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The Walking Dead isn"t simply zombies. It is actually much more than that. Tright here is simply this, humorous, great story behind it. It provides you realize what you take for granted, and also if you have watched the door, you yourself could personally flourish into it, choose I did.

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You think that you understand the Walking Dead? Let"s uncover out. You"ll check out your remembrance abilities are. Hopefully they are good. Good luck. But simply remember, KEEP ON WATCHING THE WALKING DEAD!

Created by: Natalie Tomlinson

What is the man"s name that Rick meets in Seakid One? Donald Morgan Tyler Deaton Brian AdamIn what seaboy does Rick discover his family? Season 1 Seaboy 2 Seakid 3 Seaboy 4: Part 1 Seachild 4: Part 2What is Rick" s best friend"s name? Shane Glenn Tyrease Daryl T - Dog AndreaWhat were Rick and also his best friend"s job? Firefighters Soccer Coaches Sherrif and also Policeman Theater Arts Professors Truck Drivers JoblessWhat does the group speak to the zombies? Geeks Walkers Biters All of the aboveWhat is the farmer"s name in Seachild 2? Herschel Environment-friendly Brian Tylers Alphalpha Lauoiyers Adam Hunt Tyler HutchWho gets seriously injured in the premiere of Seaboy 2? Shane Carl Rick Glenn(Follow up question) What taken place to him? Swarm on objective Swarm by accident Punched on function Punched on purposeIn Season 2, which lady gets pregnant? Carol Andrea Maggie Laurie BethWho Laurie"s son? Carl Shane RickWho is Andrea"s sister, and exactly how did she pass away? Helen, Stroke Dana, Heart Attack Amy, Bitten by a ... Stacy, Unwell-known cause of deathWbelow does the team go in Season 3? Campwebsite Priboy C.D.C. France Grand also CanyonWhat is Carol"s daughter"s name, and exactly how did she die? Sophia, bitten and also put right into a barn Sophia, unknown reason of fatality Valerie, Fell off of a bridge Amy, heart attackIn Season 3, the pregnant lady provides birth where? A prison design room Lake home near a Great Lake A football area Hospital Other.How does the pregnant lady pass away? Stabbed. Bitten. Suicide. Unwell-known Causage of Death Died in the time of kid birth Other.In Seachild 2, What taken place to the farm? Got overrun Burned dvery own Demolimelted Natural Disaster(s) Other.In the Seachild finale of Seakid 2, who dies? (For any type of reason) Shane Carol T - Dog Patricia Option 1 and also Option 4Who saves Andrea in Season 2? An unwell-known team An unknown Chainexperienced freak An unknown Samurai Option 1 & Option 3 Other.In Seachild 1, seaboy finale, wbelow particularly perform they think is safe? France C.D.C. Atlanta Island(s) West CoastIn Season 3, wbelow is Andrea? With a man that calls himself the Governor With a guy who acquired nickcalled the Governor With a guy who owns a camp.Who desires to take over the refuge in Seakid 3? The Governor. The campsite male. An old frifinish. Nobody. All of the above.In Seaboy 4: Part 1, where is the group? The refuge in Seachild 3 Abandoned Searching for a brand-new refugeeIn Seaboy 4: Part 2, What is the last sentence said? "This, is, battle." "Why?" "You"re all below." "They"re screwing through the wrong world." "No even more bull sh**." "Here"s the arrangement."Who said that last sentence? Carol Rick Carl Glenn Eugene MaggieIn Seachild 4: Part 2, where is Beth? Unrecognized With the team Went on a searching expedition, and also never before came earlier.Joe (The leader of the group that Daryl had actually been conserved by) died how? Shot Got "Taught a Lesson" Stabbed Neck ripped open up and NOT, by a Walker Drowned Suicide

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Quiz topic: How Well execute I Know The Walking Dead?

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