also action down. Step out via the left foot. Bring the appropriate foot in. Touch right beside left.

Take It Back Now

Tip backwards via your left foot. Tip backwards via your appropriate foot. Tip backwards with your left foot. Bring your right foot to accomplish your left.

One, Two, Three, Hop This Time

Jump forward via your feet together. Repeat as many type of times as the caller mentions.


Making a dramatic movement through your totality body, stomp your appropriate or left foot as the instructor calls. As you relocate, incorporate jazz hands or various other arm activities.

Jazz Square

Cross your right foot over your left foot. Uncross your legs by stepping onto your left foot. Tip to the best through your appropriate foot. Step in front of you via your left foot.

Turning Grapevine

Adjust your body to the left. Step out on your right side via your ideal foot. Cross your left foot over the best one. Step out on your appropriate side through your appropriate foot. Close your left foot on the left side of your right foot.

Miscellaneous Steps

You will hear some assorted actions as the caller continues in the song. Some will certainly be as straightforward as clapping hands, and some will be more complicated however simple enough to catch on to via monitoring and exercise. Try out the complying with steps and incorpoprice them into your performances of the Cha Cha Slide:

Clap your hands to the beat of the song. Hop as soon as using both feet. Turn a quarter turn, so you are currently encountering to the left of wbelow you started. This action requires making use of a modified grapevine, using the leg crossing to aid you relocate in to the turn. Jump and cross your legs and immediately jump back to your beginning place, referred to as the "criss cross." Bfinish over and put your hands on your knees. Practice how well you can "freeze" once you"re If the lyrics ask, "How low deserve to you go?" dip dvery own to the floor and also then bring your body ago up. When the lyrics tell you to "reverse," some muzic-ivan.infors execute a 180-level revolve, some carry out a complete revolve or spin in area, and some ssuggest slide in the opposite direction. Do the Charlie Brown by jumping forward on one leg and then ago on the other, kicking the front knee up as you jump ago.

Make the Your Own

Why wait for a night out to begin doing the cha cha slide? Get the song and start practicing today. Although the follows a collection pattern, it also permits for a lot of individual expression. Create a dramatic pose for the freeze. Shake your hips with eextremely stomp. Add a full rotate to your grapevines. Whatever before you do, simply have actually fun through it!

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