"Electrical designers and also units designers that create computer system motherboards and various other hardware systems incorporating Intel processors have to know some of the remainder, yet they are a tiny and hardy crew, and they recognize that they are."

I unproperly tried to uncover the interpretation of that last little on its very own virtual. It appears to be an idiom. I would guess that it means that due to the little size of the team, the significant people in it are known to one an additional and also comprise a sort of area. Perhaps someone knows/has encountered the segment in question?

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The phrase "they/you understand who they/you are" is frequently provided to attend to members of a subset of your audience without specifying their names.

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We frequently usage this phrase in an acknowledgement, or dedication, prefer you could discover at the start or end of a book. An example would be:

This book is dedicated to all the world who supported me as I was creating it. They recognize that they are.

In other words, those civilization who supported me know that they are contained in the team "all the people that sustained me", so I"m not going to list each of their names.

Another prevalent usage - and one that perhaps renders even more sense - is once you"re admonishing a team of human being in public, yet desire to spare them the embarrassment of being singled out. For example:

Some world have actually not yet completed the compelled training - they know who they are (bereason we sent out them a reminder email) - and we"re functioning via them to obtain the training finished as soon as possible.

Similarly, you might usage this phrase once providing a public address because you desire the basic audience not to issue that you can be talking around them:

For those of you who forgot to authorize up for a transition - and also you know that you are - please email Alice by the finish of the day.

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In the quoted instance, the author inoften tends to say somepoint like this:

The following area is not for everyone. It"s just for people who should know extra indevelopment about . The human being who must know this indevelopment are electrical engineers and systems developers that create computer system motherboards and also if you were a member of this group, you would know you were a member. So if you"re not certain if this next section is for you, it"s not.