Feel comfortable answering the question “How are you?” in English conversation. This video offers you several choices for answering, and teaches you exactly how to use the right answer relying on your mood.

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In this American English pronunciation video, we’re going to go over responses to the expression “How are you?”

This is just one of the the majority of common concerns you’ll gain asked as soon as meeting someone or running into someone you understand. If English isn’t your first language, it deserve to be hard to quickly come up through a solution. In this video, we’ll go over the assorted ways you can answer this question.

The a lot of common response is ‘good’. Let’s look at some examples.

– Hey Rachel! How are you?– Good!

– Hey Aaron!– Hey! How are you doing?– Good! How are you?– Good!

Good. If you simply desire an easy, quick answer, this is the finest. It’s positive, and it moves you ahead in conversation. If you desire to remember simply one response, let it be ‘good’.

– How are you?– Good.– Where execute you want to eat?

Or whatever. Ready to move on to the next topic after the exreadjust of “How are you?” “Good.”

Good – make the G consonant through the back of the tongue touching the soft palate. Goo-. Then the UH as in PUSH vowel. The lips flare a little for this, and the jaw drops some. The tongue lifts in the earlier and the tip will pull back simply a small little bit so it’s not rather all the way forward. Good.

What carry out you notice around the D? Good. I don’t release it, Good, dd, dd. But I stopped the air and also I don’t release it, good. This is the the majority of natural way to pronounce the final letter D. You put your tongue up into position for the D, you voice your vocal cords, dd, dd, dd, and that’s it. Good. You deserve to likewise say, “I’m excellent,” yet simply simple “good” is even more prevalent.

You can likewise answer “How are you?” through the word ‘fine’. This is less positive than ‘good’. It type of implies ‘average’. You’re not excellent, you’re not damaging. You’re fine. Begin via the F consonant, bottom lip to the bottom of the top front teeth. Fi-. Next is the AI diphthong, execute drop your jaw for the start, fi-, then relax your jaw ago up as the height front of the tongue stretches towards the roof of the mouth. fine. Now the tongue just has to flip as much as the roof of the mouth. It have to remain really wide and also flat so it can be relaxed in the ago. Fine, fine. Or, I’m fine.

– How are you?– Fine.

You deserve to additionally say, “great!” or “I’m great!” This is, as you can have actually guessed, a much more positive answer, and also you could follow it up through the reason that points are great.

– I’m great! I simply finiburned a big job that was stressing me out.

Great! It starts through the GR consonant cluster, gr. Your lips have the right to begin to circle in for the R at the beginning of this word, it won’t influence the G sound, gr-. For the G, the back of the tongue stretches up to the soft palate.

For the R sound, the front component of the tongue conveniently pulls earlier and up as the ago part releases.

Grr–. Grr–.

You have the right to see the lips circle in. Gr-. Grea-. Now we have actually the AY as in SAY diphthong. Make sure you drop your jaw – grea-. Great! Ok, what’s happening? What’s taken place to the T? Like D, the T is a stop consonant. We commonly don’t say the ending, the release, once it’s at the finish of a sentence. Great, great. Just stop the air. You deserve to move your tongue right into place for the T, however don’t release it. Great! This sheight makes the word abrupt and flatter. Great. That makes it various from ‘grey’, which has a rounder shape and no abrupt stop. The abrupt speak renders the T. Great.

If you’re not doing great and you don’t want to talk around it, you have the right to say ‘fine’. But if you carry out want to talk around it, then you deserve to say ‘not good’ or ‘not so good’.

– Hey Rachel, just how are you?– Not so good. I’m stressed about job-related.

Not excellent. Or, not so great. What do you notification about the T in NOT? It’s a Sheight T, simply favor ‘great!’. I just listened to about 10 video clips via this phrase on the internet, and they all have that speak T. Not-, not-. So you begin to say ‘not’, and also you reduced yourself off. Cut off the air in your throat. Not-, not-. Not good. Not so great. You don’t also have to relocate your tongue into place for the T. You have the right to simply soptimal the air. Why is the T pronounced this way? It’s not at the end of a sentence. No. It’s pronounced that method because the following sound is a consonant, in ‘not so good’ and in ‘not good’.

Listen to Jen say ‘not good’ in this example.

– How are you men doing today?– Good. How are you?– Not great.– Hey Rachel! How are you?– Not so good.

So tbelow you have 4 various methods to answer the question “exactly how are you?” ‘Good’ is the typical, positive answer. You don’t need to say even more. ‘Fine’ is a tiny less positive, but aget, that’s generally all you have to say. You usually don’t fancy. ‘Great!’ indicates you’re much better than normal, and also you might desire to say why. ‘Not good’ or ‘not so good’ is of course negative, and also you’ll desire to sophisticated and also say why things are not so great.

Note: If someone asks you this, you generally give the answer and also then rerevolve the question: Good, how are you?

How are you? How am I pronouncing ‘are’ in that sentence? I’m reducing it. Err. Howerr– Check out the video on reducing ‘are’. Also, be certain to view this video on greeting Americans and also just how to pronounce ‘just how are you’. Go ahead and click one to watch it now! Links are likewise in the video description listed below.

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