Lucas, that created this song with his bandmate Joe Daniels (the drummer and also just other member of the group at the time), came up through the guitar riff at his apartment in Zion, Illinois. "I would hang out all day playing guitar and also watching stolen cable on a cheater box," he said in his intercheck out. "I had actually come throughout stacked 5th chords from discovering to play Police songs, and also I was f--king around through this relocating bass line thing that I was trying to perfect because of my guitar setup. I figured I"d mash them together. That basically took care of the riff."
The title does not appear in the lyric, however alludes to the first line in the song: "Born to be dvery own." Tbelow is a lot of loapoint going on, which can be someone talking to himself, or a conversation between 2 people. It seems the singer has end up being apathetic (a common layout in rock music of this era) and feels beaten down. The chorus, which could be his voice or that of a frifinish, might be either mocking him or echoing his sentiment:You just don"t acquire itYou save it copacetic
Local H wasn"t the first to use the word "copacetic," but they are the just act to chart with a song that attributes the word in the chorus. Previous supplies of the word include:"Perfection" by Run-D.M.C. (1986)Is every little thing copacetic y"all?"West L.A. Fadeaway" by the Grateful Dead (1987)You know the pay was patheticIt"s a shame those boys couldn"t be even more copacetic"My Stoney Baby" by 311 (1993)It"s copacetic if you let itSo set up and keep the down stream dvery own and up stream up

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Kelsey from Clarendon, Txborn to be dvery own.i deserve to definitely relate.great song.check out even more comments
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The phrase "Hasta la vista, baby" was popularized in the 1987 Jody Watley song "Looking For A New Love," 4 years prior to Arnold Schwarzenegger shelp it in the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

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Sia planned to quit her solo career after her 2014 album 1000 Forms of Fear, but the "Chandelier" video proved so well-known it attracted her ago in.


"Sail" by AWOLNATION had a remarkably sluggish climb up the Hot 100. It was the initially ever before song to spend over a year on the chart before entering the optimal 20.

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The song "Knock On Wood" was confusing to UK listeners bereason the saying tbelow is "Touch Wood."

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"Your Time Is Gonna Come" ended up being the initially Led Zeppelin song to be covered as soon as Sandie Shaw taped it in 1969.

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