You"re a lady, you"re an angel, Bringin" sunshine to my life. You"re closest thing Heaven that I"ve ever before had. Oh, but periodically, you"re a devil, When you reach out and also dim the lights,

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An" I say, mmm mmm, you"re so great as soon as you"re bad. You would certainly never hurt anybody, You"re too gentle sweet and also sort, Still I store on doin" points that make you sad. But you don"t hold out on your feelin"s, When there"s lovin" on your mind. An" I say, mmm mmm, you"re so great once you"re negative. I might say that you"re the perfect woguy, And if it"s not, it"s just bereason of me.
"Causage I"m hung up on the perfect womale, An" I don"t know how I deserve to be. I watch other pretty womales, An" Lord, they still, they look great to me. An" there are some women that can drive some males mad. But when an angel let"s her hair down, Oh, that"s something else to view. An" I say, mmm mmm, you"re so great once you"re poor.





I"m exceptionally selective around the nation music that I favor. This is a winner! I additionally heard it on Designing Womale (one of the best TV series ever!)

Been a big fan of Mr Charlie Pride given that i was a kid hes barried his name in the CMT wall of fame becouse he deserved it

tbelow is an imposter out right here passing an additional reduced off as this one,you sir are not him, this is the genuine point . hats off brother

Love Charley Pride! I can"t assist however think of the episode on Designing Womales once I hear this though,lol.

This is a beautiful song BUT search for the extfinished mix. It has actually a little musical break at the finish. It puts a beautiful finish to the song! It"s great!!

I have been searching for this song forever, I heard it on Designing Women, and fell in Love via it then. Can not gain enough of it !!DAS

ACC"s #24 song of "82. Thanx, Joan, for postin" it. FYI, though, Charley"s name is spelled via an "ey" at the end. Great song, nevertheless. God bless ya, for postin" it. Thanx! Have a blessed week!

princesstweetypie haha i just experienced creating womales on here on youtube and also heard this song and had actually to look it up

A excellent singer, Love the voice.People now a days do not recognize great country music anyeven more. This is my sort of music!!

pattykake19 Hon he does he has a brand-new album out Called Choices. He tours in Canada & awide bereason the idiots that play the music will not play the older singers. I feel tright here should be two Country musics timeless the best & what they speak to music currently.

Counattempt "singers" this day can not organize a candle to Charley !! There will never be music prefer this again, that goes for ALL genres, even gospel- praise music has nopoint on the OLD HYMNS !!!!!!!!!!

This is just one of my favorite"s of Charlie"s. He sure has actually an excellent voice. Why doesn"t he sing a lot anymore? He"s an excellent singer.

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My extremely favorite Charley Pride song.I go to a location wright here just Charley deserve to send me. I have all his albums but of all of the songs this one is just so romantic & his voice is so clear & sexy

experienced the repeat of Designing Womales, wright here this is played at the finish through the 4 couples, i love that episode, it"s wbelow Julia goes on a rant, around men, doing the robbing the raping and also the pilaging