Parody of ""You"re a Median One, Mr. Grinch"".Thank you, Reddit,, Twitter, other social media websites, and also its millions of individuals for keeping me updated on net neutrality.As for Ajit Pai, eat my ass.Sorry! You can not see this journal because it is not component of your package! Pay $19.99 a month to upgrade-Yeah, fuck off with that. Here it is.You"re a Typical One, Ajit Pai:You"re a intend one, Ajit Pai.You are a fuckING PIECE OF SHITTTT.You think your mocking is funny, however in truth, you simply want money, Ajit Pai.You"re a asSWIPE AND YOU BETTER ADMIT IT BEFORE SHIT GETS BLOODY.You"re an asshat, Ajit Pai.Your head"s an empty hole.Your smug grin is filled via shit, you obtained more forehead than Megamind, Ajit Pai.I wouldn"t touch you with a pole... UNLESS IT"S FUCKING ELECTRIFIED.You"re an idiot, Ajit Pai.Your inner demons live in your teeth.Your debates are about as hard, as the bullet of the nerf gun you sheath, Ajit Pai.Given a choice in between the two of you, fuck it. I RATHER SHOOT MYSELF WITH A REAL GUN.The FCC was a mistake, Ajit Pai.I hate you more than your fidobtain spinner.You think bereason you kicked through the bucket with net neutrality, you"re the prompt winner, Ajit Pai.The three words that best define you are as adheres to, and I quote ""SUCK, MY, DICK."" (not literally.)You have actually no real composure, Ajit Pai.You"re truly a fucking clown.Celebprice with a Harlem Shake, nope, that video obtained taken dvery own, Ajit Pai.Seriously, everyone fucking hates you! Get that with your head!I can fairly repeat both 2016 AND 2017 than DEAL WITH YOUR BULLSHIT!You"re a insect, Ajit Pai, you fucking bug.I hope someone beats you with your very own Reese"s mug.No-one"s on your very own side, you vile crooked slug, Ajit Pai.YOU CAN TAKE YOUR ANTI-NET NEUTRALITY SHIT, STICK THEM UP YOUR ASS, LIGHT THE FUSE, AND WATCH YOU GO FLYING LIKE A MIX BETWEEN A NUCLEAR FIREWORK AND LADY BUG.End.Thank you for reading my parody. It literally took under 18-20 minutes.Protect Net Neutrality. And fuck the FCC.

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Beach Fever Remake Pentalogy/BFRP: Trailer #2

Sep 1, 2019
The trailer slowly opens up with a near-pitch-black internal of the Beach Fever before pizzeria place, devoid of any kind of life with only the glow of moonlight seeping through the home windows illuminating the inside of the pizzeria. What sounds prefer a slightly distorted version of a VHS tape founding up is audible, but abruptly cuts out, as the check out, panning via the pizzeria"s internal, grinds to a halt and also pans up, revealing the silhouette of the animatronic performance phase, the semi-visible silhouettes of the Blair, Seraphina, Fairuza, and also Kahula animatronics visible. As music starts to fade in, the stage"s overhead spotlights abruptly flicker to life
ADDITIONAL CUTSCENES:- In the Night 5 cutscene, illustrated in an Atari-styled minigame, an undeteremined time-skip is displayed, yet most likely takes place after the previous four cutscenes. Taking location in the dark basement workshop of what was presumably Gilbert"s residence, the cutscene was mostly on a seemingly energetic Fairuza, propped up against a metal table and also strangely active despite just a couple of feet adjacent, her rerelocated battery was on the table. Other animatronics, such as Kahula, Daghardwood, and Dabria were watched likewise inactive, standing upwards and also propp
PLOT:Beach Fever before takes place in mid-July of 2007 at the "Red-Hot Riptides" Boardwalk, a week-lengthy, all-American-beach-side summer festival, wbelow Gilbert Griggs, nickcalled "Gil" or "Griggsie", has actually spent the past year painstakingly creating one of the boardwalk"s main attractions and also a precursor to an upcoming facility to be created if good reception is obtained, the pop-up Oceanian "Beach Fever" pizzeria, finish through animatronic entertainment of Hawaiian animals, cost-free food for all boardwalk visitors through phelp tickets, consisting of their infamously excellent pineapple

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So, today"s the day. July 30th, 2019. Just 4 years earlier, 4 years earlier on July 30th, 2015, I started up this account for fun for the intention of simply making Five Nights at Freddy"s-based edits for fun, and eventually in early on 2017, I started on the principle of FNAF game principles with my initially ever before, albeit never finiburned and released (and not sure if I ever before revealed it) Five Nights at Freddy"s game concept was "FNAF: Bio-Nucleus", an alternative timeline of the Five Nights at Freddy"s canon where Circus Baby"s Pizza World never before closed as a result of "gas leaks" and also Sister Location basically never happened. A futuristic CBPW opened and flourimelted, till its