One of TV"s most successful Westerns told of the hired gun Paladin, who plied his trade in 19th-century San Francisco with a calling card ("Have Gun, Will Travel...") that belied the compelling loner"s cultured manner. When he wasn"t eating fine food, involved in polite conversation and also dressed impeccably, he was an intimidating gunmale dressed in babsence, striking out for the frontier and prepared to kill if crucial. He was, as the template song put it, "a knight without armor in a savage land."

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Episode 1

The Vigil

Sat, Sep 16, 1961 30 mins

A nurse heads for a frontier town---mindful that its citizens would prefer a doctor. Ricdifficult Boone, George Kennedy.

Episode 2

The Education of Sarah Jane

Sat, Sep 23, 1961 30 mins

A vengeful girl draws Paladin right into a household feud. Sarah: Jena Engstrom. Carter: Duane Eddy. Paladin: Ricdifficult Boone.

Episode 3

The Revenger

Sat, Sep 30, 1961 30 mins

Half of a $500 bill and a stage ticket to Yuma lead Paladin to a bandit called Solomale (Anthony Caruso). Wilson: Rayford Barnes. Turner: Russell Arms. Sheriff Conlon: Harry Carey Jr.

Episode 4

Odds for Big Red

Sat, Oct 7, 1961 30 mins

Big Red, a womale saloonkeeper, is swarm . . . and also gamblers are betting she won"t live till dawn. Paladin: Ricdifficult Boone. Fremont: Ricdifficult Ney. Ada: Virginia Capers. Potter: Robert Karnes.

Episode 5

A Proof of Love

Sat, Oct 14, 1961 30 mins

Charles Bronkid and George Kennedy show up in the story of the fight for a mail-order bride. Callie: Chana Eden. Mrs. Grey: Shirley O"Hara. Musician: Jack Marshall. Dancer: Bob Cole.

Episode 6

The Gospel Singer

Sat, Oct 21, 1961 30 mins

Paladin and a missionary attempt to end gunplay in a lawless tvery own. Melissa: Suzi Carnell. Harper: John McLiam. Paladin: Ricdifficult Boone. Sims: Ed Peck. Barber: Roy Engel. Durbin: Brad Weston.

Episode 7

The Race

Sat, Oct 28, 1961 30 mins

Sam Crabbe, that has actually bet his ranch against an entire Indian reservation in a steed race, desires Paladin to ride for him. Paladin: Rictough Boone. Tamasun: Michael Pate. Checker: Stu East.

Episode 8

The Hanging of Aaron Gibbs

Sat, Nov 4, 1961 30 mins

Singer Odetta plays Sarah Gibbs, that is barred by a marshal from visiting her condemned husband. Paladin: Richard Boone. Harden: Ed Faulkner. Marshal: Roy Barcroft. Mullaney: Stu East.

Episode 9

The Piano

Sat, Nov 11, 1961 30 mins

Paladin"s mission: retrieve Franz Lister"s valuable piano in time for a concert. Paladin: Richard Boone. Lister: Keith Andes. Sybil: Antoinette Bower. Mona: Gertrude Flynn. Freddie: Arny Freeman.

Episode 10

Ben Jalisco

Sat, Nov 18, 1961 30 mins

Charles Bronson stars as an escaped murderer searching for his wife, who betrayed him and also Paladin, that jailed him. Lucy: Coleen Gray. Sheriff: John Litel. Paladin: Ricdifficult Boone. John: Lane Chandler.

Episode 11

The Brothers

Sat, Nov 25, 1961 30 mins

Paladin"s trouble is just beginning once he nabs a murderer. Holden: Buddy Ebsen. Corbin: Paul Hartguy. Paladin: Richard Boone. Mrs. Raleigh: Peggy Stewart. Bodyguards: Ed Faulkner, Hal Needham.

Episode 12

Drop of Blood

Sat, Dec 2, 1961 30 mins

A killer disrupts a wedding. Rivka: Roxane Berard. Melamed: Mike Kellin. Shotness: Martin Gabel. Buckstone: Noah Keen. Viola: Regina Gleakid. Paladin: Rictough Boone. Frank: Red Mbody organ. Rabbi: Milton Selzer.

Episode 13

A Knight to Remember

Sat, Dec 9, 1961 30 mins

Hans Conried plays a feeble-minded guy that charges about the nation dressed as Don Quixote. Paladin: Richard Boone. Dirty Dog: Robert Carricart. Allesandro: Wideal King. Dulcinea: Dolores Donlon.

Episode 14

Blind Circle

Sat, Dec 16, 1961 30 mins

Paladin tries to sheight a bounty hunter from killing his man, who"s no longer wanted. Larker: Hank Patterson. Highes: Gerald Gordon. McCormack: Penis Rich. Paladin: Richard Boone. Mrs. Madison: Ellen Atterbury.

Episode 15

The Kid

Sat, Dec 23, 1961 30 mins

Paladin wins the best to work-related a silver strike for a month---or so he thinks. Paladin: Ricdifficult Boone. Strike: Flip Mark. Moriarity: Jacques Aubuchon. Hey Boy: Kam Tong. Bartender: Roy Engel. Barber: Ollie O"Toole.

Episode 16

Squatter"s Rights

Sat, Dec 30, 1961 30 mins

Paladin is unbasic about his employer"s vicious methods of rerelocating squatters from his ranch. Costigan: Warren Stevens. Clemenceau: Robert S. Stevenchild. Mrs. Clemenceau: Natalie Norwick.

Episode 17


Sat, Jan 6, 1962 30 mins

Paladin involves the aid of Boise Peabody, a sheepish guy being harassed by miners. Paladin: Ricdifficult Boone. Doc Halop: Dabbs Greer. Big Fontana: Chris Alcaide. Hey Boy: Kam Tong.

Episode 18

Justice in Hell

Sat, Jan 13, 1962 30 mins

Paladin"s clue in an Indian raid: a child states the leader was a white guy. Burchfield: William Schallert. Paladin: Rictough Boone. Anne Marie: Betsy Hale. Wagner: Don Beddoe. Teague: Alan Carney.

Episode 19

Mark of Cain

Sat, Jan 20, 1962 30 mins

Dr. Avatar thinks criminal tendencies deserve to be determined by skull size---and hires Paladin to discover a specimen. Paladin: Ricdifficult Boone. Trueblood: Roy Barcroft. Pina: Iphigenie Castiglioni. Old Woman: Olive Carey. Harrison: Rick Silver. Tanaka: Dale Ishimoto. Hey Boy: Kam Tong.

Episode 20

The Exiles

Sat, Jan 27, 1962 30 mins

A Mexihave the right to general hires Paladin to track exiles who made off with a fortune in bonds. Ortega: Gerald Prince. Casares: Jay Novello. Countess: Vivi Janiss. Paladin: Ricdifficult Boone. Lupo: Ricdifficult Bermudez. Crocker: Bob Hopkins.

Episode 21

The Hunt

Sat, Feb 3, 1962 30 mins

Russian prince Radachev provides Paladin a large amount of money to play a really dangerous game. Paladin: Ricdifficult Boone. Vanessa Stuart: Joan Elan. Lt. Brager: Edward Faulkner.

Episode 22

Dream Girl

Sat, Feb 10, 1962 30 mins

With gold in his pockets, a prospector sets out in quest of the girl of his dreams. Ginger: Peggy Ann Garner. Buddy: Hal Needham. Paladin: Rictough Boone. Jeweler: Joseph Dimmitt.

Episode 23

One, Two, Three

Sat, Feb 17, 1962 30 mins

A lottery, astrology and 4 deaths number in Paladin"s search for a man. Paladin: Richard Boone. Keel: Robert F. Simon. Shoffner: Jack Elam. Carl: Lloyd Corrigan. Katherine: Eve McVeagh. Della: Barbara Pepper. Barker: William Woodchild. Millie: Dorothy Dells.

Episode 24

The Waiting Room

Sat, Feb 24, 1962 30 mins

Paladin agrees to escort the Wilder brothers to the gallows---however it might be a mistake. Dave: James Griffith. Sim: Dean Stanton. Paladin: Richard Boone. Marshal: George Cisar. Undertaker: Byron Foulger.

Episode 25

The Trap

Sat, Mar 3, 1962 30 mins

Paladin defends a prisoner"s rights against a vindictive marshal. Paladin: Ricdifficult Boone. Marshal Buell: Crahan Denton. Jeri Marcus: Jeanette Nolan.

Episode 26

Don"t Shoot the Piano Player

Sat, Mar 10, 1962 30 mins

Paladin joins Emily Eubanks" Barbary Coast search for her fiancé. Albert: James Callahan. Big Jim: George Kennedy. Paladin: Richard Boone. Nellie: Virginia Gregg.

Episode 27


Sat, Mar 17, 1962 30 mins

Paladin hunts for an Eastern schoolgirl"s missing mommy. Alice: Jeanette Nolan. Morgan: Richard Shannon. Maya: Jena Engstrom. Briggs: Perry Chef. Mrs. Briggs: Mary Gregory. Bigley: William Stevens.

Episode 28

The Man Who Struck Moonshine

Sat, Mar 24, 1962 30 mins

Paladin probes the mystery of a well that produces whiskey instead of water. Paladin: Rictough Boone. Moses Kadish: William Conrad. Sylvia: Phyllis Aexceptionally.

Episode 29

Silent Death, Secret Death

Sat, Mar 31, 1962 30 mins

Paladin gets his male but he may not live to prove it: typhoid has broken out and Indians are cshedding in. Paladin: Rictough Boone. Hodges: Robert Emhardt. Burgess: John Holland also. Beatrice: Regina Gleason. Holmes: Russ Bender. Hey Boy: Kam Tong.

Episode 30

Hobson"s Choice

Sat, Apr 7, 1962 30 mins

A hotel manager has his worries: inventor Alfred Nobel simply checked in---through samples of nitroglycerin. Paladin: Richard Boone. Nobel: Milton Selzer. Cartwright: Olan Soule. Thurber: Parley Baer. Drunk: Ollie O"Toole. Helper: Titus Moede.

Episode 31

The Coming of the Tiger

Sat, Apr 14, 1962 30 mins

Paladin tries to prevent an intrusion of the U.S. by Japanese militarists. Minoro: Marc Marno. Takura: Teru Shimada. Paladin: Rictough Boone. Priest: James Hong. Samuri: Fuji. Osata: Bob Okazaki.

Episode 32

Darwin"s Man

Sat, Apr 21, 1962 30 mins

A rancher hits upon a crude strategy to recognize which kid will be his heir: pit them versus each various other in a gun duel. Jayce: Rictough Rust. Paladin: Richard Boone. Hostler: Bud Osborne.

Episode 33

The Invasion

Sat, Apr 28, 1962 30 mins

State Department orders: proccasion an Irishmale from invading Canada. Paladin: Ricdifficult Boone. O"Shea: Robert Gist.

Episode 34

Cream of the Jest

Sat, May 5, 1962 30 mins

The joke"s on Paladin as he battles to keep one step ahead of a prankster. Musgrove: Stanley Adams. Blessington: Jeff Davis. Paladin: Ricdifficult Boone. Nora: Catherine McLeod.

Episode 35

The Bandit

Sat, May 12, 1962 30 mins

Paladin"s quarry: a murderous bandit. Sandy: Natalie Norwick. Sheriff: Robert Adler. Paladin: Richard Boone. Earl: Charles Couch. Floyd: Bob Woodward. Deputies: Jerry Gatlin, Hal Needham.

Episode 36

Pandora"s Box

Sat, May 19, 1962 30 mins

A Cabinet official hires Paladin to uncover his boy, wanted for murder. Paladin: Richard Boone. Billy Joe: Martin West. Hannah: Lorna Thayer. Laski: Ken Curtis.

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Episode 37

Jonah and the Trout

Sat, May 26, 1962 30 mins

There"s a fortune at the bottom of Crystal Lake---but no one deserve to gain to it. Quincy: Harry Carey Jr. Paladin: Rictough Boone. Barton: Hank Patterboy. Hey Boy: Kam Tong. Orrie: Jerry Summers.

Episode 38

The Knight

Sat, Jun 2, 1962 30 mins

A disabled man asks Paladin to uncover his boy, who"s wanted for murder. Paladin: Rictough Boone. Frome: Will Corry. Waco: Charles Kuenstle.